NameCheap Vs NameSilo Comparison

Namecheap vs namesilo Comparison 2020

In this article, I’m going to compare Namecheap vs Namesilo to find which is a good option. Let’s do it.

NameSilo is created with a innovative type of website domain registrar that provides people looking for cheaper, simple and the best alternative company in the website domain industry.

Most of the registrars who had already used our domain or their own domain portfolios believe that there is still something to improve for enough space. The moto of the company is to offer multiple ranges to manage and register the domain names for the companies and people.

We understand from the other registrars that the other ancillary services are appealed as above, but we believe that most of their offerings are confusing the people and cluttering the essential processes.

The main focus on the domain names is diluted by offerings the supporting services. Customers informed that the ownership total cost ultimately increased when the cost involved in supporting and operating gradually increased.

NameCheap offers the most competitive business prices for its customers with the latest hosting products and high-quality domains.

NameCheap is considered as the top web hosting providers as well as best domain registrars. They work dedicatedly to proved unparalleled levels of support, service, and security. They won’t even bother the customers with aggressive advertisements or unwanted upselling.

NameCheap provides simple goal is to be helpful, friendly, straightforward and honest. The company is driven by a specific ideas and set of goals.

The heart core of organization is mainly measure success and performance. NameCheap lives with these core values and shares innovative ways to their community and customers.

NameCheap Vs NameSilo

Domain Extensions Availability


Please find below the lists of available domain extensions with NameSilo Company. They are .travel, .works, .app, .website, .vision, .baby, .training, .tips, .systems, .space, .school, .reviews, .pictures, .online, .love, .io, .hosting, .healthcare, .store, .info, .com, .life, .org, .top, .net, .biz, and many more.


Please find below the lists of available domain extensions with NameCheap Company. They are .com, .email, .ninja, .productions, .farm, .watch, .info, .rentals, .holiday, .gift, .net, .app, .dev, .institute, .name, .org,, .webcam, .repair, .biz, .support, .domains, .clothing, .enterprises, .vote, and many more.

Pricing (Buying and Renewal Prices)


Most of the registrars are experiencing difficulty in showcasing their fixed price. The competitors will advertise with one price and during the registration, you will be tackled with fine print and trail of asterisks and end into a higher price.

To get the original market price, you will be forced to buy additional services, mandatory minimums, and hidden step fees which will be very expensive.

In most of the cases, you should be patient to get the offer price by applying either the Coupon codes or special promotion codes.

At NameSilo, there are no exceptions you can make it hassle-free and easy to purchase the lowest price for your domain registration without any hidden charges or those tricks. If you wish to get the cheapest prices for your renewals or domain registration, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

The NameSilo customer support team will briefly describe the Discount program to make use of it.

For .com domain extension, one can buy it for $6.99 with one-year subscription as well as renewal charge is $8.99 for 1 year.

When it comes to .net domain extension, you can purchase it for $11.79 with one-year subscription along with the renewal charge of $11.79 for one year.

For .org domain extension, you can get it for $10.79 when it comes to one year subscription and the renewal charge is $10.79 for one year.

For .biz domain extension, you can get it for $13.19 for 1 year subscription along with renewal charge is $13.19 for 1 year.

If you are looking for .info domain extension, then you can get it for $2.29 i.e mainly for one-year subscription. Along with that, you can even get renewal charge is $12.67 for one year.


Namecheap vs namesilo

NameCheap provide various offers to the users to purchase their preferred domain names. They also have different packages which can be much affordable for corporate and single business owner.

Namecheap plan starts from $1.88 for the first-year subscription. You can use this Namecheap discount codes to get up to 30% while buying domains.

When it comes to .email domain extension, get it for $4.88 that is for one-year subscription. And, you can also get the renewal charge of $18.88 for one year.

By following .zone domain extension, it is possible for you to buy at $3.88 for a one-year subscription. Also, the renewal charge is around $26.88 for one year.

For .ninja domain extension, one can purchase it for $3.88 that is for one-year subscription along with the renewal charge of $16.88 for one year.

When you are looking for .cool domain extension, get it for $3.88 with one-year subscription and then the renewal price is around $26.88 for a year.

For .pro domain extension, one can get it for $1.88 with 1 year subscription charge and then where the renewal amount is $14.98 up to 1 year.

Features: Namecheap vs NameSilo

Please find below the list of features offered by NameSilo:

Simple usage of integrations with friendly panel

Only very few companies use the Ultra-simplistic integrations and NameSilo is one among them. No one will like to view the complicated and frustrating dashboard. If one cannot have the required features under the control panel, then users will regret the purchase and do not wish to proceed further.

NameSilo’s interactive control panel provides a convenient place to have all the required options and necessary tabs. Even a novice can able to perform the tasks or select his preferred options without any hassle or fuss.

Cheap registration charges

Most of the users are paying huge money to buy their preferred domain names. You should do with perfection to get everything and a pretty good deal to purchase the website. It is unnecessary to purchase expensive domains. The domain marketplace will help you a lot.

We say that the Domains are very cheap by default, however, the own profits were enhanced by making ways with massive traffic for the sites. But this is not common for NameSilo Company. We assist the customers to register their domain with a very low price and provide multiple bonuses as additional services.


WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

Under the Whois database, your personal information related to registration will be masked by privacy online and protected through WhoisGuard. It protects your identity against the theft and reduces the spam. Well, this feature is mainly coming up with free subscription for all the NameCheap customers.

Reliable DNS

NameCheap’s DNS server which is located in Europe and the U.S offers record modification in real-time, email forwarding, featuring URL and highly reliable service. Their dynamic DNS will keep your site under zero downtime by managing to change the IP addresses.

NameSilo vs NameCheap: Customer Support

The Support provided by the NameSilo team is amazing. They are well experienced and professional to decide any kind of issues. Their dedication is exceptional. The ticketing system will help us to track our open tickets and get it resolved immediately. They also provide 24/7 chat support for the benefits of customers.

NameCheap provides the best Customer Support and patiently support them to resolve their issues on-time. The customer support team is accessible via phone, email support, and even chat support. A ticket will be created for the tracking purpose.

NameCheap Vs NameSilo: Conclusion

We conclude that our opinion about the best domain registrar is NameSilo.

Both NameCheap vs NameSilo are reasonably priced and very reliable domain registrars. You can purchase the best domain name from the massive ranges provided by both companies.

The most important difference between is Control Panel and Cost. When compared to NameCheap, the NameSilo is much cheaper and you can save at least 20% of your pricing. NameSilo is the best for both large and small domain customers.

NameSilo will keenly help their bulk customers with bulk ordering discounts and bulk edit options. However, NameCheap can able to concentrate only on small domain buyers.

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