10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business, Startups, Affiliate Marketing

best email marketing tools for startups

If you landed here then I would definitely agree that you’re a serious person about finding the best email marketing tools for startups, small business and large business to generate leads and this is exact resource you will need to get started.

Is my prediction is right?

Only for you, I have a made the list of the best email marketing software for small business to make more conversions. Yes more conversions++

But before! going deep!

My real concern.

Before seeing the list for email marketing tools, I see people often argue on the forum and discussions like “Email marketing is still alive”? “Can I make my living by solely doing email marketing”?

For them, my answer is simply yes! and if you know the art of email marketing you can turn each and every mail into revenue.

Email marketing has emerged as one of the most successful advertising campaigns for business these days. Selecting a perfect email marketing tool and writing perfect email copy put on a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. But is it so easy to get the best email marketing tools for startups business?

As the world of internet marketing is growing, you can easily find out a wide range in the market. Most of the software available are the same as per features and price range options. You can get free trials, social media integrations, beautiful email templates, email scheduling and much more through it.

If you are a bulk email sender, then it is essential to clean your email list to avoid hard bounces and make a possibly the highest return.

Selection of the best one is quite challenging as already there are so many options present for you. To make it a little bit easier for you, we are here with the top 10 below.

In fact in Email Marketing ROI is higher than SEO, Paid Advertising, Banner Ads, etc.

Email Marketing ROI & Benefits

My All time favorite quote from my favorite email marketing expert.

“There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works”

Why does Email Marketing services are good for promoting products Online?

There are many reasons describes why email marketing is still the most effective method for marketing your brand.

The most common benefits of email marketing are,

1. It is still the personal way of communicating
2. Investment is less and you can easily target your audience.
3. Return of investment is higher ( Amount spent is less and amount earned is high)
4. Everything works on automation
5. You can send mail to a large number of audience instantly
6. High Click Through Rate
7. Lastly, You have the full control of what you do, the sky is the limit

I hope now you know the advantage of using email marketing and now I will guide you to find the good email marketing software for your online business.

Best Email Marketing Tool for Startups & Business Owners

I am 100% confident that top crazy email marketing experts are using this top email marketing service which you will check below.

  1. Best email marketing tool for any business is ConvertKit
  2. Best email marketing tool for startups is OmniSend
  3. Best email marketing tool for Small business is Constant Contact
  4. Best email marketing tool for Ecommerce is Drip
  5. Best email marketing tool for Real Estate is Aweber
ToolDeliverability RateUser InterfaceUser SatisfactionPrice
(User’s Choice)
92.4%Perfect96%Check Price
(Low Price)
91%Perfect95%Check Price
Constant Contact90%Perfect96%Check Price
Drip87%Good92%Check Price
Aweber80%Clean100%Check Price
MailChimp88%Good95%Check Price
GetResponse87.5%Confusing85%Check Price

1. ConvertKit – Best Email Marketing Tool for All Business

ConvertKit is the Best Email Marketing tool

Before checking Convertkit email marketing tool. can I ask you one question?

Have you ever dreamt of having the best email marketing tool which has all the magical features to finish your complete work with full-on automation with just one click?

Thanks to Nathan Barry Founder & CEO who made this dream come true!

Yes with one click Convertkit tool will help you to reach your customers with simple automation rules with easy to use interface.

Do you want to know a lot? check all features of Convertkit one by one.

Before going to buy this startup tool make sure you have at least minimum of 1000 subscribers. Otherwise go with Aweber tool.

ConvertKit Tool Features

Forms & Landing Pages

  • You can easily build attractive forms for your product launch, webinars, sell your product detail with offers, or send a survey email.
  • Easily Customizable opt-in forms to create different types of opt-in forms to turn your readers into long time customers.
  • Use Convertkit free landing page builder to easily build high converting landing pages to generate leads


  • Easy interface to track all your reports and shows email subscribers list, Conversations ratio, Total number of clicks and much more.


  • You can set up different types of rules to send bulk emails to your readers at a targeted time.
  • Using this feature you can learn about your subscriber’s activity and send targeted mail at the right time.
  • With simple automation rules, conveying a proposal to your readers made simple.

RSS Feed

  • With this best option, you can embed your blog RSS feed into your automation tool, whenever new article or post published on your blog.
  • ConvertKit will send the new blog posts to all of your reader’s inbox through RSS feed integration.

Why It’s in the top?

Simply because of, it’s high deliverable and response rate and the price is reasonable.

ConvertKit scores as the no #1 top email marketing provider by receiving positive reviews and scoring highest in Overall satisfaction by its users every day.

Highest earning Internet Marketers giants like Patt Flynn, Megan Minns are using ConvertKit and they are extremely happy about it. Because of the high conversion rate.

Tom Morker after using ConvertKit achieved conversion rate of 58.3%, 42.1%, 45.5% for three campaigns. (20X Profits). See more

Email Campaign Results

Convertkit Conversion Rate

This is why ConvertKit is named as the best email marketing software for bloggers and internet marketers.

The visual builder is another great gift for bloggers to create awesome email templates.

Stuck with your old email provider?

The expert team from ConvertKit freely migrate your full data from the previous host to ConvertKit without leaving anything.

ConvertKit User Testimonial

ConvertKit Price starts with $24/month for 1k subscribers with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the good news is you can get a free trial now without a credit card.

Get A Free Trial Now

Email Marketing Fact:

Did you know that for every $1 you invest in email marketing you get $44 in return?

Best email marketing software

2. Omnisend – Best Full-suite email marketing Tool for Startups

omnisend is the best email marketing tools for startups

What if there were an email platform that had complete automation, was easy to use, and competitively priced against other tools?

Sounds like Utopia, right?

Unlike Utopia, Omnisend actually exists: a full-suite email marketing automation platform built for those selling online, Omnisend is complete enough to handle every situation you could run into as a marketer. Renowned for being intuitive and easy to use, email creation is simple using their drag and drop builder.

However, user-friendliness doesn’t stop at email creation—Omnisend uses that same visual interface when you create anything on the platform. From multi-split automation workflows to sign-up forms and landing pages, Omnisend makes it easy to get started in just a few clicks.

Omnisend Features

Sign-up Forms, Pop-ups, and Landing Pages

  •  You can create and implement several methods for email capture: static sign-up forms, exit-intent pop-ups, landing pages, and more.
  • Customize your forms by asking for first name, phone numbers, email, and much more (including custom input forms for whatever you want to ask for!).
  • Target your forms and pop-ups for best results—no more irritating pop-ups appearing after your customers already opted-out. What’s more, you’ll be able to target audiences with the most relevant offers to incentivize the sign-up based on what your customer is browsing.
  • For special offers, you can keep it simple with a fully-customizable landing page that takes only a few moments to create.


  • Track opens, clicks, and full sales generated by email, SMS, and push notifications directly in your home dashboard, with the possibility to dive deeper on individual campaigns and automations.


  • Create revenue-driving automation workflows in a snap with a visual drag-and-drop builder, plus use templates based on what’s needed most to get started even quicker.
  • Automation splits allow you to further tailor what messages get sent to your customers as they interact with your workflow in real time. This means that depending on certain actions, you can send transactional emails, SMS or push messages that best respond to their behavior.
onmisend mail automation
  •  Build segments for your customers based on profile data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior, then layer those segments for hyper-focused targeting.
  • Add SMS and push notifications to your automation workflows to amplify your results and automatically send messages to customers who’ve opted-in for those channels.
  • Include personalized recommendations based on how your customers shop with a simple click.
onmisend landing page

Why it makes the list?

Because no other email marketing tool for small business is built specifically around what online sellers need, and no others include both SMS and push notifications.

These extra channels, either as stand-alone or integrated alongside email in automation workflows, increased revenue for online sellers in 2020. SMS alone experienced a 98% YoY lift in conversion rate during Q3. For push notifications in the same time period, online sellers enjoyed a 30% conversion rate from this channel.

On top of extra channels and features, Omnisend consistently places among the top of G2’s Marketing Automation Software lists, placing 6th for 2021.

With nearly over 3,000 5-star reviews on Shopify, and an award-winning customer support team, it’s easy to see why Omnisend counts names like Unilever, Samsung, Hallmark, and Faber Castell, and INGLOT Canada among its growing customer base.

Omnisend offers a free plan for beginners who have basic email marketing needs. Their Standard plan starts at $16 per month, and all paid Omnisend plans include a 14-day free trial (no need for a credit card).

Get A Free Trial Now

3. Constant Contact – Top Email Marketing Tool for Small Business

Constant contant is the best email marketing tool for small business

It is another one of the fastest growing best email marketing tools for small businesses. Coming up with an entirely secure to use interface, it offers the facility of performing multiple tasks through it. You can make use of this tool for managing marketing calendar, email lists, email templates, and contacts, etc.

This email automation software is being designed to beginner friendly. The tool offers you the facility of working on a wide range of niche specific templates. You can also find out various guides and services to know in deep about the multiple aspects of email marketing.

Features I Love About:

  • User-friendly and beginner friendly interface
  • Easy tracking and reporting
  • Free image library
  • Powerful Facebook ads integration
  • Email automation
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Unmatched support with live chat option and phone calls
  • 60 days free trial period
  • Wide range of niche specific templates to use on

Pricing: Constant contact comes up with 60 days of free trial opportunity. You can start up with a minimum of the $20/Month package depending upon the volume of emails you are willing to send. The highest box is of $95/Month that offers you about 2,500 active subscribers. Moreover, you can also enjoy a 10% to 15% discount on various pre-pay options.

Try Constant Contact Free Trail

4. DRIP – Best Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce

best email marketing software for ecommerce - Drip

Drip makes 100% lead scoring tool better than any other email software.

If you have an e-commerce store and sell products online then Drip likely the best email marketing tool for startups.

Unlike ConvertKit tool, Drip is created to fully focus e-commerce website owners to develop a good ECRM (E-Commerce Customer Relationship Managment)

So if you’re serious about your e-commerce website then you should consider using this tool for marketing and sales.

Drip Email Marketing Features

  • Integrates with popular services like Shopify, Facebook, Instapage, Leadpages, Optinmonster, PayPal and many more (check the full list here)
  • Tags, Events and Custom fields to watch your customers activity.
  • Many Automated Workflows to increase customers engagements.
  • Prebuilt email marketing Campaigns to send email to a subscriber day by day.
  • Muti-Channel Marketing to send text messages, Facebook ads, postcards and more.
  • Content Customization feature allows adjusting the content according to your behavior which obviously increases the conversation rate.
  • You can see the total number of email clicks, email opens and replies did by your subscribers through Native report option.
  • Export data of any of your reports and save it to your computer or laptop.

Why it’s another best email marketing tool for large business?


I’m super impressed with the trigger link option where I could make a code and place on my website like “Click here to get 10% off coupon code”. When the user clicks the link, an email is sent to their inbox with the coupon details.

Another special thing about Drip allows you to create a free account and use it forever. But limits to 100 leads.

Top recommended email service for online business, SaaS, e-commerce stores, Heavy API users.

Last but not least the Drip’s intelligent Facebook Ad integration will bring you more sales and happy customers.

Here are the Rob L. words about Drip tool

Drip's Customer Testimonial

Drip basic plan allows having up to 2.5k subscribers for $41/month with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Try Drip Free Trial Now

5. Aweber – Best email marketing tool for Real Estate

Aweber best email marketing tool for real estate

Aweber is easy to use email marketing tool that helps real estate online business owners to make a relationship with their customers easily.

As far today more than 150,000+ Real estate agencies, non-profit, small business are using Aweber to connect with their clients.

Did you know? To help their customers Aweber got many free webinars, how-to guides, video tutorials to use their tool effectively.

Features I love

Drag and Drop email builders; Do you want to send a good looking email to your reader? Then simply drag images, buttons, messages and drop them wherever you want to be.

Automated emails; Drive your sales and boost engagement by sending series of automated emails to your tagged subscribers at the right time.

Beautiful Templates; Aweber gives you 700 free email templates to Create beautiful mobile responsive email templates.

Sign Up Forms; Show pop up forms and sign up forms at best time intervals to collect emails from your visitors. This is the best way to grow your email list.

Tracking; With this awesome feature you can track how many people opened your mail, how many of them click the link and visit websites, etc.

Subscriber Targeting; Send targeted emails to your subscribers based on their personal preferences, geolocation, previous actions, etc.

Landing Pages; Integrate Aweber with the best landing page providers like Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce, OpimizePress, Clickfunnels, Thrive Themes, et.

Reason Aweber Email Marketing Tool  to be in the 3rd Place

  • Aweber is trustable email service provider because they are founded in 1998 and delivers good service to its users from the day it started to run.
  • Already Received 90% of positive reviews from popular review websites.
  • Aweber got Award-winning customer service and they help you via chat or phone to grow your business.
  • Aweber basic plan gives you to have 2.5k subscribers list for $29 month with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Aweber gifts each new users a 30 days free trial to test and use their product.

Read: Aweber Coupon Codes

Try Aweber 30-day Free Trail now

6. MailChimp

MailChimp in the list of Best email marketing software

MailChimp is the fourth most leading email marketing automation tool, especially for small business.

This company was started in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, an American entrepreneur who was the former CEO of the rocket science group and currently the CEO of MailChimp.

Now more than 15 million small and large business owners around the world use MailChimp software to sell their products.

Features I love About This Tool

Connect Your Store; Connect your Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magneto, Big-commerce, PrestaShop. Send targeted email’s, follow up’s, and live or Upcoming sale information’s.

Sell More Stuff; Powerful automation and advanced features which let you target your customers based on previous sales, behavior, preferences with best email templates.

In-depth Reports; By looking your previous email campaigns you can study all reports and make a better one than the previous one.

Beautiful Ads; Make high converting ads and run on Facebook, Google, Instagram and show targeted ads to your visitors.

Landing Pages; One of the quickest ways to get leads are through landing pages. With MailChimp, you can create mobile-friendly landing pages with different styles.

Reasons to be in the 4th Place;

  • This email marketing softwareis the great option for start-ups and small business owners, being the most user-friendly tool beginners or novice can easily handle this tool.
  • Free plan lets you keep 2000 subscribers and send 12,000 email per month (Free plan users can also use premium landing pages for free)
  • MailChimp suggests the best time to send campaigns automatically at the same time in different time zones.
  • MailChimp basic plan starts with $10/month for 500 subscribers with no refund policy.

Try MailChimp for Free

7. GetResponse

best email marketing service - GetResponse

This is the recommended email marketing software for bloggers and internet marketers.

GetResponse now used by more than 350,000+ customers in 183 countries and recognized as the easiest marketing tool which is available in 24 different languages which obviously makes them easy to handle.

GetResponse offers powerful solutions for those who want to expand their online business by the power of email marketing.

The tools designed to create highly effective campaigns to get high ROI(Return Of Investment).

GetResponse Tool Features

Landing Pages; To create high converting and 100% responsive landing pages and sales funnels, webinars, thank you messages with less than 10 minutes.

Marketing Automation; Travel along with your customer’s data by seeing how they reacted to your email in the past and apply filters and logic of conditions to make sales.

Webinars; This feature lets you send automatic invites, reminders about your upcoming webinars and make sales through it.

Autoresponders; Send relevant offers to your subscribers at the right time according to their interests.

GetResponse basic plan gives you to keep 1000 subscribers costs $15/month with no refund policy.

8. Sendinblue

SendinBlue in the list of Top email marketing tool

It is a complete package of fun where you can enjoy SMS and email marketing services at the higher end. You can use this tool to create some beautiful and highly engaging emails. The device is straightforward to use. You have to work on simple drag and drop options here.

The tool was desingned to send transactions based emails only, but have now included SMS campaigns as well. If you are looking for some low budget email marketing too, it is the right option to go on. You can different find out various plans here, depending upon the number of emails sent.

Features I Love About:

  • Low budget tool offering you about 300 free emails per day
  • Intuitive interface with simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Specially designed for the beginners
  • Allows email sending an SMS campaign simultaneously
  • Separate SMS credits for free without having any expiry date

Pricing: SendinBlue comes up with a unique pricing model where you are free to send about 300 emails daily and 9000 monthly. If you choose the 19 Euros/ Month plan option, you are allowed to post about 40,000 emails per month. For the 29 Euro/Month package, you are allowed to send 60,000 emails per month. Moreover, if you opt for 49 Euros/Month option, you will be free to send 1,20,000 emails per month.

9. Active Campaign

Active campaign in the list of best email marketing software

Adding another name into the list, Active Campaign is a perfect combination or email marketing and CRM and sales. You can make use of this email marketing tool for sending personalized emails. Along with that the interface of this platform is quite simple to use.

The device comes up with simple drag and drop option and hence makes it beginner friendly as well. It can create beautiful emails and can keep track of onsite events as well. It is all in one marketing platform where you can easily enjoy various tools to improve your experience.

Features I Love About:

  • Interactive and beginner friendly interface
  • Simple drag and drop option for working
  • Multipurpose all in one tool
  • Enables us to send personalized emails
  • Can share personalized messages at different contact numbers
  • Can track onsite events
  • Well organized customer data in sales CRM
  • Easy WordPress integration
  • Free 14 days free trial option
  • Lead and contact scoring

Pricing: You don’t need to go and purchase this tool. You can quickly check it with 14 days free trial option and then can make a decision. Ranging from $15/month for the minimum plan you can easily opt for a maximum of $499/month depending upon the email volume required.

10. Mailerlite

Best email marketing software - Mailer lite

Coming up with a low budget package, it is another one of the leading names in the list. It offers you the freedom of growing your email list for free till you reach up to the mark of 1000. This email marketing tool is being integrated with a straightforward and interactive interface that anyone can use and work upon.

It is a beginner friendly software application with a simple drag and drop option. Along with all of these essential features involved, the tool makes it convenient to attract more visitors. You need to have the capability of turning these visitors into subscribers and hence to turn up the heights of success.

Features I Love About:

  • Beginner friendly software tool with easy to use interface
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Email automation to find some better results
  • Easy to build, responsive landing pages
  • A beautiful customized pop-up with easy accessing
  • Easy email marketing integration
  • Basic free plan to attract beginners

Pricing: If your budget is tight you can opt for its open basic plan, where you can enjoy 1000 subscribers per month with limited features. But if you want to enjoy premium features, you can easily opt from $10 to $50 as per the subscribers you wish to.

11. SendPulse

Best email marketing software - Sendpulse

The last name in the list of best email marketing tools is SendPulse(review). It is convenient to email the editor with a simple drag and drop builder option. The interface this app includes is quite easy to handle and hence the best choice for beginners to choose on.

You can easily create professional email templates just within a few seconds with the help of this tool. It is a multipurpose all in one device with quite affordable price tags. You can effortlessly send numerous emails from your project and can keep track of the same as well.

The tool also offers a mobile app to work on. You can now easily add new recipients and can send emails and much more with the help of this startups email marketing tool.

Features I Love About:

  • Convenient email editor with a simple and interactive interface
  • Great help for the beginners
  • Amazing subscriber ratings
  • Easy customization or emails for a better impression
  • Build up unique subscription forms
  • Increased open rate by resending emails
  • Easy email segmentations as per preferences
  • Better engagement source with customers
  • Easy email integration
  • SendPulse mobile is there for better usage

Pricing: Starting from the free email package with 2,500 subscribers per month you can extend your limits up to $37.6 for maximum.

Best email marketing software: Wrapping It Up.

According to Forbes magazine Email marketing is still the top method to generate leads, every 43% of leads converted through direct email marketing strategy. That’s why making and growing your email lists are very important.

With the help of my recommended best email marketing tool, it is easy to collect emails from customers to make huge conversions by sending perfect emails at the right time.

At the same time, you should only send informative emails to your readers or emails will end up being added to the spam folder for violating the Can-Spam Act.

Last but not least, I will tell you one secret! Email marketing is the best way to get more conversions! Out of 10 clicks 3 will convert that gives you 30% conversion rate.

This is the reason why Big Woo Commerce websites like Amazon, ebay, Wallmart are still sending you series of emails about their seasonal sales and product offers.

Don’t believe me? Go and check your email right now I bet you will find product related newsletters in your Inbox.

Finally! If you want to work with a long-term project, my recommended best email marketing software will surely be ConvertKit

Full Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations”.

Email Marketing Software FAQ

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