Landing Page Benefits and It’s Importance

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Landing Page benefits

As you are trying to build your landing page, you might have encountered the need of having a landing page. This idea might lead you to wonder why would you need a separate and specific page to direct your audience.

While building a sales page can be an additional task on your end, it can give you a high possibility of increased lead conversion. Some marketers, web developers and small business owners fail to incorporate landing pages benefits on their site as they often see it as a time-consuming, additional cost or possible exhaustion of resources.

However, not using a optimized landing page is a missed opportunity on your website.

So, what makes a landing page an indispensable part of your marketing efforts and how it can help with your online promotional activities?

What Is A Landing Page?

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Many people associate landing pages as a webpage. While this is correct, it is essential to note that a landing page is not “just” another webpage.

A landing page can be any webpage that is created with the best landing page builder; however, not all webpage can be a landing page. The primary purpose of building a page is to urge your audience and your site visitors to take a specific action. When done right, your single page can convert anyone into leads and eventually into a paying customer.

After clicking on a call-to-action (CTA), you then direct your visitors to these pages where they can register to join a contest, download an eBook, subscribe to your email list, or engage in a live chat. Landing pages also allow you to connect your website visitors to the right person to talk to within your company.

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Importance of a Landing Page With Benefits

1. Increase in Conversion Rate

Either for your PPC Campaigns in your digital marketing campaign or to help in your organic traffic, a landing page is a great idea to help increase your conversion rate. Landing pages are a great help to improve your sales conversion rate.

As landing pages serve as a follow up to your CTA, it urges your visitors to take action and start doing interaction with your company. It strategically put actions elements such as links, buttons, registrations forms and other website elements that will convert a prospect into a lead.

However, always remember that your landing page should only serve one purpose and a single call to action message. Otherwise, it will confuse your visitors and abandon your page instead.

2. Answer Your Customer’s Specific Needs

A landing page helps you streamline to what you can offer for your specific customer. If you are a company that provides different kinds of products, your website can have a hard time communicating with a niche market. This struggle will also affect your possible conversion rate.

As you segment your audience depending on their persona, demographics or interests, it would be best to have different ways to communicate on each of your segmented audience. To address this, you can use a landing page to help each of niche audience in their purchase journey.

When you create an ad to your targeted audience, link it directly to a landing page designed to answer your customer’s needs accurately.

Let us assume that you are a company that offers different sets of cooking tools. If you want to target stay-at-home moms in your advertising material, you can include a message like “prepare the tastiest meal for your family with our amazing set of cooking tools”. The landing page of your ad would then have sumptuous recipes for the whole family, prepared in your kitchen essentials.

On the other hand, if you wish to target young professionals who have a busy clock in their plates, you can create an ad that could read “prepare meals on the go”. The landing page where you can link the ad can contain easy meals that even the busiest individuals can whip up in under five minutes.

A segmented landing page can answer your customers’ specific needs even if you offer the same product.

3. Improves Your Ad Campaign Results

For established companies, launching an ad campaign and having an unfavorable result can only do a minimal effect on its budget. However, for small businesses, creating a paid ad campaign and getting a negative outcome can be a great deal.

As you marry your ad campaign with your landing page, it can help bring positive numbers in your bottom line and help you achieve your desired conversion rate.

Landing pages also bridges your ad campaign towards your brand. Your ads do not fully immerse your audience in your brand. Your landing page can help introduce your prospect to your brand and help users get to know your business more.

4. Leaves A Good First Impression

Whether coming from a PPC ad or organic research, your landing pages serve as a door to your website. In most cases, the first interaction you have with your prospect lead is through your website.

This reason is why it is essential to create a specific, concise and well-crafted landing pages. It should be easy to navigate, contain only one direct action message and provide value to your visitor.

Your landing pages should also match your marketing materials to let you visitors and prospect lead that they are in the right place. You have to be consistent with your message so they will trust you and initially build a connection with you.

5. Builds Your Credibility

Your online credibility increases when you create landing pages that answer your visitors’ specific needs or problems. The reason for this is that as you provide a solution to your visitor’s underlying problem, your possible customers begin to trust you. They begin to see your website as something that they can put their trust on and provide them with a valuable solution.

As your customers start to believe in what you offer and in your brand, it will also allow you to begin establishing your online leadership and authority.

Final Thoughts: Landing Page Benefits

When done correctly, a right landing page can do so much for your business. It can help build your brand image, develop your customers’ trust, generate a considerable amount of leads, have a reasonable conversion rate and a lot more. It can also help you stand apart from your competitors.

While it may require a little more effort from your end, building a landing page can give a competitive advantage as you cater to your audience’ specific needs and work on your conversion rates.

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