How to Increase Website Traffic for Free: Instant Hack

How to Increase Website Traffic In A Day free hack
Increase Website Traffic In A Day

I would love to increase website traffic, but don’t know how to get views on website?

Is that what you think right now?

Most brands will receive their higher conversion rates by focusing more on their entire efforts. It is extremely important for your company’s success. The best part is that the conversions will allow translating to dollars.

They encourage your bottom line with your contribution and sales. Before converting people, it is important to drive website traffic first.

It will also take time to grow your website. The consistent sharing will take numerous months on your end with great content.

For some people, they have to wait for at least two years to succeed. However, the growth is steady and slow with the incoming traffic to your website is also steady and slow.

Below you will learn how to increase website traffic organically for free.

How to increase Website Traffic for free in 25 Secret Ways: Instant Hack

Find below the list of best traffic methods to increase website traffic to your store or website available across the online marketplace for your reference:

1. Online Forums and Communities


Online Forums and Communities are my all-time favorite method to increase website traffic because you can target certain people from certain communities.

The great thing is that you can show and explain and discuss and promote your offer And another thing about using this method is that you know what you are about to tell, and also you are well-prepared.

And also by using this kind of method you get a quick response from the community members also chance of getting extra knowledge which helps you to grow faster.

2. Newsletters

Making newsletters of your products by providing catalog and some interesting articles about your products and people find your products very interesting they will sign up to your newsletters and others people going to know about articles by them and you will get a lot a free website traffic the more people sign in to your newsletter the more traffic you will get.

3. Trading links with other sites

Link buying to increase website traffic

See any web page which also represents the same niche contact the owner of the webpage make an agreement ask him to share your web page link to his/her web page.

The number of user traffic engages with that web page there is a chance of getting clicks to your link which drives that web page free website traffic to your page.

4. Free Article Submission Sites

Ezine articles to get free traffic to websites

Article submission sites are a great way to increase website traffic.

Many websites offer free submission of posting your articles as I said earlier if they find your articles interesting they will search your company name and also the web page link.

In the article, mention your company webpage link and your name at the end of the article.

5. SEO – Method

Writing articles with good content and strong keywords makes search engines to publish your website in their search engine results.

Google, Bing and other search engines always look for a particular keyword if your content has strong keywords. With strong keywords in your webpage, the website will get higher ranking in the search engine results and drive traffic to your website freely.

Read our top SEO tool : SEOprofiler Review – Complete SEO Software 

6. SlideShare Presentations to increase website traffic

Most of us are not aware that the Slideshare website is one of the best and most visited websites across the globe. Approximately, 80% of users with organic research will prefer to utilize the Slideshare website. It is much easier to repurpose your blog article and utilize the same as Slideshare for driving the traffic to your website freely.

7. Drive Traffic From Snapchat

Snapchat stories to get traffic to websites

With numerous active daily users, you can use the Snapchat application, the most social media platform that allows you to connect with the various targeted audiences. Mostly they target the young demographic audience for website traffic.

Build your own strategic plan for creating the audience and target and divert to access your website’s products and brand. It is also advisable to experiment and use them with Snapchat advertisements. The user’s experiences are gained using the app with the clickable snaps and direct them for accessing any web URL on your website.

8. Pinterest – Sharing Images

Sharing image on pinterest to get users to website

If you are running a B2C (Business to Customer) company, then you can assist your website traffic department with the following parts:

  • Creating boards (with the help of your industry keywords)
  • Customize visuals
  • Regular posting with product images (only for repurposing)

As per the statistics, the Pinterest board will assist to gain at least 33% increase in website traffic for free when compared with Facebook. The success key by posting regularly through Pinterest will function similarly to other social media profiles as well.

9. Create Your Forum To Gain Visitors

Digital point forum to get free traffic to website

Create a forum by using your website as a platform for inviting users to discuss more about your products and brand. This respectful community will allow people only to discuss relevant to the provided topics. It will assist the customers to retain and gain the website traffic for a new response or new discussion in your active forums.

You can proactively retain the customers with the help of incorporating notifications. Forums will be helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also create unique content. If your customer’s voice is already optimized, then the content will direct the traffic to your website.

10. Participating or attending Quora

quora link building to Increase Website Traffic

Quora is another popular forum for engaging the people in various discussions on any possible topics. It is the best place for identifying or discovering your industry products, customer’s experience & reaction services, and even for your business. This valuable type of information will allow you to learn to enhance your services and products. One more important thing is available for the users to take active attendance or participation in Quora.

You should avoid sales topics and answer the questions that are relevant to your industry. These forum types will earn a member’s trust and also build a relationship by posting the links of your website’s b log to earn free website traffic. However, it should be helpful and relevant. The loyal community can be built with your website’s services and products to be receptive.

11. Interlinking your Posts

Inter linking posts to get visitors

A sitemap is one of the best starting points for Google or even other search engines to index the entire available pages on your website. However, you need to ensure that the people will follow a similar process. Well, the visitors to prompted to answer whether they are going to read your posts later part or right now. If there is no proper answer then your website might lack “stick-ability” and allow the users to be longer on your website.

The relevancy score should be increased in Google and also ripple your ranking. The best example for the stick-ability website is Buzzfeed. Each article’s summary should include some relevant articles for you to get more productivity.

12. Host Webinars & Get Free Website Visitors

Many people will prefer to learn more, and the excellent method would be hosting webinars for your waiting audience’s wisdom. Webinars combined with the social promotion campaign will showcase an effective method to enhance your website traffic. You can forward an email or notification to the users to join the webinar with the last chance for registration, a few days before, or one-week to sign-up. Ensure that your presentation or webinar is archived for later viewing and also promote the same using social media profiles.

13. Posting your site on Product Hunt

Producthunt on 
how to increase website traffic organically

Product Hunt is another most popular website that allows users to discover and also share new products. The Product Hunt website was utilized by Startup Drugz of Lifestyle brand to again more than 40,000 unique visits on their website. First, you need to create an account and wait for some time to authenticate with posting privileges and finally, post your products. Ensure that you are utilizing the pre-defined URL parameters, include well-written descriptions, and high-quality product photos to gain the website traffic.

14. Contacting the Affiliates

If companies are paying the affiliates for promoting their products, then it will work much better with Affiliate Marketing. It will earn your revenue percentage from each sale you start and assist you to get more website traffic. The affiliate might be a social media influencer or a blogger to post your website link using the tracking code or referral code. If user purchases using the code, then you need to pay the agreed fee to your affiliate.

15. Good Podcast Power

It is huge and right now best to utilize the Podcast power. As per the latest survey, numerous Americans (around 22%) will listen to podcasts regularly.

They are reachable, popular, and fun for a wide audience and a great method to raise brand awareness and increase your website traffic to discover a new audience.

You can also interview your favorite leaders within the industry by starting a podcast. If you do not prefer marketing type, then you can perform a guest appearance or guest posting on the podcast.

16. Long Tail Keywords Optimization

During your keyword research, most of us will prefer to choose shorter keywords, but it is also important to choose the opportunities of using long-tail keywords. It is specific to use those keywords. They are typically less search volume to produce less competition.

They are much easier to rank the long-tail keywords and guess the keyword searcher. It will assist to increase organic web traffic with the targeted audience to your website.

17. Get Social & Free Website Traffic

You should be always proactive in producing great web content and assist the users to find it. The users can easily promote their content with the help of social media platforms for enhancing website traffic. Twitter could be ideal to work on links & snappy, while Google+ will promote your website with effective B2B niches and customized search results. As a B2C company, it is possible to identify traction using image-heavy social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

18. Focusing on Mobile Usability

mobile friendly website to increase mobile traffic

Internet browsing is not restricted only to perform on computers, most of the users are utilizing mobile phones for accessing the web. As per the research, more than 70% of web traffic will process with the help of your mobile phone. In case if your site is not properly mobile optimized then it is not possible to retain the mobile users. Ensure that your website is accessible and responsive to entire mobile devices and choose the appropriate mobile-responsive theme to showcase your good looking content on the mobile.

19. Looking for various Interview Opportunities

It is not essential to be an interviewer to utilize this method. You can find numerous opportunities to create yourself popular on podcasts and radio shows to identify. There are some websites which allow both interviewees & interviewers to share their information or expertise on their show. Each show will require a well-designed format, back up a proof for the claim, audience size and demographics, and posting the show description.

Users are advised to subscribe or register to the mailing list for receiving the updates on available new & existing radio guest opportunities. An incredible resource for radio, publicity, and pitching interviews, the website includes various articles for preparing yourself to attend a radio interview. Also, you can get assistance for reviewing your product or book or even become a sponsor.

20. Attending the Conferences

In whichever industry you are working in, there are numerous chances to attend at least a few major conferences & conventions relevant to your site or business. It is the best option to attend those conferences instead of speaking about them. It is the excellent method to establish yourself using the decent speaking engagement to gain significant exposure and as a leader for your site or industry. In case if you prefer to try own tips or tricks for increasing your website traffic then you can follow the same.

21. Sponsor Events

It is another best method to establish the business authority and enhancing brand exposure within your industry. Choose the appropriate event that is relevant to your brand image for making the target audience to attend the events. The media exposure will allow your brand logo or image to generate a powerful method than more interest.

22. Researching the Competition

It could be a huge disadvantage if the software like BuzzSumo is not utilized to identify the competitor’s strength. These services will collate the most important and other rounds across social media for providing specific content& sites with its social performance. You can view a glance of trending topics across the readers or visitors for your reference. Browse & locate the most reading topics and other content to drive and get free website traffic.

23. Examining your Analytics Data

Google Analytics is another helpful source of data for getting your site’s conceivable aspects within the most popular pages for visitor’s demographics. The Analytics data should be monitored and utilize the data to your content & promotional strategies. Pay attention to the most popular pages and posts on your website. Inspect the visitor’s data to identify when & where the traffic is routing to your website.

24. Promoting Sense of Community

People prefer to speak their subject’s weigh and minds as they feel indifferent for creating a community within your website. It could be the best method to enhance your website traffic and start the conversation. Make use of third-party solutions like Disqus & Facebook comments for implementing the robust commenting system or even create a new dedicated forum to probe questions for visitors. Manage your community for assurance to meet the decorum’s minimum standard.

25. In-Person Events Leverage

If you are utilizing the brick-and-mortar store for distributing to various physical retailers or pop-up retail or involved in temporary retail will turn the online visitors as an in-person shopper. Apart from normal working hours, the outside sales drive in various locations will end your temporary activation without any physical presence. From the point of purchase, you can collect emails and add your website address within the e-receipts or invoice. The online store shoppers can remind you by pasting your website address on visual displays and in-store signage.

26. Adding some Social share icons

Within your sharable pages, you can add some social share icons such as website content, product pages, and blog posts. It is easier for users to use the social share icons to input or post their comments and give traffic and social proof. The network will view these posts and click to access the website and you earn free website traffic.

Paid Traffic Methods

27. Retain Visitors by creating Retargeting Advertisements

Only a few visitors or users will purchase the products for the first time while accessing your website. Retargeting advertisements will create an effective method to market across the warm audience and prompt them to follow-up or revisit your website for purchase. It has an easier time convincing the audience instead of converting it.

The retargeting advertisements are referred to as a conversion that clicks your website. Make use of retargeting ads to drive more web traffic to your website and consider with user base behavior. Based on various actions, you can trigger the automation to take online and allow them to create a customized and engaging experience.

28. Advertising through Ad Networks

You can easily generate advertisement revenue from your website content with the help of Ad Networks. It can gain a chance for developing digital ads to target the focused customer group. Ad Networks will assist you to connect sellers and buyers. The targeted audiences are based on interests, jobs, location, and behavior, but not possible on your own. Here are some paid traffic websites to buy traffic.

29. Running Twitter Advertisements

When compared with other social media platforms, it is also declining Twitter’s organic reach and algorithm updates. Most of the B2C (60%) and B2B (75%) businesses will work on Twitter Ads. If not then the competitors will move ahead within your industry.

Free Website Traffic Checker Tools 2024

Find below the list of best website traffic checker tools 2024 available across the online marketplace for your reference:

1. SimilarWeb


The SimilarWeb checker tools will identify the competitor websites, top traffic sources, website visited duration, and the number of webpage views. This website traffic checker tool will offer the top referring websites and allow you to build a new game plan for reaching the websites to receive the weblinks to your website. The organic vs. paid traffic percentage should be identified and assist you to understand the traffic generation with a better strategy.

2. Alexa

Alexa traffic stats

The Alexa, another best website traffic check tool will offer the best competitive research. It is free software and allows you to know the traffic sources of your competitors to utilize this tool.

Most users while building the new stores will use this traffic checker tool to know the competitor’s main traffic sources. The competitor’s popularity is also monitored with the traffic trend declining, stable, or upward. You can also view your website’s national or global rank.

3. Shopify

The website traffic checker tool from Shopify will assist you to know the exact incoming traffic to your store. Under the Reports section, navigate to the Shopify store menu and access the “Sessions over time” with specific dates to view the detailed traffic to your store or website. Make use of the Online Store Conversion Rate report to cross-reference with other reports to identify the website traffic incoming from the targeted audience.

Increase website Traffic: Conclusion

There are numerous methods available to increase website traffic to your online business or store through in-person marketing, social media, and many others. Based on your customers and brand, you can utilize the most effective and best methods to utilize the optimization or even through the trial & error method.

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