5 Best Ways To Get Free Website Traffic in a Day

2.1How To Generate free website Traffic Using Only Free Methods?

Making a company or your blog popular needs more money You have to pay a capital investment in order to Gain Lot Traffic inorder to make your webpage or company Popular.

Many company have the key to generate free website traffic for their site.
In Internet there are lot of sources to gain free website traffic flow to your site.And you don’t have to spend a penny.All you need is lot of effort and eagerness.

How sweet is getting free website traffic without spending a penny.

Lets break out the wait and Going to show you the method of generating free website traffic.


5 best ways to get free website Traffic in a Day

1. Online Forums and Communities

Online Forums and Communities are my all time favorite method because you can target certain people from certain communities.

The great thins is that you can show and explain and discuss and promote your offer And another thing about using this method is that you know what you are about to tell and also you are well prepared.

And also by using this kind of method you get a quick response from the community members also chance of getting extra knowledge which helps you to grow faster.

2. Newsletters

Making newsletters of your products by providing catalog and some interesting articles about your products and people find your products very interesting they will sign up to your newsletters and others people going to know about articles by them and you will get a lot a free website traffic the more people sign in to your newsletter the more traffic you will get.

3. Trading links with other sites

See any web page which also represents the same niche contact the owner of the webpage make an agreement ask him to share your web page link to his/her web page.

The number of user traffic engages with that web page there is a chance of getting clicks to your link which drives that web page free website traffic to your page.

4. Writing articles

Many websites offer free submission of posting your articles as I said earlier if they find your articles interesting they will search your company name and also the web page link.

In the article mention your company webpage link and your name in the end of the article.

5. SEO – Method

Writing articles with good content and strong keywords makes search engines to publish your website in their search engine results.

Google, Bing other search engines always look for a particular keyword if your content has the strong keywords. With strong keywords in your webpage the website will get higher ranking in the search engine results.

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