Increase Shopify Traffic To Your Shopify Store Freely

how to get shopify traffic to shopify store

Here is the article on how to get Shopify traffic to Shopify store.

It is an exciting accomplishment if you prefer to launch a new e-commerce business or store on Shopify. Your sales process may fall flat even by providing the best quality products.

In this case, you need to track and identify the organic traffic to your Shopify store. It is clear that your Shopify traffic to your website might be very well low. You will have fewer sales only if you have fewer visitors.

It should be true for any best performing online retailers like small businesses that are available on Shopify will need to work actively for bringing the customers to your respective stores as well.

You will get more sales in case if you have more Shopify traffic and even the truth holds the low baseline conversion rate to naturally increase the sales with your Shopify traffic.

Best Ways To Get Shopify Traffic To Your Shopify Store

Find below the list of the best way to get traffic to shopify store.

1. Need To Check Your Website Speed

Have you checked your website speed regularly? You could lose 50% of the visitors if your website is taking longer than 3 seconds for load the webpage. It is not possible to retain those customers back to your Shopify store.

Most of the visitors (80%) will get frustrated due to the time taking to load your website. It is advisable to test your website regularly to know its performance and need to improve the same for better results.

2. Search Engine Traffic: Optimize Your Shopify Store

Most of the potential customers will know your existing shop or brand by performing a little research with the assistance of their favorite search engines.

Google Adwords is one of the effective and most popular methods to reach your preferred Shopify traffic that allows your webpage to place it perfectly for the users to search immediately.

In case if you do not prefer to utilize the pay-per-click advertising and would like to flash the without any latency to the targeted audience by using the shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.

SEO (Shopify Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best processes to make your online shopping to discover more using search engines. There are numerous methods available to perform this task however; you need to know the preference of your target audience.

The search terms are referred to as Keywords that people will use within the search engines to guide with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are aware of the searching of your target audience then it will assist you to create the accurate & perfect content to impress them with your online shopping.

Make use of the in-depth keyword research to know what they would like to search for. You can refer to the detailed information on how to perform or utilize the keyword search for increasing online brand visibility.

It is essential to gather the valuable keywords list which is relevant to the marketplace and as well as to your product to increase free traffic to Shopify store. Find below the list of best keywords:

  • Alt Tags based on your images
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Titles
  • Any Additional content

These keywords will strategically increase the significant areas and chances to improve your Shopify store with the best results on the search engine pages.

3. Facebook Campaigns Engage To Increase Shopify Traffic

Facebook Campaign ranking will be placed under the second position next to Google, in case if you prefer to increase free Shopify traffic to your website.

You need to execute the remarketing campaigns for attracting the earlier customers & customers, while the new shoppers are attracted by running the cold traffic campaigns. Users are advised to run anyone of the following campaigns:

Facebook Messenger Ads, Abandoned Cart remarketing campaigns (make use of the Facebook Pixels), Facebook Collection Ads, Multi-product Facebook Carousel Ads, or Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

4. Publish Your Best Sellers On Your Shopify Store

It can be overwhelming with online shopping. The visitors can deter will numerous choices. Similar to the Amazon website, you can provide some directions to the visitors to know your top-selling items published on your webpage.

It is not required to be your best or most popular selling products. You can publish anything you prefer to assist the visitors with the list of your inventories.

5. Work Along With an Influencer to Get Shopify Traffic

It is very tough to get in front of the audience to showcase the new marketplace when they are busy. In this case, it could be a good alternative to work along with an Influencer.

You need to contact the best Influencer, who has numerous followers on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube to assist. It is important to engage the entire followers.

Influencer Marketing will perform wonders to your website traffic & brand awareness to collaborate with the right audience using the right influencer. You can directly approach an influencer or make use of any online marketplaces to connect your business directly with the influencers.

6. Understanding Customer Personas

Most of them are not aware of their audience to possibly sell the products to them. The major companies (around 47%) who can consistently exceed the revenue goals will regularly update and maintain their buyer’s personas.

You can find numerous companies across the online platform to create the specific buyer’s personas for your assistance. These personas will assist you to know the core customers and easily reach them using the targeted messaging.

7. Guest Blogging Participation on Other Websites

Within your position, you need to place your brand as an expert. To assist with this, you need to build a helpful guest blogging on other sites to get Shopify free traffic to your online Shopify store.

It is advisable to refer to a few posts to get helpful content, guides, or tips that are properly drafted to limit your web links.

8. Offer Free Shipping to Increase Shopify Traffic

Most of the consumers (around 52%) will prefer to add the products to their shopping cart to utilize the free shipping offer and others (around 47%) will abandon the products if it is not included with the shopping cart.

It is an advantage and opportunity to gain customers by including the free shipping offer. For example, most of the online stores (around 50%) will offer free shipping for each order above $100 to impress their customers.

9. Building a Review Stream

When compared to a mere conversation or a conversion tool, it is more important about Customer reviews. They constitute for increasing the Shopify traffic and as well as search rankings.

The new increase in the website content will increase the content in new reviews. Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is referred to as increased site content.

Make use of the available Shopify apps like Reviews for automatically collecting the customer reviews on your site.

10. Shopify SEO Strategize to get Organic Shopify Traffic

SEO is more important and most of us never give attention to it deserves. The Search engine will provide 93% of its web traffic and only 5% to its web searchers to choose the second page from the returned search results.

It is essential to be placed on the first page for easy reference. You should provide more attention to using product keywords. Make use of the Google Keyword Planner tool for your assistance to choose the right words to choose the product’s relevance.

11. Multi-channel Selling

The multi-channel selling is another effective method on how to get traffic to shopify store. This cost-effective strategy will improve revenue growth, attract new customers, and enhance product visibility.

There are numerous platforms available across the online sales channels such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. for reaching the customers to understand their products requirement and quickly multiply the various channels for driving the web traffic to your online store. You need to focus on the marketplaces for gaining numerous visitors.

12. Collect Date from Everywhere

It is essential to gain repeat sales by building the targeted customers and their respective email lists. Wherever it is required, you need to collect the back-in-stock, wish lists, email notifications.

Most of the consumers (around 72%) will prefer to use email communication with companies to join under the Subscriber list.

13. Use Google Shopping To Get Shopify Sale

The Shopify Store owner can assist with Google Shopping instead of using Google Ads. The Shopify traffic will drive using the absolute form.

The targeted traffic amount will largely depend on the shopping campaign structure and even split them into low, medium, or high priority for achieving the target.

14. Local Marketing To Drive Shopify Traffic

Without any deny, online shopping is exponentially growing each year and the household buyers will response to offline and traditional forms of advertising. Local Marketing could be super beneficial for numerous reasons for eCommerce businesses.

If customers prefer to purchase locally then you can decide to drop a letterbox, placing an advertisement in the National or local newspaper, and driving online demand to offer discounts for various products to the neighborhood.

15. Starting your Online Store Blog

The Shopify traffic can be generated with your effort & budget for creating and even maintaining your Store blog on the website.

Make use of the social and PPC campaigns for your eCommerce blogs to buy shopify traffic to get the website traffic and building SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for offering useful information to the targeted audience.

Free Shopify Traffic: Summary

Ever since the launch of Shopify in 2006, it has become one of the most common e-commerce platforms However, after testing a number of scripts and strategies, we came to know that getting free traffic from Shopify store is not an easy job.

That is why we have prepared this guide on how to get free traffic from Shopify. By following our strategy, you can easily make money through the sales of your products online.

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