WordPress Website Speed Optimization Technique

WordPress Website Speed Optimization Technique

Having more plugins on your WordPress website might give some extra features and make your website look good. But at the same time, it will affect the load time of your site.

On this website, I’ve more than 25+ plugins and you may think how my website loads fast having this many plugins?

Because I found the performance of my WordPress plugin and deleted some of them which slowed my site speed.

Why WordPress Speed & Performance Matters?

core web vitals

After Google Updated its Algorithm which is about core web vitals , every website should under 2.5 seconds on both desktop and mobile.

The website which passed the algorithm saw a huge increase in their website traffic and the WordPress sites which took time more than 2.5 seconds lost traffic.

That’s why in this post I’m going to say the steps you should follow to optimize your website that will pass the Core Web Vitals test.

1. P3 profiler

P3 profiler by Godaddy is my recommended wordpress plugin to find out which plugin from your website using more resources from your database.

By using the result found by running the P3 profiler you can take action to delete that poorly configured plugin and install the alternate plugin.

To install the p3 profiler visit this page on your WordPress site and click install now and then Activate the plugin.

p3 performance plugin

Then move to the p3 profiler tool and click Start scan and wait for 10 – 20 seconds to fully scan your website. After that, it will show you the Runtime by plugin results.

p3 scan results

And carefully remove the plugin which runs heavy scripts and visit the Google page speed insights tool to measure your site speed.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization Techniques

1.WordPress Caching Plugin

The cache plugin is one of the easiest ways for database optimization. It will reduce the size of your files by compressing all the JS, CSS, Html files.

There are many caching plugins are available online but my favorite cache plugin is WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is chosen by the top WordPress experts and it’s a premium cache plugin that costs $49 per year with full support and by using WP Rocket your website will get high performance.

For better SEO and more conversion, you can choose this plugin today.

2. WordPress Theme

Choose an optimized and fastest WordPress theme for your website, whether u have a personal or ecommerce blog. If you don’t know to choose a theme for your business then check this guide to pick a perfect theme.

My favorite themes are Astra and Schema, you can use this theme if you have personal or affiliate sites. For Ecommerce sites, u can use Divi or Genesis.

3. Hosting

Picking a nice host for your website is another useful tweak to improve your WordPress speed performance.

For low and medium traffic websites that choose to host with good server configurations, Bluehost and A2 Hosting would be good and for high-end traffic websites, I normally suggest WordPress hosts like WP Engine and Kinsta.

4. Image Compressing Plugin

Optimizing your website images is another tip for decreasing your website size which will help your website to load fast on all browsers.

Use image optimizing plugins like WP Smush, Imagify, and Shortpixel to shrink your website images without compromising the quality of the images.

5. CDN

Using a content delivery network is the most recommended method to speed your website speed. CDN will copy your website files such as images, CSS, Javascript and deliver the content to users anywhere in the world.

Use best CDN’s like BunnyCDN, Cloudflare, RocketCDN for the fastest content delivery.


I gave you the right way to increase the performance of your website plugin to load your website under 2.5 seconds and pass the Google core web vitals score.

Also, I gave you some of the Website Speed Optimization tips that will optimize your site by reducing and removing unwanted files from servers.

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