SEO Tips For Better SEO Rankings {Basic Google’s Rule}

Best SEO tips

Simple SEO tips for every website that needs a Better SEO Ranking.

Those first few rankings in search engine results. That is what most of us strive day and night.

Sadly, they also happen to be the most elusive things on the Internet where everything else is easily available.

why always

But, why do websites rank poorly despite the hard work?

If you focus only on stuffing keywords or tweak your meta descriptions alone, don’t expect Google to be kind to you.

Also, there are several other factors that have weightage. These factors combined together push website search result rankings.

Search Engine Land sums it up as website usability. Your website should be usable to any visitor who stumbles into it visits it with a purpose.

Website usability is typically measured using factors like:

  • Effectiveness of the content
  • Efficiency of the page
  • Learnability of the content
  • Memorability
  • Error prevention
  • User experience

So, it is not just keywords, on-page and off-page optimization that leads to higher SEO ranking.

Unfortunately, some marketers are devoid of this knowledge. They take the wrong path of SEO which does not yield them the results.

But, there is always a possibility to learn from the mistakes and rectify them.

This article is all about that.

We explain in definite terms what you need to focus on as an SEO professional to make your website rank higher up the search engine result pages.

Let’s begin.

Simple SEO Tips

The 6 good SEO tips and advice for beginners.

1. Contents

Google loves good content.

Google loves contents

Relevant, high quality, plagiarism free content is a surefire way to put your website on the top of search engine results.

Good content ensures that your visitors spend more ‘dwell time’ on your website. The content acts as a bait that hooks them and makes them stay for long.

Content that teaches and gives the visitor some form of information or learning wins maximum Google ranking.

In fact, blogs that run more than 2,500 words have proven to make visitors spend more than short form content. So, fix your content to fix your search engine results.

Updating contents

Google loves fresh contents and it will influence your website rankings.

Let me prove it.

Searching “Best smartphones 2017” gave this search results.

The article updated 1 day ago got no 1 position on Google and the article which was updated 2 days before got no 2 positions on Google.

google loves fresh contents

So this proves that fresh articles occupy better positions.

Also, Moz did a research and found the websites that are updated regularly with fresh contents ranks higher on Google.

So update your contents regularly and get high rankings.

2. Safety & Security

With every passing hour, the Internet is becoming an increasingly scarier place to dwell in. Hackers are becoming shrewd at devising tactics to exploit naive users.

To ensure that hackers do not get away with their tricks, search engines like Google and CMS platforms like Google have made SSL or TLS encryption a must-have.

Website admins can use SSL Certificate to encrypt the information exchanged between the website server and the user.

Websites without SSL encryption are flagged off as insecure. Those with encryption stand to get better search engine ranking.

For better security install WordPress security plugins on your website.

3. Page Loading Speed


Google expects websites to have a page loading speed that is under 3 seconds.

Why 3 seconds?

Because it is the maximum span you have to make an impression in the visitor’s mind. It is also referred to as the ‘Blink Test’.

Slow loading websites can be a total pain. Nobody likes waiting! Pages that take forever to load diffuse the interest of the visitor and forces them to shut down the page.

Also, slow loading websites create higher bounce rates.

bounce rate seo

The pages with high bounce rates never get ranked higher.

So, begin with steps to improve your page loading speed with measures like:

  • Compressing image file sizes
  • Use cache plugin
  • Reducing number of HTTP page requests
  • Removing unused or unnecessary extensions & plugins
  • Using Sprite images, etc.
  • Use best hosting service and avoid free and cheap hosting.

Hosting counts for Page speed?

why not?

Fastest hosting service will provide fast hosting provide that’s why I am using FastComet.

Check my website speed

bloggersneed website speed

My website loading time is 603 ms less than one second. 

Check my website speed yourself to do it visit: and enter my website address and check the speed.

4. Use Header Tags

Header Tags SEO

Header tags help break your content into neat sections and sub-sections. They make reading effortless and easier. Also, it helps readers scroll down and find the exact section that they want to read about.

Furthermore, header tags optimized with keywords help search engines to understand the relative importance of the page and rank it for relevant keywords.

Include your keywords in all header tags and also use LSI keyword of your main keyword on the sub header tags for best optimization.

CMS platforms like WordPress have inbuilt header tag sections that help optimize your content headers for maximum search engine friendliness.

5. Using links in your content

Linking is a popular method to drive content to related pages. It has an SEO advantage too.

Links to high authority websites add more weightage to your web page.

Think of links as referrals from real persons. A person with maximum referrals will be popular and an obvious choice, right?

The same goes for links in content too.

When you link phrases to external content, it means that your content is well-researched.

Search bots attach high-value such web pages. But, make sure you do not link every now and then and make reading difficult for visitors.

Do it where it is most necessary.

Still confused?

Check the perfect way of using links.

article links seo tips

Perfect SEO tips and example from Brain Dean for using links inside article. Follow this way for best On-page SEO advice.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

amp google

Users now use mobile and tablet devices more than desktops and laptops. Portable device screens are smaller and require websites to fit into them snugly. Since responsive design bears high weightage to user experience, it is better to make your website mobile responsive.

Also, in 2015 Google announced that mobile responsive design will be counted as a critical ranking signal.

Google mobile-friendly test will show whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. To know it run Google mobile-friendly test.

Visit: and check your website and it will show the results.

bloggersneed google mobile friendly test

My blog is mobile responsive because I am using a premium theme from MythemeShop.

To make your website super mobile-friendly install WPtouch Plugin, the Google preferred mobile plugin to create mobile version of your current website.

SEO Tips: It’s Your Turn

Almost 80% of online activity begins with an online search.

Improving search engine ranking using SEO tips is not just a marketing advantage but a strategic move that every website eager to capture the Internet must use.

It will rake in more sales volumes and conversions which will help the growth of the business.

So follow these basic SEO tips and increase your website growth.

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