Elegant Themes Coupon Codes May 2024 (Divi Discount)

Elegant Themes Coupon Code

Elegant Themes is an online company that sells beautifully designed WordPress themes and plugins for web design agencies, web design freelancers, small business owners, and online store owners.

Using our Elegant Themes coupon code, you will receive a 10% discount on both the yearly subscription plan and the lifetime access plan.

The Divi discount offers a 10% discount on the Divi theme and products, the Extra theme, the Monarch Plugin, and the Bloom Plugin.

The Elegant Themes promotional codes will only work for new users and are not applicable to existing users.

1. Elegant Themes Coupon Code: Yearly Subscription Deal

Yearly Access Deal Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes coupon code for the yearly access deal offers a 10% discount on their yearly access plan license, which includes Divi and Divi Pro plan.

  1. The Divi Basic plan includes the Divi theme and builder, offering all features, 300 layout packs, extra theme, bloom and monarch plugin with unlimited website usage.
  2. The Divi Pro plan includes everything from the Divi Basic plan, plus access to the Divi ecosystem, which includes AI, Cloud, VIP, and Teams.

By using the Elegant Themes Yearly Access deal, you can use Divi products on an unlimited number of websites with regular updates and 24/7 premium support.

If you dislike paying a yearly subscription fee, consider opting for a lifetime access deal.

Information: The elegantthemes promo code is already embedded inside the affiliate link so no need to enter it. Just click the link or button and purchase the product.

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2. Elegant Themes Coupon Code: Lifetime Access Deal

Lifetime Access Deal Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes coupon code for the lifetime deal offers a 10% discount on all plans, including Divi Lifetime and Divi Lifetime Pro Services.

  • The Divi Lifetime plan includes the Divi theme and builder, 300 website packs, the Extra theme, the Bloom plugin, and the Monarch plugin.
  • The Divi Lifetime + Pro Services plan provides all the products of Divi for a lifetime, but requires an additional annual fee to use the Divi ecosystem.

By using this Elegant Themes lifetime access discount code you can use all upcoming products from the company with 24/7 VIP support and regular updates.

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3. Elegant Themes Coupon Code: Divi Discount

The elegant themes coupon code offers a 10% discount on all Divi products like Divi Theme, Divi Cloud, Divi AI, Divi Teams, Divi VIP, and Divi Hosting.

1.Divi Discount: Theme

The Divi theme coupon code will give you 10% Offer for using the plugin for lifetime and for unlimited websites.

Divi theme Builder is the powerful drag and drop plugin for responsive editing that works with any kind of WordPress theme with beautifully designed layout packs and content modules. By using this visual page builder you can create any kind of website for agencies, Freelancers, and website owners.

Without using any website builder you can create stunning and beautiful websites with Divi pro and store your layouts on divi cloud.

2. Divi Discount: Cloud

The Divi cloud coupon code gives you 25% discount on purchasing cloud storage from Elegant themes. This is the new product from the company and I should applaud Nick Roach for introducing Divi Cloud for freelancers and website designers.

Divi Cloud is cloud-based storage like Dropbox where you can save your Divi layouts, headers, footers, sections, rows, modules, and content boxes directly to the cloud platform.

3. Divi Discount: AI Builder

The Divi coupon for AI builder is the latest discount from the elegant themes that gives you 47% discount.

Divi AI is the brand new product to design flexible theme easily, the new powerful AI builder that creates human level content, generate images and write custom CSS code automatically.

4. Divi Discount: Teams

The Divi discount for divi Teams from Elegant Themes, provides a 28% discount for purchasing Divi Teams.

The Divi Teams is a cloud-based ecosystem designed to invite team members and clients to your team, allowing them access to edit or create websites.

5. Divi Discount: VIP

The Divi discount code gives you 25% discount to purchase divi vip plan from the elegant themes.

The Divi VIP is an exclusive membership for existing Divi users, offering faster support within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plus, VIP members receive a 10% discount on everything in the marketplace.

6. Divi Coupon Code: Hosting

The Divi hosting promo code from elegant themes that gives you 10% discount to buy the divi hosting.

Divi hosting is the best hosting provided by leading web hosting providers like SiteGround, Pressable, Flywheel, and Cloudways.

What are the Other Types of Promotional Sales Offered by Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes offers 3 exciting promotional sales beyond their regular offerings. You can take advantage of the Divi sales listed below.

  1. Divi Black Friday Sale: The Divi Black Friday is for major discounts on all products, including themes, plugins, and memberships.
  2. Divi Anniversary Sale: Divi Anniversary offer slashed prices on their themes, plugins and Divi ecosystem.
  3. Divi Summer Sale: Divi Summer sale provides significant savings on their memberships and Divi ecosystem.

1. Divi Black Friday Sale

The Divi Black Friday Sale will take place in November 2024, will offer 25% discounts on all Elegant Themes products and tons of freebies and a chance to win mac pro, helping you revamp your website without breaking the bank. During this special discount period, you’ll find exceptional deals not only on popular themes and plugins but also on Elegant Themes memberships.

2. Divi Anniversary Sale

The Divi Anniversary Sale will take place in March 2024, offering the biggest discounts ranging from 20% up to 70% on all Divi ecosystems, memberships, themes, and plugins. Celebrating the birthday of the widely popular Divi theme, this limited-time sale rolls out exclusive deals you won’t want to miss.

3. Divi Summer Sale

The Divi Summer Sale will start in August 2024, offering significant savings of 20% to 50% on all Elegant Themes products. This annual event features exclusive deals on favorites like the Divi theme, Divi Builder, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch. You’ll find discounts that make these powerful tools more accessible than ever.

Elegant Themes Coupon Code FAQ

Does Elegant Themes Offer Coupon Codes for Discounts?

Yes, the Elegant Themes provide maximum offers for all their themes and plugins. You can either buy their yearly plan or lifetime access plan using their discount.

Which Elegant Themes plan is Best? Yearly or Lifetime?

If you are willing to try Divi page builder or any other Elegant themes product then I will suggest you buy the yearly membership so that you can cancel its subscription anytime, but you love the product and want to use it for your site and clients site then I suggest you buy their lifetime access plan with one-time payment to save your money.

Is the Divi Promotion Always Available?

I’m not sure if the promotion will always be available. However, the promotion is currently active, and you can purchase all the WordPress themes and plugins on the Elegant Marketplace with a 10% discount using the coupon code.

Can I Get Elegant Themes 30% Off?

No Elegant Themes doesn’t provide 30% as discount, the highest offer you will get is 25% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Is There an Extra Theme Coupon Code?

No, there is no coupon code available to purchase the Extra theme. However, you can obtain the theme for free when you buy their yearly subscription or lifetime access plan.

Is There a Coupon Code for the Divi Bloom Pop up email Opt-in Plugin?

No, there is no coupon code to buy the Divi Bloom pop-up plugin. However, you can get the Divi Bloom plugin for free by purchasing the Elegant Themes yearly or lifetime plan.

Is there a Divi Monarch Social Sharing Coupon code?

No, there is no discount for the Divi Monarch Social Sharing plugin. By purchasing the Elegant Themes yearly or lifetime plan, you get the Monarch plugin for free.

Do Elegant Themes Company Refund Money?

Yes, Elegant Themes refunds your money through their 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee.

What are the Regular Price of Elegant Themes Products?

Without using the Elegant Themes coupon code, you will pay the actual price for the Elegant Themes products listed below:

  • The Elegant Themes Divi yearly plan costs $89.00.
  • The Elegant Themes Divi Pro yearly plan costs $277.00.
  • The Elegant Themes Divi lifetime plan costs $249.00.
  • The Elegant Themes Divi Pro Lifetime plan costs $297.00.
  • The Divi Cloud plan costs $72.00 per year.
  • The Divi AI plan costs $153.00 per year.
  • The Divi Teams cost $18.00 per year.
  • The Divi VIP costs $72.00 per year.
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