FastComet Review – Uptime Stats Report & Website Speed Test

Fastcomet review

In this FastComet review i am gonna to show all its pro’s and con’s and also will showcase about its feature and i hope that after reading this review you will get all the information about FastComet web hosting provider.

If you are truly looking for an best secure hosting provider this might be your choice and it’s my suggestion to you. This is a long review about FastComet and i have written all its pro’s and con’s.

FastComet Review 2017

I am well a newbie to blogging for just 9 months it was my friend suggestion to choosing a hosting provider for my website,I don’t know about FastComet at that time so I searched Google more than a week cause being a newcomer to blogging industry picking the best hosting providers is vital and honestly saying I don’t know the meaning of web hosting

I just thought that buying a domain well be everything to start a blog but after some day’s had gone then I came to know that purchasing a hosting is compulsory one or in other words, every website should have a secure hosting provider.

So buddy helped to choose a right hosting, and I went to FastComet and had a live chat with them, and they cleared my queries and  even I got a call from them and received some offers and bought FastComet shared and secure hosting and it works well on my site speed is good and superb and great support.

FastComet hosting Reviews : Top valid reasons to choose FastComet webhosting

Site Speed – #First Impression is the best Impression

The main Factor to choose the best web hosting is the speed. The Better speed, the better the Engagement with your visitors. For every internet users, the site speed is important factor faster site creates happy users and if your site is loading in slow motion, then you are automatically losing the visitors which is a negative factor to consider.

My Website Speed Test

Comparing to other secure hosting providers, it serves with high performing speed and helps you to optimize for optimal performance. The site loads at 329MS to 340MS, which is approximately 3.29S seconds or sometimes less than 2 seconds. Still having doubt with loading you can check my website speed in Pingdom.

For your Reference I have attached my screenshot of my website speed test from Pingdom

My Website speed test


Comparison of site speed with some of the Best Secure Hosting Providers

(Godaddy vs ASO vs arvixe) VS FastComet  

Fastcomet vs Goddady vs ASO vs arvixe

Nowadays FastComet gaining biggest reputations from famous bloggers and internet users because of the site speed compared to other web secure hosting providers.

My Website Uptime Reports – UptimeRobot

Dashboard Uptime Robot

Dashboard Uptime Robot2

What you are looking up is the screenshot of my website uptime reports were taken from the best uptime monitoring tool Uptimerobot . To add more valuable information to one who is reading this FastComet review hence I attached it.

Every web host should promise to give Minimum of 99.9% Uptime guarantee because as along as your website is alive there is a chance of an increase in more conversion but failing to provide 99.9% uptime will lead your online business to lose some profits.

If Your website is down meant every visitor will close your site and will look up to another website hence, you will lose some leads. So it’s mandatory to have a website in Upstate always.

That’s why I force everyone to choose FastComet provider because they are the boss and check my website uptime report I had only 1 minutes of downtime for last 30 days and this is the maximum downtime I ever had on this blog.


 FastComet Review About The 4 Special Features

 1# Low and Best Pricing – Every one’s Choice is to buy a Low and Best One

Why I still recommend you to buy FastComet web hosting because of its valuable rate because no one is billgates here and in other words all are looking to save their money and always seeking to find a Cheap and everyone’s choice is to buy a cheap and best secured web hosting with FastComet there comes best hosting plans compared to other secure hosting plans and provides you more space. It provides a better Hosting plan to the clients and from my point of FastComet review, you can go for FastComet web secure hosting service provider.

  • It offers more features that other hosting providers failed to Provide.
  • It gives you Fast SSD storage
  • 35 Gb Disk space
  • Hack Free
  • Best Pricing
  • 1-click Backup & Free restore
  • Real 24/7 Technical support
  • Free web & CSF firewall

Price Comparison between FastComet VS (Top Web Hosting Companies)

FastComet vs other hosting

You witnessed in your eyes by above comparisons of a price it’s only 2.95$/Mo and yet gives you many features which other web hosting are failed to provide also I forgot to tell you one thing many top and secure hosting providers changing their price regularly.

#2. FastComet Review about its promise 

  • Fixed prices and No hidden charges
  • Fixed Renewal prices
  • 45 days Money Back Guarantee
  • No contract You are free to cancel and get refund at anytime

FastComet  New Plans 2017

FastComet SSD Cloud Hosting

     Visit official website now

SpeedUp RocketBooster Plan – FastComet 2017 New Plan

speedup rocketbooster plan

To Upgrade and give more valuable service to user’s FastComet now introduced new shared hosting plan (Speedup RocketBooster) especially for incredible fast websites with a high ton of traffic.


  • Fast loading speed using Varnish Cache.
  • 6GB RAM and 6 CPU cores.
  • 30 daily backups.
  • 300X FASTER HARDWARE. SSD Only servers.
  • 3 x Fewer Users Per Server

#3: Free Domain Transfer – Life time Domain renewal at free of cost

After purchasing FastComet web secure hosting provider they offer you a free domain transfer and Renewal at free of cost for Life Time.   In my experience my past domain provider is, and they transferred my domain with FastComet and since many of them has little knowledge about domain transferring. But don’t worry about domain shifting all you have to give is just provide your past domain login Information and wait for some hours their support team will do you work in less than hours without your hands.

My personal experience I used a free hosting service before switching to fastcomet web hosting service with my careless ness I lost all my data but the support team helped and guided me and they restored all data’s and my website once again live within an hour “

#4: FREE SSL Certificate (From ://http to ://https)

Fastcomet gives you a one year free Globalsign ssl certificate on single website or multiple hosting and always free for e-commerce platforms and plans and secure hosting provider.

Why you need ssl certificate ?

  • To gain your customer’s trust.
  • To protect credit card information of your customer on your website.
  • ssl protects from phishing – No duplication of your website.
  • All e-commerce platforms like amazon,ebay,alibaba got ssl certificate.

Get free SSL certificate Now

 FastComet reviews about CPanel  Features

#1.     Best Open source provider –Wordpress, Joomla, Magnetofastcomet free apps and templates

  • Provides more than 150+ best and powerful application with one click installation.
  • Free opencart theme.
  • Extra features for e-commerce platforms
  • Free module installation services to add extra features to your website.
  • Free templates installations to website for better looking appearance.
  • Free virus scan and malware protections to stay away from hackers.
  • Free application upgrades keep your website applications up-to-date.
  • Free video tutorials by experts to get started

 #2. SEO and Marketing Tools

It comes with a free SEO and marketing tools it teaches you about SEO and helps to learn about SEO techniques although it’s a simple tool still useful to people who have no knowledge about SEO stuff.

Seo Tool consist of:

  •  Get In Google – Get indexed by Google search Engine and also by major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and to increase website traffic.
  • One Click Sitemap – Generate sitemap for your site with one click process which is compulsory for every site.
  • Increase website Traffic.
  • Link Building Tools – It comes under Paid service.
  • Free SEO tips for your site performance to increase website Traffic.

#3.Unlimited Pro email accounts

  • For making more professional it provides unlimited email accounts with with several features like
  • Auto responders – Set a mail with date and time it will send the mail automatically.
  • Forwarders – send a copy of any incoming mail from one address to another address.
  • Track delivery – Track delivery of any email which you sent the recipients in case of any problem.
  • Email filters – These can be used to block any particular email address and also to avoid spam messages.

#4. Security

A secure hosting has the following features

  • IP Blocker – This is used for blocking any IP address to prevent from accessing your site.
  • Hot Link Protection – prevents other websites from directly linking files to your website such as jpg, jpeg, gif, png,BMP.
  • Leech Protection – It allows you to prevent your users from publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of your sites.

#5. Back up & Restore Wizard

#6.Change Language

  • Its supports not only English but also many different language by serving user a better friendly environment to access their control Panel in their favorite Language

Mobile friendly Support.

fastcomet mobile friendly support

  • Creates mobile friendly website automatically.
  • Access Client area and Control panel via any device.
  • Submit any ticket or request via phone, tablet, or computer device.
  • Manage your account details.
  • Top up your account instantly.

Awards won by FastComet – Hostadvice

Hostadvice is the favorite web community for web hosting users and experts which reviews web hosting companies to provide valuable feedback to the users about the company.

FastComet selected as the best secure hosting provider and received awards for the following nominees or category.

  • Best customer service 2105
  • Best shared host
  • User Choice by 2015
  • Excellent service
  • Best secure hosting provider

I have seen many FastComet reviews written by users in hostadvice and all are happy for hosting their websites, and also you can check my reviews about FastComet web hosting service provider.

Also FastComet have won more awards in 2016 from HostAdvice as well as became the Best Overall hosting according to them and their users with more than 330 positive reviews.

FastComet Coupon – 10% Off For All Hosting Plans

By Continuously supporting FastComet and suggesting all my clients and visitors use fastcomet web hosting.

They finally agreed to provide 10% discount Coupon Code for all hosting plans exclusively for my visitors.

But One Condition before Using this Fastcomet Coupon

If you truly admit that after reading this FastComet review  you got enough information and decided to buy means you can buy and get this offer.

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FastComet Web Hosting Service Order


Concluding: FastComet Review

I have seen many of them writing FastComet hosting reviews to promote the product with their affiliates links, and their only aim is to review the FastComet secure hosting provider without using the product.

But I am reviewing FastComet solely because I have registered both domain and hosting in FastComet web hosting and i have discussed all about and written this FastComet review.

You can check my domain speed and Trust me you can choose FastComet to your website.

FastComet continues to win many hearts day by day because of its secured hosting and promises to provide super and better web hosting plans to the users, so choosing this hosting is the right choice which I can give assurance and still if you need any further information go to their website reach 24/7 support center and clarify your doubts.

As a freelancer referred FastComet to my friends and clients for hosting their websites. No problems so far.

Visit Fastcomet

FastComet Review 2017
  • Up time
  • Site Loading speed
  • Pricing
  • user Experience
  • Customer support


Fastcomet continues to win many hearts day by day because of its secured hosting and promises to provide super and better web hosting plans to the users, so choosing this hosting is the right choice which I can give assurance and still if you need any further information go to their website reach 24/7 support center and clarify your doubts.

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