Cloudways Coupon Code

Cloudways Coupon Code

Are you looking for reliable, secure and affordable web host for your website? Look no far than Cloudways!

In this article, we will provide an introduction to Cloudways host and its feature, a coupon code offers 10% off for three month of service, as well as reason why you shall choose Cloudways over other hosting providers.

Cloudways be one of the lead manage cloud host platform available today. It offer exceptional scalability, reliability, and performance, along with easy-to-use tool that make it simple to launch and manage website in the cloud.

Having a reliable web host provider is essential for any website or blog. Without a good web host, your site won’t be seen by others on the internet. Poorly perform host can also lead to slow load time, cause visitor to leave before they even see what you have to offer.

A great host provider ensure your website run smoothly and efficiently.

Cloudways Coupon Code

We would be please to offer our readers a special coupon code to sign up with Cloudways.

The promo code is Bloggersneed, copy this code now.

When used, this code will give you a 10% discount on your three month of service.

This limited-time offer is a great way to save your dollar by taking advantage of Cloudways.

How to Redeem the Cloudways Promo Code

Step-by-step Guide to Apply the cloudways promo Code

Click this link or visit and click start free button located on the right side of the primary navigation menu.

cloudways new homepage

On the next page Cloudways will ask you to enter name, email address and password, or you sign up with an account like Digital Ocean, Linkedin, GitHub and Google.

In the account create page it will have “Get a promo code”, Enter the coupon code: Bloggersneed in the “Promo Code” field

Click the “Start Free” button.

cloudways account creation

Now you get the 10% discount for 3 months, and you get a free Cloudways trial for 3 days at no charge and without using credit card.

After the trial period time, you can select your desire plan and payment method and complete payment process to get an active cloudways web host account to host your app and website.

Other Ways to Save Your Dollar on Cloudways

Our cloudways promo code will give you 10% discount during checkout. There are other ways you can save your dollar.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal: If you want to save your dollar, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days to wait.

On this day you will get more than 60% discount on all cloudways web hosting plans.

Cloudways Affiliate Programme: Join the Cloudways affiliate Programme and earn money up to $125 per sale.

You can receive earn money instantly to your PayPal or bank account.

By joining other people on cloudways regularly, you will get a bonus, incentive.

Why Choose Cloudways Hosting?

There are numerous advantage to use Cloudways host, such as lightning fast speed, top-notch security measure, and round-the-clock customer support.

Additionally, Cloudways make it easy to add new application and resize exist one quickly and easily.

From small business to large enterprise , many organization rely on Cloudways to power their digital operation. Company like Canon, Michelin, and Philip trust Cloudways to keep their site run smoothly and securely .

By hosting your site cloudways you can choose the below high speed data centre.

  • Google cloud hosting 
  • Amazon AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • Linode

Cloudways Hosting Feature

Cloudways offer several excellent features.

I will list the very important features cloudways provide to the website owner.

  • Good Security.
  • Improve Uptime
  • Automatic backup and restore
  • pre-configured server
  • Powerful scale option
  • Unlimited application
  • 24 / 7 Customer support

By having the above feature for your website, your website will get great web host experience.

Benefit of Use Cloudways Host

With Cloudways, you don’t need to worry about manage complex server configuration.

You also get plenty of storage space, high security measures, and access to advance tool such as stage environment, automate migration, and auto-scale.

Plus , you get all of this at an incredibly affordable price .

Apart from the above benefits, let me tell you my personal benefit I get from cloudways cloud host.

Other web host will limit the domain to host, but by using cloudways I can host more than 20+ domains on $26 dollar monthly plan and this 26 dollar monthly lets you host unlimited domains.

My WordPress sites get free Lets encrypt SSL certificates and Dedicated Firewalls. And cloudways gives me 60+ Global Data Centers and I can select nearest data centers to host my WordPress websites.

By using the highly optimize server this blog pass Google core vitals web on mobile and desktop device.

Core Web Vitals Mobile Report

bloggersneed core web vitals mobile test report

Core Web Vitals Dekstop Report

bloggersneed core web vitals desktop test report

Comparison With Other Web Hosting Providers

When compare to other host provider Cloudways stands out due to its impressive feature set, affordability, and ease of use.

While some host company may offer more feature, they often require expensive contract and additional fee.

Cloudways eliminates those hassle and provides a straightforward price model without hide costs.

NameDomainsLoading SpeedBandwidthUptime
CloudwaysUnlimited1to 1.5 seconds1 Tb 100%
WP Engine 11 to 2 seconds50GB99.99%
Kinsta11 to 2 secondsUndisclosed100%
Flywheel11 to 3.5 seconds20GB 99.99%
Siteground11 to 2.5 seconds10GB99.9%

Which Cloudways Data Center shall I choose?

I know many of struggle when choosing the cloudways data center for your website.

Even i have the same confusion in the beginning.

As you know in the cloudways you have the option to use Google Cloud, Amazon, Digital Ocean Vultr and Linode.

  • If you blog receive 100 to maximum 10K visitors daily , Choose Digital Ocean , Vultr or Linode.
  • If your blog recieve more than 10k visitors, you can choose Google or Amazon AWS plan.

I normally get 200 + daily visitors so i ‘m using Digital Ocean server.

Another reason to choose digital ocean be about the dollar i spend on web hosts; , they are cheap and good.

Note: If you don’t bother about spending dollars to host your website or app, then you can choose AWS or Google cloud host plan.

Positive Customer Review and Testimonial

You don’t have to take our word for it – just check out the feedback from real customers who have experienced the power of Cloudways firsthand .

Here are a few of the highlight :

Customers love how user-friendly the platform is, as well as its competitive price.

“Cloudways is the best solution for my needs – I was able to launch a website within minutes!”

“Their technical support team is amazing – they always respond quickly and know how to solve any issue.”

“I love how easy it is to scale up or down as needed – I never have to worry about being unable to handle traffic spikes.”


In this article, we explore Cloudways host and the feature and benefit it provides.

We then provided a coupon code for readers to get 10% for three months of service.

Finally, we discuss why Cloudways is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting solution. Using Cloudways as your website host is a smart move.

Not only do it provide excellent scalability, security, and performance, but it also comes with an unbeatable price and unbeatable customer service.

Furthermore , the cloudways promo code gives reader the opportunity to try out Cloudways host at a low cost. Take advantage of this amazing offer now and experience the power of Cloudways host for yourself!

Use the cloudways coupon code provided to get 10% off for three months of service and enjoy all the following benefit :

  • Lightning fast speed
  • Top-notch security
  • Easy scalability
  • World-class customer service
  • Affordable price

Cloudways Discount Code FAQs

How to get Cloudways free?

If you want to free cloudways free host account, then go to and click start free button. On the next page, enter your name, email address and password and click Start free button to get free cloudways account for 3 days.

Why is Cloudways so expensive?

Firstly, Cloudways offer more features than any other web host company, and they all come at an incredibly low price.
Secondly, to provide top notch service to its customers, cloudways have partnered with the good companies like Google, Cloudflare, Malcare, Amazon, etc.

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