WP Engine Coupon Codes 2024: Get 4 Months Free Hosting Trial

WP Engine Coupon Code 2024

WP Engine is a leading technology company specializing in WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting that provides excellent features like World-class infrastructure,  Global CDN, Evergreen cache and DDoS Protection. Using our WP Engine Coupon Code will get you a 20% discount on hosting plans like Lite, Startup, Professional, Scale, and Growth plan.

This article provides you with the step-by-step process on how to activate the WP Engine discount and how to get a free trial from WP Engine to receive 4 months of free hosting. Our promo will work for all kinds of hosting plans and services for both monthly and yearly packages as well.

1. WP Engine Coupon Code of WordPress Hosting Plans

The WP Engine coupon code for WordPress hosting provides you 20% discount for all hosting plans that are listed below.

  1. Lite plan
  2. Startup plan
  3. Professional plan
  4. Growth plan
  5. Scale plan

1. The WP Engine coupon code WPE4FREE for the Lite plan offers a $30.00 discount, so you pay $150.00 per year instead of paying $180.00 per year. This plan is recommended for new site creators such as students, bloggers, and freelance web developers.

2. The WP Engine promo code WPE4FREE for the Startup plan gives 4 months free trial that saves up to $120.00 annually, pay only $240 per year. The WP Engine’s startup plan is recommended for for small websites & blogs like portfolios, small business landing pages, and niche sites.

3. The WP Engine promotional code FREEDOMTOCREATE for the Professional plan saves $236.00 per year. This plan is suitable for for building your brand.

4. The WP Engine promo code FREEDOMTOCREATE for the Growth plan gives you a $230 discount annually. This plan is recommended for a growing business such as expanding e-commerce stores, SAAS companies, and medium-sized online publications.

5. The WP Engine promo code FREEDOMTOCREATE for the Scale plan redeems $580 annually, reducing the actual price from $3,480.00 to $2,900.00. The Scale plan is suitable for higher capacity sites such as news channels, media, and entertainment websites.

2. WP Engine Coupon Code for WooCommerce Hosting Plans

The WP Engine coupon code for managed WooCommerce hosting plan gives you a 20% discount for hosting plans that are listed below.

  1. eComm Startup plan
  2. eComm Professional plan
  3. eComm Growth plan
  4. eComm Scale plan

1. The WP Engine promo code FREEDOMTOCREATE for the eComm Startup plan gives you a 20% discount, saving you $72.00 annually. This plan is suitable for small ecommerce sites like Local bakery, Pet supply store and Subscription box service.

2. The WP Engine coupon code FREEDOMTOCREATE for eComm Professional plan gives you 20% discount, redeeming you $150.00 annually. This plan is for building you ecommerce brand.

3. The WP Engine coupon code FREEDOMTOCREATE for eComm Growth Plan offers 20% discount, saving you $280.00 annually. The Growth plan is recommended for a growing ecommerce business like clothing store, Health and wellness store and home decors.

4. The WP Engine coupon code FREEDOMTOCREATE for eComm Scale Plan offers 20% discount, saving you $700.00 annually. The Scale plan is recommended for a high traffic ecommerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba and ebay.

How To Apply WP Engine Promo Code to get Discount?

To apply WP Engine promo code to get discount you should follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Choose the WordPress hosting or Woocommerce hosting for your website.

Step 2 – Now click this WP Engine link and the link will direct you to the below page. Choose any of the plans: Lite, Startup, Professional, Growth, or Scale. Click the Buy now button.

WP Engine exclusive offer for Bloggersneed readers.

Step 3 – Now you will see the checkout page. Choose the annual subscription and optional power full add-ons like Page Speed Boost, Site Monitoring, Smart Plugin Manager, and Global Edge Security.

In the right side of the billing page, you will see the details of your chosen plan and in below you will be seeing one empty box where you will be asked to enter the promo Code.

By default, the code would be entered there, if not enter the WP Engine coupon code WPE4FREE and click Apply button and fill the required information like your company information like Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Data Center.

Showing the 20% Off WP Engine discount Code

Step 4 – Now fill the payment details like Name, Name on Credit Card, Billing Address, Country, State / Region, City and Zip Code.

How to get WP Engine 4 Months Free Trial?

To get WP Engine free trial you need to buy the higher hosting plans like Startup, Professional, Growth and Scale.

You can use the WP Engine voucher codes like WPE4FREE and FREEDOMTOCREATE to get the 4 months free trial for WordPress hosting and Woocommerce hosting.

The WP Engine free trial is only available for new customers purchasing hosting plans such as Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale. It is not applicable to hosting renewals, upgrades, or other product purchases.

Why Brands Choose WP Engine Hosting Company?

The brands choose WP Engine Hosting for its uptime, speed, and robust security features. Read the review about this hosting company in this WP Engine review.

  • 100% Uptime: WP Engine ensure 100% uptime by keeping the website stay online consistently, minimizing the downtime.
  • Speed: WPEngine’s optimized infrastructure and tools like Evercache CDN, PHP 7, HTTP/2 enable lightning-fast website loading times.
  • Security Feature: WPEngine provides comprehensive security measures, including malware scanning, firewalls, and SSL certificates. The 24/7 monitoring service protects from hackers, virus, and malicious scripts.

WP Engine Free Trial FAQ

Does WP Engine Provide Free Hosting Trial?

Yes, the WP Engine company provide 4 months free hosting trial to test their plans. During the trial, you’ll have access to all paid features like managed performance, essential security, and site building tools, along with 24/7 chat support from technical experts.

Does WP Engine Provide Deals and Discounts Frequently?

Yes, WP Engine hosting frequently provides coupon codes for new customers during holiday seasons such as New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

How Do I Redeem A WP Engine Coupon Code?

To redeem the WP Engine coupon code, apply the code FREEDOMTOCREATE on the checkout and get 20% discount.

Does WP Engine offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for new customers, refunding all your money without any deductions.

WP Engine Discount Vs Paying the Full Price?

When considering WP Engine, using a discount code can save money compared to paying the full price, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious users seeking quality hosting services like WordPress and Woocommerce hosting.

Discounts offered by WP Engine can provide significant savings on hosting plans such as Startup, Professional, Scale, and Growth, while still enjoying top-notch WordPress hosting features and services. For example, you can get a 20% discount on the Startup plan or even 4 months free with the right coupon code.

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