WP Engine Review: Got 100% Uptime Hosting (Case Study)

WP Engine Review

The honest WP Engine Review only for serious buyers to build their most expensive brand new e-commerce websites and blogs.

It’s not new that WP Engine web hosting is the greatest and most expensive and popular WordPress hosting ever.

But really how they work and what’s their secret to be standing alone as the reigning WordPress hosting provider for so long time?

Let’s see everything in this WP engine hosting review!

WP Engine Review: About WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine Review: about the hosting company

The CompanyWP Engine is the leading hosting company built to host websites and applications built on WordPress CMS. The company founded in the year 2010 by Jason Cohen and the office headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The company now know to be the top managed WordPress Hosting provider for small and large business. WPE hosting has clients from 140+ countries and more than 70,000 websites are currently hosted by them.

WP Engine hosting reviews

It’s proved that at least 5% of website owners around the world visit WP Engine every day to host their websites.

I have written this WP Engine Review after long research and also provided some unknown facts and answered general questions as well.

#1. WP Engine Hosting Review: Uptime

Web Hosting is all about Uptime more the time your website is online more the profit you will be making easily.

Impressive thing in WP Engine is it will give 100% Uptime that means your website will be always in upstate no matter what happens! I bet no other web hosting will give you 100% Uptime every month.

WP Engine is also known as 100% Uptime hosting provider to give the reliable hosting solution.

Still, you don’t believe? I will show you the proof now. Check them below.

I closely watched and monitored my website hosted on WP Engine and the results were amazing. At first, I didn’t believe it but after seeing the result that totally made proved me wrong I was thinking about.

Last 3 months full Uptime report

From August to September Report – 100%

WP Engine hosting review: uptime report

From September to October Report – 100%

WPE hosting Uptime report

From October to November Report – 100%

WPengine review: November Uptime report

This is my monitored WP Engine Uptime report.

Market House Case Study:

Market House did a case study by monitoring client’s websites which are hosted on WPE hosting and WP Engine Competitor’s hosting such as Godaddy, 1 & 1, Eleven2.

Market house WP Engine case study

After 1 month later the Market House found that Client X sites which are not hosted with WP Engine Competitors had downtime of approximately 3:28:11 and the Client H hosted with WPE had zero downtime, not even a single second downtime.

#2. WP Engine Hosting Review: Speed Test

Let’s view the website speed of WP Engine and for this experiment, I am going to make website load on different locations to know much faster they load on different locations.

According to Google research, slow loading websites won’t rank on search engines and visitors would be leaving if your websites couldn’t load under 5 seconds.

Let’s check the WP Engine website loading speed by measuring its performance on 14 test locations.

Wp engine hosting review by speed test by KeyCDN

The speed test result shows the performance of WP Engine, the DNS and connects loading time is around 106 ms to 255.704 ms which shows the website takes less than a second to load.

By using this powerful engine for your website you would see huge improvements in your business and would be giving amazing digital experience for your visitors for free as well.

Do you want to increase your business profits rapidly? Then visit WP Engine Now!

What are the benefits of using WP Engine?

In the above WP Engine Review, I’ve witnessed some of the actual reports of my client’s Uptime and speed test.

Now know the pros of using WP Engine and I’ve stated the cons as well.

#3. WP Engine Pros And Cons

Free Website Migration

Let your WordPress website is safely migrated from previous hosting company to WPE hosting with free of charge.

Free SSL Certificate

Use Let’s Encrypted SSL Certificate for your WordPress websites to increase SEO and loading speed.

Blazing Fastest Loading Speed

Early I said that one of the ranking factors to rank in search engines is having fast loading speed. WP Engine offers the latest technology like Evercache Technology, CDN, HTTP/2, PHP 7 has the ability to serve more requests per second which increases the page loading time.

Like A2 Hosting turbo servers, WP Engine also offers fastest WordPress hosting experience for all websites.


With this best tool, you can transfer an unlimited amount of data virtually by this awesome feature and you would be expanding server storage to infinite which means everything is unlimited.

Best-in-class Cloud Partners

Do you know? WP Engine partnered with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to give high-performance cloud hosting solution? This is one of the reasons why many of the biggest agencies and e-commerce websites use WP Engine.

Global Data Centers

WPE hosting has data centers in Europe, Unites States, Africa, Middle East and Asia. By choosing your nearer data center it will reduce lime latency for domestic visitors which make the site to load even faster.

You can choose either Google or Amazon Data Centers of your choice and when buying the plan you have the option to choose your nearest Data Centers.

High-End Security

WP Engine offers high security and protects your websites from all kind of attacks.

Threat Detection & Blocking: Detects detection automatically and removes malicious behavior.

Two Factor Authentication: The Best layer for protecting your website login details.

Security Audits: Feel anything different? Then your site will be audited by dedicated security engineering team.

No Downtime!

I reviewed some of the top Web Hosting network almost all hosting gave 99.9% Uptime but failed to provide 100% Uptime guarantee. WP Engine is the only hosting network which gives 100% Uptime hosting.

WPEngine 24/7 Customer Support

The best expertise team and award-winning customer care will reply to your queries instantly without delays but mostly chance of getting problems on WP Engine is rare because of their highly reliable performance.

If anything happened to you magically don’t worry they will troubleshoot the errors and solve it.


This is the best feature Staging allows you to create a copy of your website instantly for testing purpose.

WP Engine Cons 

Limited Traffic

Actually, I am not taking it as cons because they are open to the terms and conditions policy.

They are honest about their plans and each plan allows like 25k to 400k visits per month.

Do your website get millions traffic per month? Even they have Premium and Enterprise-Grade plans for high traffic websites.

Check their plans now!

Not Cheap

They are elite hosting providers so obviously you need to forget about the word “cheap”. If you are looking for a cheap hosting provider like Ipage, then this hosting isn’t for you at all.

No Third Party Plugin

They have restricted some popular WordPress plugins which clash with their environments by affecting their performance.

Due to this, you are allowed to use only the WP Engine allowed plugin.

#4. WP Engine Alternatives

Honestly, from my experience in hosting research, there are no substitutes for WPE hosting in terms of Uptime challenge.

But on performance wise, I recommend using Bluehost WP Standard Plan costs $19.99 per month which allows up to 100 Million visits per month.

Bluehost is another well-known web hosting company though the price is less compared to WPE hosting, in terms of speed WP Engine beats Bluehost.

#5. WP Engine Plans and Pricing

STARTUP – This plan allows to host 1 domain allowing 25K visits per month with 10 GB local storage

GROWTH – This plan allows to install up to 10 domains allowing 100K visits per month with 20 GB local storage.

SCALE – This plan allows to install up to 25 domains allowing 400K visits per month with 30 GB local storage.

PREMIUM – Take this plan for high traffic websites like million visitors per month.

ENTERPRISE-GRADE –.This plan is for heavy traffic websites for large business.

Visit WP Engine Now   

#6. WP Engine Coupon

If you want to buy these hosting plan means then happily check this WP Engine Coupon code article to get more than 20% offer for all plans and services and a chance to get 2 months free hosting as well.

The Coupon codes are available for both old and new customers. By using these deals you would save huge parts from your investments. So use this best offer to host your website and get the best hosting service ever!

#7. Who Should Use WP Engine?

Do you want some more facts? Then continue reading this WP Engine reviews and know why should and why should use WPE hosting.

Is your website Your Future?

This is my question to you, are you going to start an online business to make recurring income for the lifetime and looking for a top-notch hosting platform to host your website without any worries?

Then WP Engine is absolutely for you and it has everything you need to have for your website.

Your Website Will Turn Into Million Dollar Business Anytime?

This is my second question, do you believe that your website will grow from zero to billion dollar business soon?

Why is this question asked here because you only know the worth or value of your website right?

What if your website made 10X profits early?

Popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay are started from scratch and now they are the top giants in the e-commerce business.

Now, those companies making billions of dollars each year and their websites are hosted with top security and have millions of customer data’s like their credit card, debit card details.

For them, there are no chances to lose their data’s and of course no one can steal their data because of with high-end security features.

What if someone steals your whole data and miss handles? Surely you will lose your billion dollars making business overnight.

In order to avoid this problem, you need secured hosting platform at the starting stage itself because you know that it will turn into billion dollar business soon.

By hosting your billion dollars making the website on WP Engine you would surely have 100% confidence in your website and its future growth.

You Value Your Business And Don’t Mind To Pay High?

I know some of the profitable websites lost its value completely because of hosting their websites on cheap hosting.

Now they are completely destroyed and out of the market the reason is because of the problem occurred on the server that crashed and all the data’s are lost completely without any backups.

What if your 3-year-old website lost all its data? Will you start it again? It will be a complete disaster. Imagine it!

If your website makes $500 monthly means won’t you spend $30 monthly?

Won’t you?

So if you are a serious person and only focus your website’s value and performance and wouldn’t mind paying high means then use WP Engine.

I am sure after using this service definitely you will fall in love with WP Engine and you will be hosting every new and old website on their servers.

Got High Traffic Websites?

WP Engine would be the perfect web hosting best for high traffic websites.

I advise using WP Engine if your website receives from thousand to millions of visitors per day or per month.

No matter how many visitors are visiting your website at the same time WP Engine will handle everything smoothly.

If the above questions are your question means then without any doubt choose WP Engine now! The best web hosting network for all time.

WP Engine Review: Wrapping It UP

This WP Engine Review is clearly the evidence and would be the answer for everything you need about! I agree that WP Engine offers powerful hosting experience for online business.

In the beginning, I thought like “why should I use WP Engine when another hosting company giving same features for less price? But now I understood it’s not about the price but it’s about the quality of service.

For pure benefits spending extra would be the right decision. That’s why famous websites like Reader’s Digest, Under Armer, Engineering.Com trusting WP Engine.

It’s up to you to choose or not? I’ve said everything in this WP Engine hosting review.

Choose WP Engine

If You Need

  • 100% Uptime Hosting
  • Fast Loading Website
  • World Class Technology
  • High-End Security
  • Award Winning Customer Support

Visit WP Engine Now   

WP Engine Hosting Review
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • User Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing


WP Engine is the only hosting company to give 100% hosting uptime and best hosting experience for all kind of blogs, these are some of the reason for their huge success. Famous online brands like Sound Cloud, Reader’s Digest use WP Engine.

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