Elegant Themes Review 2018 – Explaining Good & Bad With (20% Off)

Elegant Themes Review 2018

Are you going to use Elegant Themes on your blog?

Then you should check this Elegant Themes review to know why I use their WordPress themes for some of my websites.

Seriously, It took me barely 5 minutes to decide to use the themes after viewing their product benefits from the official site.

Check out this honest review and then decide whether to use their themes and plugins or not.

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Elegant Themes Review 2018

elegance themes

The Elegant Themes company started 8 years ago for the purpose of giving the best WordPress themes and plugins. Same as thought, now the company achieved its dream and successfully running as one of the best WordPress themes providers around the world.

While writing  Elegant themes review the company got more than 400k customers using their themes and plugins on their websites.

The company sells WordPress supporting 87 themes and 5 plugins and their team now working to launch more themes and plugins. Obviously, we will see them in future.

The man behind the success of Elegant Themes is Nick Roach the founder & CEO, his hard work brought the Elegant Themes company to this level.

Not only him but the team members also deserve to applaud here. The team members are expert in coding, developing, and designing of WordPress themes and plugins.

The passionate work from the expert team made the Elegant Themes truly shows elegance in appearance and quality.

The themes were well-structured by simple coding and beautifully designed by different colors and layouts.

Once you visit Elegant Themes, you will truly admire the elegance of their designed themes and plugins.

#1. Important FAQ’s?

Before reading Elegant Themes review, I saw many questions regarding Elegant Themes. If this question relating you, then you can read this FAQ’s and make your decision.

1). Is the theme will be suitable for my website?

Elegant Theme shop has 88 themes for all types of blogs from E-commerce to personal theme.

So it will surely have the kind of theme you need.

2). I don’t know anything about coding, Can I design the theme without coding skill?

By using Divi drag and drop site builder, you can customize the theme without touching a single line of code.

3). Divi site builder is easy to use?

Very easy to use and they have several video tutorials too.

4). Using Divi builder have any downsides in terms of SEO?

Google only cares about site Schema markup, contents, loading speed and doesn’t care about the site builders you use.

5). Is Elegant Themes and plugins are secure to use on my website?

Elegant use Sucuri.net firewall protection to keep themes and plugins 100% safe always.

6). Can I use themes and plugins on unlimited websites?

Yes, you can use Elegant products on all of your websites. There is no restriction at all.

7). Will pages support other languages?

Not only English, but the pages can be translated into 32 languages. To know the language name check below in translate section.

8) Is affordable to buy?

Personally, I write WordPress themes reviews after I use, so obviously I know the price of all theme shops.

Other themes selling websites are selling a single theme for $60 with several limitations.

But in Elegant Themes shop, they are offering 88 themes and 5 Plugin for $89.

Now you know the value of purchasing the theme from Elegant Themes.

If your query is solved from the above answers then don’t waste your time visit http://www.elegantthemes.com now.

Or still confused? Continue reading this review about Elegant Themes to know more.

#2. Pros & Cons

  • Themes are fully responsive and will look good on any device with different screen size.
  • Build website pages and posts easily with post and page builders.
  • Divi builder to design websites without using any codes.
  • Best premium customer support
  • Themes and Plugins available at affordable rates.
  • Ecommerce ready themes
  • Ratings & Reviews feature to write product reviews
  • Best email Opt-in and Social share plugin
  • Custom widgets to use on sidebars
  • Sucuri firewall protection – the best option to keep your website always safe and protect with zero issues.
  • ePanel Theme Options – To customize your website without using any codes.

Let’s see features one by one in detail in this Elegant Themes review.

Before introducing the theme and plugins, it is important to see what the theme as got? Or in other words what are the perks of using this theme?

Let’s see

Elegant Themes has good theme options, and this is one of the reasons to use their themes.

#3. Elegant Themes Opiniones & Options

Theme has a lot of options to customize and control your website without adding any line of codes.

The 3 options which covered me a lot is

  • Colorizations
  • SEO control
  • Ad management

1. Colorization

The best feature attracted me is colorization option to give any color of your choice on various parts of your theme.

Elegant theme colorization

Usually, If you need a specific color of your choice you need to use CSS codes, but Elegant Themes made it simple.

2. SEO Control

Elegant theme seo review

Today SEO is ruling online industry without proper SEO knowledge you’re wasting your time on online business.

To rank in search engines you need SEO optimized WordPress themes.

All themes have this option to do proper on-page SEO for all articles. Obviously, you can bring traffic by doing SEO.

I don’t know which theme provider has this option other than Elegant Themes provider.

If your website needs to rank in search engines you , I prefer you to use Elegant Themes.

3. Ad Management

Today more than 90% of websites earning through advertisements and if you’re one of them planning to earn money through ads such like Adsense, Affiliate programs, etc.

By using these option, you can place your ads wherever you want and you don’t need any third party plugins for this purpose.

Only a few themes shops like Elegant Themes, MyThemeShop themes, Themeisle has inbuilt ads managing options.

2. ShortCodes

We all need a good design website to show off. Writing a plane article and publishing it won’t attract visitors.

The article must be written and well structured with different colors and layouts.

By using Elegant Themes, you can use various layouts inside your article and make your website look beautiful.

I would like to say one thing in this Elegant Themes reviews, The Shortcodes which you see below available only in Elegant Themes shop.

If you’re using any other themes, but you want this shortcodes to use on your website. No problem, A lot of plugins are available from various websites.

You can search plugin and install them one by one on your website it works the same but the problem is installing lot of plugins will slow your website loading speed and increase request time.

Slow loading webpage will rank low on search engines which will spoil your online business.

Elegant Themes contains shortcodes embedded with themes, and you can use in case you need.

Shortcodes from elegance theme

1. Buttons – Add buttons with various styles, colors, and sizes to promote your products.

2. Boxes – Use large boxes when writing important contents so readers can read without missing it.

3. Tabbed content – Create tabbed content.

4. Slideshow – Show slideshow inside your webpage anywhere.

5. Password Protection – Protect any part your content and allow them to see with your permission.

6. Social Share buttons – Show social media button inside your post to share the article on various social platforms.

7. Pricing Tables – Add price tables to show your different pricing structure.

8. Testimonials – Add testimonials of your users on post or page to gain visitors trust.

9. Quotes – Add quotes inside your articles in different styles.

There are 16 shortcodes but for this Elegant Themes review, I have shown only 9 options which are important.

Visit http://www.elegantthemes.com to see all 16 shortcodes.

 3. Page Templates

The theme contains 8 best page templates to use it. But I am showing only the important 5 templates.

1. Contact Form – Add contact form with captcha solving feature.

2. Sitemap – Show complete view of your website to your visitors

3. Image Gallery – Easily create image galleries inside the post to view easily.

4. Full Width – Remove sidebars and show only the post in zoom view

5. Member Login – The best option for allowing guest posting, allow visitors to login in using a form on your page.


#4. Elegant Plugins & Themes

To talk about the themes & plugins from the Elegant Theme shop, it contains a plethora of options for us.

They have themes for every kind of websites. Like

  • Magazine
  • App
  • Personal
  • Blog
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Multimedia
  • Portfolio
  • Responsive
  • Tumblog

Elegant themes review

To view all themes visit http://www.elegantthemes.com

You can pick a good theme from this category and use if for your website. If you want a better theme for blogging use Divi theme.

Divi 3.0 Review

Like many WordPress themes shops, Elegantthemes also has custom site builders to design your websites.

The Divi 3.0 builder is advanced visual page builder comes with the plethora of options to build websites easily.

Basically, Divi 3.0 is wordpress plugin to build sites and also you can use Divi builder site builder plugin to design any wordpress themes other than Elegant Themes.

Like you can use Divi site builder for designing MythemeShop Themes, ThemeIsle Themes (review here), etc.

1. Divi Site Building Options from Elegant Themes Review

The Divi Site builder comes with a beautiful visual interface that will completely change your way of building websites.

divi builder options

You can easily use drag and drop option to create a beautiful and engaging article.

By using Divi, you can easily edit, design and customize your websites.

divi theme customization

2. Divi Header Customization

By using Divi site builder, you can customize your site header with different layouts you like.

custom headers design

You will absolutely love this feature from Elegant Themes.

3. Translate Options

Not only you can view your website in English but also the translate options allows to translate website in 32 languages.

Elegant themes translate option

This option is best for targeting foreign customers speaking different languages.

Divi Leads – A/B Testing

The advanced feature I would love to introduce in this Elegant Themes review is A/B Testing which I feel more important for your online business.

There are various factors that attract users to click your webpage it could be anything like site structure, color or anything.

By using Divi leads you can create two different layouts for the same page and check which layout is bringing more leads.

A b testing


From this split test Page B conversation rate is higher than Page A. So you can use page B layout for more leads.

You can also check the summary & Data of Page A & Page B at any time.

divi leads

A/B  testing is vital for every online business to grow and get more profits.

Only Elegant Themes has this A/B testing facility. Visit http://www.elegantthemes.com to know more about A/B testing.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Another best product is Bloom Email Opt-in plugin, the best Opt-in to grow your email subscribers.

By showing opt-in on your webpage the visitors will subscribe to our newsletters by doing this you will get genuine subscribers.

The plugin comes with 100 different layouts and can customize the colors of the Opt-ins.

bloom optin layouts

Visit: http://www.elegantthemes.com/plugins/bloom

You can use this opt-in on different locations and set a time to appear on a specific time. Like

Bottom Post – Automatically appears when readers reach the bottom of the post.

After Scrolling – Appear when scrolls a page or post.

Time Delay – Set a time to show Opt-in.

After Purchasing – Show Opt-in after the checkout process.

After Commenting – After user comment, the Opt-in will appear.

Inactivity – Show Opt-in to grab user attention when user became inactive.

This Bloom opt-in can be integrated with the 16 best email marketing service like Mailchimp, Aweber, Feedblitz, GetResponse.

Monarch Social Share Plugin

One of the best social share plugins is Monarch. By using it, you can place social share buttons on the post or page.


You can use a  different shape of buttons and use it on above , below, or side on the content.

Also, you  can set triggers to show social share buttons whenever you think to show.

Visit: http://www.elegantthemes.com/plugins/monarch

#5. Elegant Themes Pricing: Coupon Codes

Elegant theme pricing

The price of Elegant Themes varies according to their packages but use my Elegant Themes Coupons to get discounts

It has 2 plans:

20% Off Yearly Access Plan – By paying $89 per year, you get access to all 88 themes and 5 plugins with regular updates and premium support. Click To Get Discount
10% Off Lifetime Access Plan – Pay $249 once and use entire Elegant Themes collection for lifetime with regular updates and premium support. Click To Get Discount

Also, future releasing themes will get automatically attached to your account.

Get 20% Off On Selected Themes and PluginsTo know more visit http://www.elegantthemes.com

Summary Of Elegant Themes Review

Nick Roach, I appreciate him again for giving out powerful and beautiful WordPress themes.

From my experience and knowledge about WordPress theme providers, I support Elegant Themes, and I see many advantages of using it.

The themes are responsive and super friendly and well coded. Regularly they are updating themes with new features.

With Divi 3.0 visual site builder you can build beautiful websites by simple drag and drop.

Price is affordable, and you can use it for unlimited with a single license.

I hope this Elegant Themes review for 2018 gave you enough information. visit http://www.elegantthemes.com

Visit Elegant Themes

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