Best Landing Page Builders for WordPress

Best Landing Page Builders For Affiliate Marketing

Here are the best landing page builders for WordPress websites to create a landing page like a pro.

Marketing today is all about creating leads that have an established capability to buy. Electronic marketing is challenging these days to acquire certified leads that convert visitors into earnings (or potential customers). For this purpose, marketers use the ‘Landing Page’ notion. Landing pages are the pillars of success for the entrants.

Some years back when people wanted to develop a new landing page they had to appoint a developer every time. But nowadays, you can rapidly assemble, deploy, and test landing pages utilizing simple drag-and-drop editing, no specialized knowledge is necessary.

Here I listed the best landing page builders which I always recommend for business, And also listed their strengths and weeknesses. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

What is the Landing Page Builder?

A landing page tool is specially created to build pages to convert the visitors into the leads for marketing and advertising purposes The visitor comes on our website by clicking on an ad for example, Google ad, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Its purpose is to convert the visitors into a marketing campaign.

In-experienced marketers frequently direct most of their PPC site visitors with your site, however, this may be described as a huge mistake. Distinct landing webpages personalized to distinct supplies are indispensable for giving an excellent experience for driving and visitors traffic with a targeted material that fulfills each client’s requirement.

Best Landing Page Builders For Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate, then employing a well-designed landing page may also provide you with an edge over other affiliates conducting the same or similar attempts at precisely the same niche.

You may be operating at the Exact Same vertical, with all the Very Same payouts, and the Exact Same traffic source, but your landing page may be completely personal. Here are the best landing page builders for affiliate marketing:

1. Leadpages

Leadpages landing page builder

Leadpages is a drag-and-drop tool with which you can create a best landing page for the webinars, books, courses, marketing campaigns, along with getting into business, Put up E-mail Referral forms that help you to grow your business faster, Deliver ethical bribes that convert fresh website visitors into customers or Leads, Create fundamental earning funnels connected to your email service provider.

Using leadpages landing page builder just you need is to choose a landing page template, add widgets, and you can also use customization options according to your brand or product. Here are some amazing things you can do with leadpages:

Host webinars: Leadpagesis the best option for hosting webinars. You can easily embed your live webinar presentation into the webinar template and add a chat box below the webinar so that the participants can easily communicate and ask questions.

Automatic content upgrades: Leadpages helps you send content upgrades easily without adding subscribers to your lists and paying for them multiple times. Just you need to do is to create a new leadpage box or leadpage then upload your freebie, which will automatically be emailed to your email list after they are opt-in. It’s an excellent solution if you want to grow your list with article updates, but do not know how to figure out it tech-wise.

Pop-up boxes for opt-in: Leadpages makes it easy to design a lead magnet landing page for your website without messing with coding or break something up. So clicking the blue button makes the opt-in boxes pop-up, where visitors can easily insert their name and email address and get access to free land magnets.

Leadpages are quite suitable for busy entrepreneurs and companies. However, it does come at a comparatively high cost that you may pay monthly or yearly. More advanced net designers can also locate the choices for a bit limited because you’re reliant upon whatever attributes Leadpages places in front of you.

try Leadpages now

2. Weblium

weblium new

Weblium is the do-it-yourself landing page builder to build awesome good looking websites easily with no coding skills.

By using weblium you can save most of your money by avoiding hosting, themes, and third-party plugins that wordpress websites use.

Weblium builder is free from hosting, themes, and website performance lowering plugins, so your visitors can enjoy visually appealing websites with clean design.

What do I like the most?

  1. Free 250+ pre-built templates that can be used for any type of business.
    Unlimited storage and free SSL certificate
  2. Mobile-friendly designs
  3. Search engine-friendly technology so that your website will be indexed on all search engines as soon as possible!
  4. I’ve said what I love most about the weblium tool but there are a lot of great options to explore, so try this tool once and you will be amazed by its performance.

The price is economic and it’s awesome!

Lots of agencies started to use Weblium to generate leads for their business. Unlike other builders where they charge about $30 monthly for 10K visitors with limited features.

Weblium only charges $8.25 with unlimited storage with all features and surprisingly they also offer a free domain for 1 year.

And another cool thing is if you still do not like to create your website by yourself or lack ideas. Then you can use Weblium (DO IT FOR ME) service where professional designers will build your dream online store or website.

Awesome right?

To see the Weblium website Demo visit this link now:

try weblium now

3. Unbounce

Unbounce landing page tool

Unbounce is a drag and drop builder that allows you to produce and publish your landing pages, without having a programmer code. It’s an easier and faster method to get a lot more conversions from visitors. Watch what Conversion Intelligence can perform to help your promotion.

You may make and optimize devoted landing pages that prompt your customers with one focused goal rather than leaving them to wander a niche site packed with distractions. With Unbounce landing page builder you can:

  • Develop and publish as many webpages as you like. Throughout the Unbounce platform, you can construct and run A B testing for an infinite quantity of pages. Publishing is also not restricted to your particular domain name. You’ll be able to print your page for as many domains as you can think of.
  • To enhance the online experience for mobile using visitors. Unbounce provides 100% mobile optimization. This particularly improves your conversion rate due tothe higher proportion of cellular users nowadays. Characteristics like parallax scrolling, Widgets, and backgrounds that are intriguing provide a new definition to customers’ internet expertise.
  • To help you designing, Unbounce has a vast array of features and templates. For cellular apparatus, it’s a lot more than 85 templates which you have lots of choices to select from. Instantly transfer webpages out of Unbounce and print them. In the event you’ve got your design thoughts, you can also begin with a clean webpage. To manage your customers and clients, Unbounce offers you multiple consumer management through a single consideration. You can organize prospects for the clients as well.
  • To guarantee high excellent performance all the moment, Unbounce ensures 99.99% uptime. Your pages load more rapidly. Four different data centers in various pieces of the world ensure that the rate has not been compromised upon. 13,000 marketers are using Unbounce services for this premium efficacy.

Unbounce lacks some key features. You can’t crack test existing landing Webpages generated outside Unbounce. Webpages can be lost because of a data source in Google analytics tools. You can not even add customized classes to buttons, So you have to reconstruct them in HTML, which can prevent tracking goals in bounce.

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4. Instapage

Instapage landing page software

Instapage is a landing page creator that helps you build your marketing and business campaign with what you can do A/B testing, Multiple campaign management, and a lot more. Together with Instapage, marketers may optimize conversions by creating, personalizing, and optimizing post-click landing pages in scale, and automatically linking advertisements with relevant post-click webpages. Instapage offers the following landing page features:

Campaign management: Instapage makes it easy to manage your online market campaigns and you can respond to your progress of marketing campaigns. It’s possible to also add contributors and collaborators to help your entire team get a bigger image and work together towards the promotion of landing pages.

You can even arrange your related landing pages into groups that are grouped, and then see that your prospects increase at actual time, even directly from your Instapage dashboard.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is a constituent tool of instapage that helps you assess the performance of your landing pages and pick the one which works well suited to your online marketing campaign. You may monitor visitor behavior, increase your conversion rates, and readily improve the overall performance of your campaign.

Consolidation: Instapage allows you to create landing pages in minutes, additional services are required to correctly encourage and find the most out of your landing pages. Furthermore, it allows you to automate your emails, analytics, and many more.

However, Instapage is a very good landing page builder but it is a bit expensive, Layout and positioning are precise, and it’s not easy to create a specific design for tablets or screens.

try instapage now

5. Landingi

landingi landing page builder

Landingi is everyday marketing and advertising platform to conduct marketing campaigns using landing webpages individually. The platform provides multiple solutions to support clients at each stage of advertising and marketing campaign creation using landing pages, from style, through the effort’s launch, integration, optimization, to conversion. Let’s look into the amazing characteristics of landingi:

Automated keys: Landingi is the most powerful automation tool and the best landing page builder with which you can automatically send emails and notifications. You can also schedule your campaigns with landing page scheduler so that you can track your current and upcoming landing page launches.

Lead Conduction: Landingi assembles every one of the leads you generate out of your landing webpages from its guide management portion of the platform. Export all leads to some google sheets for integration together with current procedures. Protect the landing page by various anti-spam regulations, promising high-quality results in the guide creation software.

Analysis and Optimisation: Examine A/B/x splits and run testing to inspect the performance. Insert concealed codes into the landing pages to test virtually any info. Besides, it’s essential to note that with habit scripts you can insert code, affiliate links into landing webpages to analyze data that you’d like to get processed with different programs you need to be integrated using Landingi.

In landing sometimes the pages are not easy to upgrade and there is a lag from publishing to watching it on the webpage. The WordPress plug-in doesn’t allow you to form your webpages alphabetically or the newest pages first.

try landingi now

6. Elementor

Elementor landing page builder wordpress plugin

Elementor is the most advanced drag and drop website builder in the form of WordPress plugin. Elementor is the first, and the only current frontend landing page builder to provide unlimited design possibilities. It features dozens of helpful widgets, a superbly built template library, even a distinctive mobile editing toolset, and a visual modification background characteristic. These are just a few of the features out there for you in this free plugin. Let’s see the characteristics of Elementor:

Page Builder: If you are a website designer or landing page creator searching for a way to achieve pixel-perfect sites, a marketer seeking to get internet quickly, or perhaps a programmer who would like to expand their capabilities, Elementor’s best website builder is exactly what you want — intuitive drag and drop interface, innovative layout functions and a complete receptive approach.

Quick Response: It has an immediate drag and drop builder, Instant live edit, and image load. This produces a user interface fun and simple to work together with, as well as reduces the time that it can take to create best landing page easily.

Live Editing: Elementor landing page builder is accompanied by an exclusive tool-set, which enables you to create a responsive website in a whole brand new and visible method. From different font size, padding, and margin per device, to undo pillar ordering, this may be the most effective mobile site-builder for producing flawless reactive sites.

  • It’s free. And newest websites will not need to upgrade to Pro.
  • It’s an exceptional variety of capabilities and is easy touse.
  • Once again, the selection of features that are obtainable free of charge will be more than impressive. I feel I ought to include that among the record twice.
  • It allows you to establish custom site designs and layouts that might well not be available on your current subject and does not necessitate any HTML, either CSS or PHP abilities.
  • Features like directional text editing and real-time previews supply you with an accurateediting interface.
  • The capacity to correct your desktop, tablet, and mobile perspectives independently.
  • You can find very step-by-step configurations for each one of the alignments, margins, and texture values.
  • Nothing is outside its control.

Cons of Elementor:

  • Adding custom styling to backlinks will not always go as planned. You may be stuck together with Elementor’s default option typography and color settings, which might perhaps not be what you will want.
    If something is misaligned onto the page, it is usually hard to track down the exact margin price that’s the culprit.
  • For example, you can possess a primary cube, a column in, and subsequently the content factor inside. Every one of them has its perimeter options.

try elementor now

7. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Sales Funnel building tool

Clickfunnels is also a landing page software tools (like leadpage, Instapage, and Unbounce) and best sales funnel builder too for creating automatic tasks to send funnels that converts visitors into leads. If your site comes with an obvious purpose, a good landing page might be well worth every single ounce of income time, and effort used about it. Here are some characteristics of Clickfunnels:

Reconstruct Sales Templates: ClickFunnels will do the heavy lifting for your business together with its library of promotion and best sales funnel templates. Whether you want a funnel for an item launch or even a membership web site, you get access to some shit-ton of tested and proven earnings funnels. The funnel templates have been categorized below lead capture funnels, sales web page funnels, function funnels, and membership funnels.

A few favorite funnel templates involve sales letter link, solution launch connection, 2-step tripwire funnel, invisible funnel, homepage, squeeze web page link, lead meta description, bridge funnel, survey funnel, and much more.

Drag and Drop Tool: ClickFunnels landing page builder enables you to divide examine multiple collections of your funnel, which means you would get an idea of which aspect performs better. Split testing avoids wasting your own time and advertising spending budget on inferior acting parts or a landing-page generally.

Numerous Domains: Numerous domains and Subdomains Could Join with ClickFunnels. You are able to utilize a lot ClickFunnels functions to take advantage of various domain names. Whether You Prefer to conduct a revenue marketplace or sponsor a webinar directly off your website, without spending a single dime premium plugins or motifs, that will be potential with ClickFunnels.

It does not need email burst performance, or multi-step workflows, therefore it can not completely substitute a marketing automation instrument or even an email advertising program.

Setting-up funnels could be difficult sometimes. There are lots of different places to change URLs on your pages that can be complicated. You must create a website subdomain to use for your pages, differently they receive a nasty URL. Automated emails are less straightforward to create than other tools, also it’s not drag-and-drop.

try clickfunnels now


FastPages fastest landing page creator is another tool for building landing pages, funnels, quizzes, payment pop-ups, and convert visitors into leads. Landing page builder like can automate all procedures necessary to publish landing pages. has recently obtained traction within a successful landing page manufacturer that promises faster load times and higher conversion prices. A number of you might not understand just how essential landing pages will be to get a business. With excellent landing webpages, you gain more client involvement and follow up on sales opportunities faster.

Fast Loading Times: As the product name suggests, FastPages supplies rapid loading times for the landing pages. This means your specific consumers usually do not need to wait to find your attempts so you can raise your opportunity of getting their information and turning them into paying customers.

Increased Conversion Ratio: Visually appealing landing pages are not all that you can create with FastPages. The remedy will be continually enhanced therefore that you may look forward to fun and interactive quizzes to have on your landing pages later on. As a result, you can gather additional lead details.

No image auto optimized, you need to be careful to use the picture on fast pages. Io, if you utilize inventory image offered within just fast, it’s quite significant, every image dimension 2-5MB, be certain that you download it, compress it (can diminish to 100-500k) along with re-upload which image. A limited quantity of templates.

Read our Fastpages review

try now

9. Swipe Pages

swipe pages to create high converting landing pages

Swipe pages is another top landing page builder platform that allows digital marketers to create and publish highly effective landing pages with ease. It builds high converting landing pages in minutes. It uses the power of AMP to generate more leads. Use Swipe Pages to convert more ad clicks to leads and sales by building blazing-fast mobile-optimized

AMP landing pages without code. The swipe page comes with an intuitive drag and drop builder, 40 plus conversions optimized templates to help you create effective landing pages quickly. Run A/B test and measure performance using inbuilt analytics. A landing page builder that helps digital marketers create and publish blazing fast, responsive, conversion-driven landing pages in minutes. The swipe page offers the following features:

A/B testing compares two versions of your websites to see which one works better. Split traffic among variants of your page with just a few clicks.

Drag and drop builder: It helps to design easily; it has a pick and drop feature. Our drag tool empowers you to build and edit landing pages easily. The swipe page is simple for beginners but also powerful for professionals to turn their designs into reality.

Designs: It gives 40 plus templates, It builds your landing page quickly by starting with one of our conversion-optimized templates. It gives easily adjusting typography settings to your screen sizes. Icon library, parallax effects, retina images, and animations are some common features

Hosting: This feature gives the user a custom domain name for your brand and keeps the URLs consistent with your brand.

There are some cons of swipe page as follows: It can save sections, there are sub-accounts but no folders. It stuck with more rudimentary options for connecting our third-party data platforms. Some features are missing like duplicating landing pages throughout subaccounts and funnel style sequences.

try swipe pages now

10. Hubspot


Hubspot free landing page builder tool is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies to attract visitors and convert close customers. Hub spot offers consulting services for learning inbound marketing tactics. It does this by bringing together varieties of functions and allowing the marketing and sales department to manage their all activities in one place.

Hub spot helps companies to engage and get more customers, it is an all in one platform it is really helpful for engaging and leading to more customers. There are a lot of benefits of this website such as; it helps add software, sales email automation, provides social media tools and pipeline management tools.

Moreover, hub spot is a safe platform it assures the safety of work and data, the work that generates business with highly sensitive data like banks, health care, etc. The best features of the hub spot are:

All features of Hubspot. Marketing Hub is built on top of Hub Spot CRM, giving you access to all the tools you see in the Hub Spot.

  • The most powerful features of hub spot are those that help make the salesperson’s day easier, faster, and more productive. With all of its features, it can be a sales team’s best friend.
  • It gives email tracking, uses the document tools, helps to share and create meeting links also to create email templates.
  • But the templates are difficult to modify, there are lacks of packages, their contact is not flexible and it gets more expensive quickly and many more.

try hubspot now

11. ConvertKit Free Landing Page Builder

convertkit free landing page software

ConvertKit is a full-featured email service provider landing page builder. It’s simple to use, automated, it truly is among the best email marketing tool around. Additionally, it supplies customizable signup forms along with landing pages to help earn greater email readers.

The free plan of ConvertKit includes all of the landing page and form-building options that come with the paid variation, for example:

  • 25+ beautifully designed templates for most use cases including products, ebooks, podcasts, movies, and more
  • customized domain names: make your own or use one of those ConvertKit page domains.
  • Amazing pictures from Unsplash-, everybody to use free of.
  • Dynamic varieties to gather any advice from the subscribers as tags and custom fields.
  • Entirely mobile responsive so they look great on all devices.
  • Customizable bonus and affirmation emails to give a direct magnet.

They Will Have Limited A/B Testing Functionality. They Absence Options for Type Customization. They’ve Few Mail Template Options. They Absence Customization Features for Cool Subscribers. Their Tracking and Reporting is Limited.

try convertkit now

What Makes a Best Landing Page?

A good landing page is one that clearly defines its value for its audience and generates leads, however, the most efficient means to complete this depends on your precise market, brand, and company. Here are features that make a landing page design effective:

Precise and Pleasant: A landing must have all the important information and it should be very précised that the visitor immediately understands what one is offering. Make it easy for the user by highlighting the main point with headings and divide it into more sub-headings and also make bullet points for added information.

Colors: Add colors, fonts, and keyword insertion to make it look pleasant and for grading information. It is said that you have about 8 seconds to convince the visitor to stay on your page, thus a value proposal has to be swift and convincing.

Demonstrate raving testimonials: Nuncupative words have been probably described as a chief motive of success. Virtual word-of-mouth comes in the form of Likes, +1s, and internet consumer reviews (preferably from reputable sources such as big brand names). If your company has got some shining compliments before, be sure to exhibit them.

Use A Corresponding Ad: A good landing page uses ads that match the information your page is offering The purpose is this landing page perhaps not merely shows exactly what its ad has guaranteed but besides, exhibits me why I have to now acquire this item.

Clickable Share Buttons: Adding chat buttons raises your chances of getting your articles shared around the social room, also excellent landing pages make generous usage of the buttons. Additionally, it is sensible to include social switches to this thanks page, since visitors will doubtlessly share your great offer with the others after they’ve signed up themselves.

Mobile Responsive: Make your page mobile responsive, because in most cases, all of us browse social media and email on our phones, and most of the purchasing is also done on mobile. It would be a real shame when it won’t respond to phones, the user won’t grab and laptop or computer to visit your page.

CTA’s in the right place: Call To Actions need to be sensible. Because your landing page contains a lot of them, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more prone to convert. Slack has added four main CTAs for their landing-page; these are transparent buttons, and the eye is attracted to them with all the design and color used. The actual webpage is dotted with several other CTA’s. If the client desires just a little more convincing, they’ll read on and be attracted in by additional CTA buttons.

Images and videos: Using images and videos helps increasing interest and conversions. Videos, reviews, and product images can put a positive impact so that visitors could have the curiosity to look forward to your product or business.

Creativity is a big part of affiliate marketing: There is no formula on how to create a successful campaign, so each affiliate needs to figure that out on their own. Creative thinking is an important skill when developing with new angles and strategies for attempting to sell services and products that aren’t especially exceptional. Affiliate marketing acts as a tie between traffic sources and provides affiliates to utilize their creativity as landing page creation tools to increase conversions.

Best PracticesFor Landing Pages

  • Align your Landingpage with the Target of your Advertising campaigns
  • Simplify your Sorts Test your Backup along with CTA
  • Keep the design Straight-forward Handle case studies and social proof
  • Maintain your Landing-page mobile-friendly
  • Be sure it loads Fast Set Essential information above the fold
  • Update your landing pages Consistently
  • Add a Thankyou page
  • Construct Your landing pages for Search Engine Optimization

Best Landing Page Builders: Conclusion.

Producing high-performing landing webpages is both an art form and also a science. Some methods can do the job properly in 1 specific situation. After which they may backfire in another. No formula may constantly work 100 percent of the time. The excellent thing is there are some fundamentals. Any of these best landing page builders mentioned above will allow you to produce high-converting earnings, webinars, confirmation, and other landing webpages.

WordPress Landing Page Builder FAQS

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