Visually Appealing Websites Designs with Examples

Visually Appealing Websites

What are the main things you want to make Visually Appealing Websites? You might want an attractive and visually pleasing website that everyone love. You want high-quality content with images and text that your business represents. You want it better than your competitor’s website too.

However, one thing that you are missing when it comes to expectations is superior conversion rates.

WP Website

You want your visitors to convert into buyers, don’t you? When you don’t find good conversion rates, you might wonder what is missing from your website. It is user-friendly, comprehensive, visually appealing and everything.

What am I missing? Why does my website not performing well when it comes to conversion?

Well, when you have designed a website that is visually impressive with good content and superior design, you might have missed one thing- User Psychology.

There are many things you might have missed while designing your website. How people react to certain stimuli is very important to understand. You need to make your website accordingly.

Here, in this article, we will discuss 5 psychological tricks that might help you to build a website that offers superior conversion rates.

Visually Appealing Website Designs with Examples

WordPress Template Color

Do you take a great care while deciding the themes of your WordPress website?

What are the things that you check out while Choosing a WordPress themes?

Have you just selected the color of the template without thinking much about the psychology?

The visual plays a great role when it comes to taking actions and hence, the color you choose makes a significant difference. Every color has positive and negative properties and you need to evaluate all to ensure that you reach to an appropriate color.

Furthermore, you also need to consider the gender preferences. Men and women might react differently on a particular color. For example, women love purple, but men don’t. keep things in mind while choosing the template color.

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Fonts And Their Sizes

Do you know that the website content fonts too play an important part in user likability?

There are different hidden messages in different fonts that you use. Hence, it is important that you take the fonts size and shapes into consideration while designing a web page.

Visuals On Your WordPress Page

Multimedia content too should be visually pleasant and engaging. As per the research, 80% people would love your site if they find the multimedia content good and impressive. Images are excellent when it comes to storytelling. It will back your story and make it more reliable.

You need to hire a graphic designer rather than copying and pasting images from Google. It will not serve the core purpose. A unique, relevant and original image will support your marketing message too.

An image should be of high quality and should be creative. It also must have an emotional appeal to motivate customers.


You need to hire a content writer who can use his magic wand to write unparalleled, original yet simple and informative content. Also, your content should have CTA buttons, effortless navigation, excellent text structure with bullet points and personal touch.

You need to ensure that your content usability is brilliant. Make sure that you don’t make mistakes as mentioned below:

  • Inappropriate alignment
  • Subheads content with so small sized text
  • Complex text structure
  • Bad spacing
  • No or very long paragraphs
  • Content without images

Also, don’t use awkward and long sentences. Write crispy and short sentences without any cliches. You can take the help from some online tools to check the readability of the content.

Persuasion Principles

There are total 6 persuasion principles you need to keep in the mind while designing your WordPress website.

A call to action

You need to ensure that your visitor obliges to respond in any manner. It is important to improve the conversion rates.

Commitment and consistency

It is all about engaging people and making them loyal to your brand. It is a long-term process.

Back with social proofs

Ensure that you support your content with some social proofs such as reviews, testimonials and awards and recognition you have got.


You need to be authoritative in your business niche. It will create a powerful brand awareness and recognition. To get a competitive edge, it is a most important thing you should have.


They should like the tone and visual preferences you offer to them to develop a relationship.


Come up with an offer they find it very hard to lose it.

Though these persuasion principles are for social media platforms, you can use it for your website to offer an unforgettable experience to the visitors. They will surely respond it positively. Keep these tips in the mind while designing your website.

How to make website attractive and professional?

As a website owner, your first priority is to ensure that visitors land on your page and stay there.

A good landing page can take the average visitor to the next step, convert him/her into a lead and get him/her engaged with your brand.

This can be done by having a strong headline, having a clear message, making your visitors want to engage with your content and using a design that fits the purpose of your site.

How to make website look professional?

1) Make the website simple

Having a simple website can be quite difficult, because it is always in the background. However, making it too complicated will only make visitors run away. Keep it simple, but professional.

2) Have a clear call-to-action

When visitors land on your page, you want to have an obvious reason to keep them there.

Make the call to action as clear as possible, so that visitors know what to do and what they will get when they click on that button.

3) Optimize your page for search engines

Make sure your page has keywords that are relevant to your business. Also, try to use those keywords in the title, meta description, and in the page content itself.

By doing so, you help search engine to rank your page better.

4) Optimize your page for mobile users

You should optimize the website for mobile phones to ensure that visitors can access the information they need in the easiest way possible.

5) Make the website look appealing

Keep the colours light, but still have some contrast. Make sure the text is easy to read and is displayed clearly.

6) Use a simple yet catchy logo

Try to keep it simple and clean.

7) Keep the website consistent

Have a single voice across your site.

You can even do this by keeping the font style, colour and layout the same.

8) Include links to other pages

When writing articles link to important pages in order to reduce bounce rate.

9) Use social media buttons

You can include social media buttons on the page to enable visitors to share your content on their own social media accounts.

10) Include a newsletter sign-up form

Having a contact form on the site is a good idea.

This will help increase traffic and conversion.

11) Include a contact form

It is a very useful tool for getting feedback from visitors and also a way of staying in touch with

Visually Appealing Websites Designs: Wrapping It Up

The reason to write this topic about visually appealing websites designs is because I often see many people fail with their blogs due to the bad user interface. They spend huge on advertising, business promotions, hire content strategies, but yet they fail.

They don’t even recognize till the end, but you can use my tips for making Visually Appealing Websites to turn your visitors into customers.

I wish you to get huge success. Bye.

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