Digital Marketing Trends: Follow These Future Trends

Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing. If you don’t follow the trends, you reduce your outreach and the number of references to your brand. But your competitors are on their guard!

That’s why we have prepared this list of the top 6 newest digital marketing trends for you to follow!

Online marketing trends can change faster than fashion, but the basic tools of brand promotion and customer acquisition, such as a professional website, always remain unchanged. And website builders are still the most simple and inexpensive way to get a website today. You just have to choose the right one!

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Digital Marketing Trends: The Future Marketing Trends

1. Shoppable Posts

Social commerce means purchasing products directly through publications on social networks or advertising; you do not need to leave the website or application. Since the launch of “Instagram Checkout” a year before, shoppable posts have quickly attracted great attention.

54% of social networks users choose shoppable posts to monitor the products they want to buy. The goal of such posts is to reduce the amount of action required by the consumer to purchase something. Thus, selling goods right on social networks reduces the likelihood of an unfinished purchase.

If you own a store in Shopify, you only need to link accounts (for Insta) or install a “Snapchat Ads” plugin (for Snapchat). In some cases, you have to set up stores at appropriate sites such as Facebook. You can also use Pinterest that offers the opportunity to place an order directly on the social network website.

2. Personal correspondence

By using messaging applications, or through personal messages on various social networks, brands are building closer ties to their customers.

These sites provide the highest level of convenience for chatting and making phone calls. Moreover, you work in an environment that is already familiar to the user.

The most important thing is that the clients write to you first, but not vise versa. This method helps you to encourage users to send you messages indicating their contacts, and it is a good idea to additionally encourage them with an interesting offer or coupon code.

3. Micro-influencers

Instead of competing with strong enterprises trying to get the top influencers, small or medium enterprises prefer to cooperate with small and medium ones.
Micro-influencers have many advantages, and :

  • they are much more affordable;
  • they have a small audience – they can devote more personal time to each of them;
  • they occupy a specific niche;
  • they often have a higher level of involvement compared to the macro-influencers.

Latest studies show that having 30K followers, these guys have 60% more involvement, while they are 6.7 times more profitable than influencers with a larger number of subscribers.

4. Perfect interactive emails

Today, the classic text-based emails aren’t effective. Think about using the newest format of perfect emails that look like as they were created by a talented web designer.

They look just like web-design masterpieces and function like beautiful web pages, including different interactions.

These designs are not just impressive, they improve conversion: readers often click on stylized buttons with attractive images than on regular text links.

But using the existing email templates is not enough – you need to make efforts to create amazing visuals and a UX-oriented design!

5, Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the specific practice of analyzing the customers’ reactions to products or services. Usually, marketers conduct sentiment analysis on social networks.

Online reviews and posts are not always of the same nature (“I like” or “I dislike”). There are many mixed opinions.

The user may like the product as a whole, but one specific feature doesn’t let him to fully enjoy using it.
This analysis usually includes tools and data collection algorithms that find your brand mentions on the Web and evaluate their “tonality”. New technologies have made this “old” trend very popular than it was before. Newest technologies allow computers to recognize the meanings of what people say on the Internet, including slang and emoji.

There are some good tools like Critical Mention, Repustate, or Lexalytics that can show how your customers react to certain proposition and brand in a whole. Use this information to “tweak” your offers!

6. Video

For the second year in a row, video is the best format for interacting with the audience. And in the 2021th trend will not lose its relevance. With the difference that online broadcasts will be pushed forward – they are already three times more viewed than video.

And, accordingly, YouTube will grow and change at the request of subscribers:

  • 87% of video marketers actively use the YouTube channel;
  • 80% of the above said that due to this they were able to achieve success faster;
  • 88% plan to use the channel in the future.

Who knows how many companies are already using YouTube strategy as a separate part in their marketing planning.

Digital Marketing Trends: Summary

With all the benefits of digital marketing, it is quite evident that these digital marketing trends will only get stronger over time. So, don’t miss out on using them in your business!

As you just read, not every trend will work for everyone and what works for one person might not be best for another. So start experimenting with some new tactics today and see what works best for your company and search for the future marketing trends and adopt those too.

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