HubSpot vs MarkeTo (Pros & Cons)

Hubspot vs Marketo

Hubspot vs Marketo

Even though marketing automation tools are ubiquitous today, they are quite a recent phenomenon, as far as marketing software is concerned. Way back in 2015 merely 10 percent of the organizations were utilizing marketing automation tools.

However, adoption seemed to have got a significant boost since then and today it is estimated that 75 percent of the global marketers are constantly using effective marketing automation tools. Moreover, the booming marketing automation software market has been projected to grow by 2023 to $25 billion.

That is supposed to be a phenomenal 120% leap from 2017 when the marketing automation technology sector was a mere $11.4 billion.

Most organizations are compelled to choose from a host of top solutions that makes the job quite challenging because of the absence of a comparative evaluation or differentiation between the automation tools in the market.

We know that Marketo and HubSpot are the top two marketing automation software brands in the world. Statistics reveal that Marketo is utilized by approximately 33,000 websites while HubSpot seems to be active across more than 96,000 websites.

HubSpot is the most popular and commonly used software. Both Marketo and HubSpot are the market leaders in the cloud-based industry and both boast of impressive customer bases, a phenomenally high satisfaction scores.

Both have certain overlapping features as well. However, they are certainly not the same and you need to know more about HubSpot vs. Marketo.

Marketo predominantly is in the business of making marketing automation tools for B2B and enterprise clients while HubSpot tends to be more customer-centric. These different audiences seem to be reflected in the systems and their respective pricing.

Hubspot vs Marketo: Systems And Pricing

As per Forbes, Marketo is regarded by an expert in the corporate world as an amazing marketing automation juggernaut. It is known for integrating with multiple commonly-used platforms.

Moreover, it is phenomenally popular because of the tremendous amount of flexibility that it allows while coming up with marketing campaigns: lead scoring, individualized email nurture streams, landing page creation, etc.


Marketo’s system is supposed to be broken down primarily into five chief modules:

  • Lead management
  • Consumer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Customer base marketing

These modules could be bought separately or could be bought together in predominantly an integrated platform. This should facilitate the creation of any custom solution for precisely your needs.

However, some organizations have a preference for a more unified software system. Marketo’s modules seem to be priced basically in tier as per scale.

  • Basic (for smaller organizations)
  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Enterprise


As per an expert at Forbes, HubSpot helps in keeping your marketing endeavors streamlined. By using automated workflows, a smooth lead scoring model, and a Salesforce integration, you could constantly go about creating touch points with your prospective customers and customers.

This way, your clients could be kept engaged and well-informed about the latest developments in the organization, product launches and enhancements and they could even share your thought-leadership content.

Unlike Marketo, we know that HubSpot would be offering all its capabilities and features via just one single system with CRM and sales applications that are available to you as simply free add-ons.

HubSpot is supposed to be a comprehensive solution and proves to be pretty attractive to several buyers as it is priced basically as one single unit and it is great at providing seamless functionality.

HubSpot would be offering a host of pre-built integrations mostly with hot-favorite business apps for allowing and facilitating more customization and personalization. HubSpot’s core product is Marketing Hub and it seems to have been priced in five separate tiers as per scale:

  • Free
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Basic
  • Starter

Support and Training

Even though both this marketing automation software has robust and powerful support communities, HubSpot certainly has an undisputed edge over Marketo.

With thousands of documents and tutorials in the Academy and free phone support, HubSpot boasts of substantially more effective resources to properly use the software and also to promote inbound marketing. Moreover, HubSpot’s support over the phone is friendly and super quick.

However, since HubSpot is comprehensive automated marketing software, customer support over the phone may not always provide promptly the right answers.

Unfortunately for Marketo, several online customer reviews seem to claim that customer support over the phone is not up to the mark and leaves a lot to be desired.

You would hardly get anyone on the phone to respond at once to your queries. However, once you have access to the right person, rest assured to get the highest quality services.

Along with phone support both the brands offer useful paid training so that you could be coached on a one-on-one basis. They even provide a lot of text-based resources such as Marketo Resources,

Analytics & Reporting

Both Marketo and HubSpot are known for providing valuable analytics that lets you consistently go about tracking your marketing performance, discovering valuable insights regarding your potential customers and focus on creating detailed and accurate reports.

CRM Integration

Marketo boasts of a couple of native CRM integrations; Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce along with seamless integrations with NetSuite, SugarCRM, SAP Cloud and Oracle for boosting sales.

HubSpot seems to boast of merely a single native integration or Salesforce. If your business needs to integrate with some other CRMs, you must necessarily set up a custom-tailored integration or get something built especially for you.

If your company is utilizing Salesforce, you must acknowledge that Marketo was built utilizing Salesforce platforms and they integrate comprehensively.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been advocated by HubSpot in a big way ever since the introduction of the platform and several online customer reviews give HubSpot a competitive edge over Marketo in terms of social sharing, social monitoring, ads, and engagement.

Marketo’s platform would surely boast of a social media app, the enterprise customer would use typically separate social marketing automation software. This is not so advanced as compared to HubSpot. We know that HubSpot provides more powerful reporting and monitoring on social media campaigns.

Hubspot vs Marketo: Conclusion.

Irrespective of your decision, you need to necessarily invest primarily in a first-class marketing automation platform for changing the way you pursue marketing along with the way you seem to be analyzing and reporting on the assignment you are doing.

In the case, your business is talking in terms of aggressive growth goals; you would be requiring a tool that should be helping you in tracking your overall progress towards the achievement of these goals and objectives.

You could gain valuable insight into things that are working fine for your marketing and identify those things that are going wrong. Choose HubSpot or Marketo as per your unique requirements and preferences.

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