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Learn Amazon Products Selling On Facebook (The Complete Guide)


selling on facebook

In my last post you learned about how to make money on Facebook from your Facebook page and in this post, I am going to teach you another interesting stuff how to sell on a Facebook page.

In this post, you will learn to how could you make your comfortable income by selling Amazon products on the Facebook page.

So here is my step by step Tutorial lesson to sell Amazon products on the facebook page.

For selling on Facebook page, you need a good amount of traffic to your page it’s more advisable that the Facebook hits 500 visits daily.

And you need minimum 5000 – 10000 Facebook likes to your page for selling things on facebook

What Are The Requirements For Selling On Facebook?

Two things are required for selling things on Facebook

  1. A Facebook page with good amount of traffic for selling on Facebook
  2. Amazon affiliate account.

Why Amazon? 

The reason to choose amazon is because they are one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers and commission is high.

To sign up Amazon affiliate account sign from here

Step 1

Go To amazon affiliate page and Sign In

selling on facebook

Step 2 

Go To Product Linking Tab and Click Product Links

selling on facebook

Step 3

After Clicking Product Visiting Tab It will take You to Search for any product page and Type any product in the Search Box.

For your understanding I choose Books as my search Item and Click GO Button.

selling on facebook

Step 4

It will show no of products related to Books

selling on facebook

Step 5 

It is Important You will see  ” Get Link” don’t click it because it will give you html codes as the product link which you can’t able to promote in Facebook page.

So click the Product

selling on facebook

Step 6

After clicking the product it will take you to the amazon product page and you will see the product link in the search bar copy that and that is your product affiliate ID.

selling on facebook

Once you take down the affiliate link we are further moving to our final step

Now its the  time to sell amazon products on facebook by linking affiliate link in the facebook page.

To Start selling on facebook page.


Login to Your Facebook account

Go to Your Facebook Page

And Write something about the product going to link in Page and Please note that Don’t write buy this or don’t show your intention to sell product.

Write some good reviews about the Product and Link the product in the page and seriously if your post gonna attract some viewers then it will be your first earnings by selling on Facebook so start selling things on Facebook right now.

selling on facebook

For the reference i have attached screenshot of facebook page where i inserted amazon affiliate product and Published. It reached approx 279 from that i sold 3 products and earned through that so this is your turn.

So follow my steps exactly and learn the technique to sell amazon products on facebook.


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