Best Sales Funnel Builders for Small Business

Best Sales Funnel Builder 2021

Best sales funnel builder for small business and affiliate marketing for making automated sales funnels.

Making your first billion dollars is every ecommerce owner and affiliate marketers dream.

But, seriously without proper sales funnels, you’re losing sales for sure. That’s why I’m going to provide the best sales funnel builder software to sell any product online.

Maximize your conversion with these amazing funnel tools.

What is a funnel builder?

Sales funnel builder is a multipurpose tool for guiding the target audiences from the stage of product awareness to product sales in pre-defined steps. The procedures start from marketing and campaigns. Then moves onto attraction, retention, and conversion into potential marketing leads.

The next steps consist of personalized communication, interaction, opportunity creation, and conversion to potential sales. The final step is to assist the customers to go through the online buying procedures until they make the payment and place the order for products.

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Best Sales Funnel Builder & Software

  • Best Sales Funnel Builder for Affiliate Marketing is ClickFunnels.
  • Cheap Sales Funnel Builder for Small Business is Leadpages
  • Best AI Sales Funnel Builder is Unbounce

1. ClickFunnels (Live Demo) + Big Bonus Inside (Click here)

The reason you are here because you want to build your successful funnel and build your business online.

And I want to make this moment useful, so all I need is your attention and kindly watch this teaser.

ClickFunnels is the #1 ranking best sales funnel software for affiliate marketing and ecommerce used by the highest earning entrepreneurs, and is useful for lead generation, running evergreen webinars, selling products, and sending emails. It has an easy user interface, shopping cart, and a dashboard for complete communication. ClickFunnels can work on desktop and mobile platforms with equal efficiency.

ClickFunnels has two main sections called the squeeze page funnels and application funnels. The squeeze page is useful for building a subscriber list. The application funnel is for launching the campaigns and communications designed in the squeeze pages.

ClickFunnels provide progressive bars, countdown timers, and custom colors. They can avoid visitor bounces; create a sense of urgency, and customization of action buttons. The aim is to encourage users to buy your products within the shortest possible time.

click funnel working process

ClickFunnels Benefits

The system offers hundreds of pre-built templates for choosing the funnels for your digital products. Once you make a selection, the system takes you through many aspects of leads, sales, webinar, and membership site.

You can edit the pages exactly according to your specific requirements. ACTIONETICS is the section in the system that generates sales funnel, sales message, and follow up sequence.

The system can capture critical data related to the potential leads’ demographic data through automation of email address tracking. You can get to know their social media followers, fans, lifestyle, buying patterns, income sources, etc.

The system helps you do the follow up on email, SMS, custom audience inclusion, webinar registration. The types of emails and SMS will vary depending on the buying potential of the target audience and lead. Since the system takes care of email automation, your task of follow up and conversion will be made simple and automatic.

You can integrate Clickfunnels with third-party software email marketing software.

ClickFunnels Price

Limited offer + Big Bonus: Currently for new customers, Clickfunnels gives their pro version for absolutely free to access it for 2 weeks with mega bonus inside(see here). I know you will love this product, cause I love it too. 

Just click here or the below button to create your first product or service page. Even To help you to get more visitors to your website and increase sales they are giving special training called One Funnel Away Program.

2. LeadPages (Live Demo)

Leadpages is the best Sales Funnel Builder for Small Business

LeadPages is another all-in-one sales funnel software that is compatible for desktop and mobile platforms. It has many inbuilt templates basic squeeze, checkout, thank you, opt-in confirmation, webinar hosting, and all the other marketing and socializing campaigns.

All the pages are supported by customizable coding and editable designs. You can make changes to them according to your specific requirements. All the templates are compatible with smartphones and mobile devices like tablets.

The Facebook ad builder is useful for instant campaigns on social media. A/B tool lets you choose the best campaign after putting into practical tests. The software has popup boxes for instant messaging. It also offers a quick payment processors and purchases popup window for your customer. The system can display it anywhere on your website according to your needs.

LeadPages Benefits

LeadPages software has an easy to use interface. It allows you to customize every page on your website according to your specific needs.

LeadPages top sales funnel builder allow you to edit all the Meta-data, keywords, and other SEO related templates. Hence, you can easily integrate search engine ranking techniques into your web pages.

Lead Pages have a vast range of active and dynamic plug-ins for your WordPress pages. Interaction with your target audiences becomes simple and streamlined.

Lead Pages has many personalized options for setting up emails with email marketing tools, custom domains, SMS and other forms of messaging.

All the notifications about and from your leads get directed into your email. The system also generates a dataset of email addresses from potential and target audiences and customers.

The key benefit is the Lead Pages integration with professional mailing service providers online. So, the accessibility to all their technical features is now simple and streamlined.

Lead Pages Price

Lead Pages software is available for 14-day free trial. Standard plan, pro plan and advanced plan have many high-tech features like unlimited landing page and free offers.

3. INSTAPage

Instapage is the top funnel marketing software

INSTAPage funnel software has many options for campaigns from platform building, collaboration, analysis and design your website for more conversion, integrations, custom-code and more.

Platforms are for designing custom pages. Instablock is a tool used for customizing and personalizing each page. It lets you access the header, footer, Meta tags, descriptions, and other SEO related data. You can create your own templates and save onto blocks for future usage.

The INSTA Page software has multiple options for page-builder, team collaboration, and optimization of customer communication.

The enterprise options on the software optimize the entire system for mobile responsiveness, A/B tests, and other related features. You can integrate conversion analysis, campaign grouping, and lead capture.

INSTAPage Benefits

Lead notifications and lead capturing are stated to be the two key benefits. The system can backup all your potential leads for future reference. It can give you a list of conversions and dropouts. So, you can follow up such leads and change your marketing strategies based on the changing scenario.

Multi-Step forms let you capture maximum volume of information from your potential leads. Every form can be customized according to the lead category. Pixel tracking is the utility which can create a database of all the non-converting leads and audiences into sales.

With INSTA Page, you can create unlimited funnels like auto webinar funnels, marketing funnels, follow up funnels, and distribute multiple objects on your web pages that are compatible for desktop and mobile versions. You can perform the task on single and multiple pages. Hence, you can make them highly attractive for the potential audiences and customers.

INSTA Page software is certified by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within the European Union and other related countries. Hence, your potential audiences and customers will have no issues in sharing their personal and contact details with you.

INSTAPage Price

The core version of INSTA Page software is available at $199 per month. The enterprise version price is variable according to your specific requirements. You can use a trial period to check their product features, if you love instapage then buy using a credit card or PayPal.

4. Elegant Themes Divi Builder

Divi is the best sales funnel for WordPress

Divi Page Builder: This best sales funnel system has multiple themes and plug-ins for all your marketing, lead, and sales conversion needs. The system offers you the features for page designing, integration of lead magnets, and opt-in forms.

The system allows you the freedom to post your content regularly on social media, blogs, and other marketing links.

Image processing features are for editing, sizing, and enhancing the image quality and appealing characters. Since the app is integrated with the main system, you can export them onto your web pages directly without any hassles.

The plug-ins in the software allow you to track your marketing, lead, and conversion rates. Then you can calculate the statistical data and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and ad campaigns.

Divi Builder Benefits

The system offers you thousands of WordPress themes that are compatible with every type of desktop and mobile platform. You can edit the design, code, and the content exactly according to your requirements.

The drag and drop feature makes creation and editing of user interface simple and fast. Every form and popup window can be customized for matching with your audiences’ behavior. They let you all the critical, essential, and functional information from your potential audiences and leads.

Capturing client testimonials and displaying them on the advertising and marketing pages is a simple task in the

Elegant Themes Divi Builder sales funnel software. It is one of the key points of attraction which can boost the conversions from leads to sales.


The Personal version of Divi is at $69 per year. The advanced version is at $89 per year. Lifetime version is $249 per year. You can select the version according to your target audience volume, expected ROI, and related features. If you are a startup, the best option is to begin from advanced version and go into the Lifetime version with one-time payment.

5. Unbounce

Unbounce is best ai sales funnel builder

UNBOUNCE Software: UNBOUNCE is the high-converting sales funnel software with compatibility for mobile and desktop versions. The main feature is landing page builder. You can drag and drop the objects from the control panel and add to your web page. You can view the page properties and edit them according to your needs.

There are many toolbars, and controls for streamlining page elements, adding Javascript, and mobile compatible page design.

Popup and sticky bars are some of the biggest attractions for instant marketing, data capture, and interaction with potential customers. They are highly useful for building campaigns, directing the traffic to your e-commerce website, integration with CRM tools, and optimizing with quality tests. A/B and dynamic tests are the two versions available in the software.


UNBOUNCE lets you perform all the dynamic marketing tasks. Customized popup windows, user interface, data capturing forms, and related apps can interact with your potential target audiences.

The main benefit of UNBOUNCE is the addition of video widgets. They have a higher engagement of user interaction. They can also increase the possibility of conversions from the audiences to leads. By adding background videos on auto-play format, you can let the audiences watch videos and read the text without any confusion.

Customization of the brand for the niche market zone is an added benefit for your products. By using landing page editor you can add all the elements of logo design, brand theme colors, text, and images.

Mobile compatible tools and controls allow you to shape and size every page for the smartphones and mobile devices. It is compatible and it integrates with many types of apps like ZOHO CRM, WordPress, and SALESFORCE, etc.

You can manage multiple targets and customer accounts with a single login. All the templates are mobile responsive to full-screen backgrounds. Hence, the interface will be highly user-friendly and dynamic.


UNBOUNCE is available at a price of $79 per month.

Why use Sales Funnel Builder Software?

Circle of Influence

The core aim of sales funnel is to increase the influence of your business and brand in the vast target markets. It could be from the local audiences, state, the entire nation, or global audiences. Creating visibility, awareness, and consciousness about the product applications is the first step.


The first step towards creating a funnel builder is to make your products and brands visible to the target audiences. Mobile users are the most potential targets today. Business marketing through apps and SMS advertising can help in reaching out to vast sections of audiences and make them see your brands and products.


Awareness can be created through sustained campaigns on social media, blogs, press releases, news media, and viral videos, etc.


Attracting the target audiences to visit your website and related links is the next step in progressive marketing techniques. They may come of interest, curiosity, and the quest for information, entertainment needs, and more. Attracting more number of audiences regularly for the site visit is a great task you can think of accomplishing.


Retaining the visitors in your website for a considerable time could be a complex task. Sales funnel builders can do it with relative ease. They can encourage the visitors to keep coming back for more information and entertainment.


At some point in time, the visitors may take a consider buying your products. It is the time when sales funnel builders can push the promotions deeper into their conscious minds with 1-click upsells. Conversion into leads is the next critical step for your marketing and advertisement campaigns.

Follow-Up Emails

The sales funnel leads can generate email messages and messenger leads to contacting your potential leads. They can also gather the email-IDs of potential leads from various sources and create a database. They can also get you the personal contact information like phone, address, etc.

Conversion Funnel

Sales funnel builders can create convincing situations for your leads to convert into sales. The creators of these software apps understand the flow of decision making by your potential marketing leads. Hence, they have shaped the software to interact personally with the potential leads and get information about the most probable time of product buying.


Once the buyers take a decision, the software app can motivate them to visit your website, choose the products and make the purchase. The probability of conversion can increase significantly at this stage. The buyer comes in, chooses the product and makes an online payment with the guidance from sales funnel builder software.


Sales funnel builders can track the purchases and follow up with the customers for motivating repeated visits and purchases. The possibility of positive testimonials and sharing of your brand links will also increase considerably with time.

Best Sales Funnel Builder: Verdict

We have introduced you to the best sales funnel builder software applications in our review here. They can be useful for startup, small-scale, mid-scale and large-scale marketing and advertising campaigns.

Customization and personalization for your specific needs are the key benefits you get from these software apps.

These powerful sales funnel builder are compatible with desktop and mobile apps.

The recommended practice is to create all the designs and page elements on the desktop version and use the mobile version when you are on the move.

Installation and configuration of these applications are simple and fast. You can also get periodic updates and upgrade from the sales funnel app providers.

Sales Funnel Software FAQ

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