Best Paid Traffic Sources For Websites

best paid traffic sources

Are you searching for a fast and reliable medium to promote your website and business? Are you not happy with the organic search results like google for your products and services?

Do you wish to increase your visitor traffic and conversions within a short time? If so, the first task you need to do is to learn all about the best paid traffic websites, now.

Often, you may find it a tough task to search for the most reliable and trusted websites that are proven to be practical and affordable. You need to check their quality, history, customer satisfaction and rating, search engine ranking, and other factors.

You may also need to learn about the best principles and practices of paid traffic websites. Well, the first places you can start from are the list of such websites we have listed here.

What is Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic is a way of promoting your products, website, and services by paying a specific sum of money to promote sites. They use different forms of advertising platforms to display your products, services, and brand name to the most targeted audiences and customers.

Paid traffic can increase the scope and value of your website by integrating all the best practices of SEO, ads, online marketing, content optimization, keyword quality & relevance, etc. All the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) will give special prominence and space for the promotion and advertising of your website, business, and brand names.

The most important aspect of Paid Traffic sites is how they highlight your advertising. The searchers on SERP can never miss out on your ad displays due to their good attention capturing techniques.

Paid Traffic Websites can also help you to optimize the filtering of potential visitors using may advanced methods. That means only those people will visit your website; who have the highest potential of converting into product purchase and service subscriptions.

Paid Traffic network gives you the best options for content management in all the forms for advertising and marketing. You can discover an entire range of attractive text, images, and graphics for the display title and the inner parts of the content.

The biggest media buyers in the world spend millions in ads monthly and they use paid traffic as their no #1 traffic source to make money from paid marketing networks.

What are the Types of Paid Traffic?

As you start your journey through the world of paid traffic, you come across various types, starting from the simplest ones to the most advanced versions. You can start from the basic version when you start your business. Then you can go onto the advanced ones as your business grows.

We have listed many types of paid traffic sources, based on different purposes here. You may opt for Paid per Click (PPC) which is generic for all the businesses. Then you have websites that target demographic data, video data, ad-based traffic, sponsored posts, influencing, paid directories, social media like Facebook, and so many others.

You may choose to advertise on a single platform or multiple platforms, based on your specific target groups, strategy, and their size. Once you make a start, it is possible to find infinite numbers of possibilities for enhancing the scope and functionalities with time.

Best Paid Traffic Networks

Here, we introduce you to some of the best-paid traffic source that can be helpful to your business and entrepreneurship grow quickly from the start to the progressively developing business models. We hope you will find them useful.

1. Udimi – Solo Ads

Why choose udimi?


Udimi is the no #1 paid traffic source for websites and it is well known for solo ads. From udimi, you can buy all kinds of traffic from any niche you want.

They have traffic sellers from all countries so you can buy solo ads from any country you would like to have.

Most of the traffic from udimi converts for all kinds of ecommerce, affiliate, and lead generation sites. So bidding amount is quite pricey when you buy traffic from tier 1 countries.

The minimum bid starts from $0.10 and it varies according to the category. Udimi has the option to buy mobile and desktop traffic to promote your products and you can choose how many visitors to send it to your landing page.

For example, you can buy 300 clicks or 1000 clicks based on your needs, and the click-through rate from optins are very high compared to other solo ads provider.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Solo ads
Minimum Deposit: $30
Payment: Paypal, Credit card

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2. Taboola – Native Traffic That Converts!

Why choose taboola?


Taboola is one of the top-rated paid traffic websites for affiliate marketers and media buyers across the USA and the rest of the world. The most important part of Taboola is its connectivity between the users and your web content. The potential visitors to your website get to see the content in various links and forms.

So, Taboola integrates keywords, phrases, and adjectives with your content. It comes in multiple platforms in various forms. Every user who searches for products and services eventually gets connected to your website link in one way or the other and you can drive targeted visitors and monetize.

Taboola analytics tool gives you a better idea about the targets to understand and you can create a well-optimized landing page using top landing page builders to get more clicks and conversions.

Imagine; your campaign management is made simple and sophisticated. You don’t have to worry about keywords, phrases, demographic searches, and related aspects being taken care of by a single paid traffic website.

All you need is a business website and a well-optimized landing page and a subscription to Taboola to generate qualified visitors. The system manages all your campaigns from the initial stage to the continuation without any hassles.

There are times when your plan may not work according to your expectations. Then you will need support and advice from the experts with plenty of market experience. Taboola supports you at fingertips, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Native ads
Minimum Deposit: $100
Payment: Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Discover

3. Outbrain – Catch the Resident Customers

Why choose outbrain?


Advertising on Outbrain can take your brands and products to the local as well as global audiences within a short time. The website gives plenty of importance to the user experience who visits your store or website. It also amplifies the reader’s expectations and imaginations when they see your advertisements and campaigns in various other forms. Outbrain allows you to host various types of content like

  • Text and images
  • Infographics and simple charts
  • Videos and audios
  • Web pages
  • Advertisements etc

Making the first best impression on the minds of your audiences can be simple if you rely on the power of Outbrain. Here, the aim is not only to outsmart your competition but also to attract and retain the maximum number of possible potential audiences and customers for a long time.

Outbrain gives you the most detailed guidelines for creating the most impressive campaigns. It is for the simple reason that the website has the support of experienced professionals. All of them have specialized in your business model and customer behavior analysis for your products and services.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Native ads
Minimum Deposit: $20
Payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

4. Revcontent – Newest Campaign Approach

Why Choose Revcontent?


Reader attraction has been the main motto of all the paid traffic websites you have come across so far. How about a campaign that sees all the ads appear and marketing strategies from the users’ perspective? That means you are looking at Revcontent, which is honest, punctual, and realistic in its approach.

Revcontent is known for its trust-building measures through various simple steps. It starts with the analysis and filtering of customer domains through demographic and other approaches. So, you can know all about the most potential audiences and analyze them in advance.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Native, Push notifications, Adblock
Minimum Deposit: $100
Payment: Visa, Master Card, Credit card

5. Mgid – Perfect Ad Platform

Why Choose Mgid?


Gone are the times when you could overhype your brand and products to win the hearts of potential audiences and customers. Today, people want to explore the realistic aspects of every product and brand they come across.

It is the only way in which they can come to trust the products and brands. It is where Mgid plays a great role from the stage of customer attraction to that of customer conversion and retention.

This approach helps you to plan your target campaigns and also the budget. Mgid will ensure that your business website gets the maximum benefits and traffic within your budget. It also gives you the absolute flexibility of running various types of campaigns from the simplest ones to the most advanced ones.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Native
Minimum Deposit: $100
Payment: Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Discover

6. Bidvertiser – Cheapest Paid Traffic

Why Choose Bidvertiser?


Having a sound practical knowledge of how to convert your brand names into sales and leads, gives you the best practices of implementing the paid traffic principles in all the possible ways. Want to send tier 1 visitors to your landing page with the lowest bid then bidvertiser is for you.

The website gives your audiences a great insight into how your products and services can practically benefit them.

It is a simple fact in advertisements and campaigns that the people want to explore what you can offer them, rather than about your company or its history. Hence, the approach of is to bring in the maximum numbers of positive testimonials that can help your brand and products.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Direct, Native, Pop-under, Push, Contextual pops
Minimum Deposit: $100
Payment: Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Webmoney, Crytpo currencies, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Interkassa, and Local bank transfer.

7. – Lifestyle Transformation

Why Choose

adstyle is the most powerful platform which can influence transforming the lifestyle of your potential audiences and customers. It is the most convenient way in which your brands and products can directly connect with the way in which your potential audiences will choose to buy them. keeps transforming its approach to all the marketing campaigns and ads, depending on the latest trends on the market and customer preferences. Since the entire approach is related to the audiences’ lifestyle, the ratio of attraction, conversion, and retention can be very high.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Native advertising
Minimum Deposit: $1000
Payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Paypal

8. – Best Brand Boosters

Why Choose tonic?


If you are looking for a paid website that boosts your brand across the maximum geographical area within a specific time, it is the It can cover your business from the startup level to the highest levels, wherever you are. works well for all the categories and classes f your customers and potential audiences. It keeps them away from your potential competitors’ reach and makes them keep coming back for more of your products and services.

Traffic: All countries
Type: Domain redirect, Pop-up
Minimum Deposit: $100
Payment: Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Discover


Once you are aware of the various aspects of the paid traffic websites listed here, it is possible for you to choose the most appropriate that works according to your campaign plans and budget.

Other than these paid traffic sources if you have good knowledge about media buying and how to target visitors then you can try other networks like Linkedin, bing, yahoo, youtube, and adwords where you can pay a small amount and earn money with quality clicks.

If you want to get free traffic to your website from organic search engines then you should learn search engine optimization to boost your website on SERPs.

In case if you don’t have money for paid traffic then I’ve written a post about 25 ways to get free visitors to your stores and websites.

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