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Here is my LinkCollider review.

Starting a business of your own can be a thrilling and exciting experience, at least in the beginning. You are rearing to reach the heights of name, fame, and revenue earning. However, you may find your business growing slower than your expectations. Your website may not get the visitor traffic that you wanted.

Things can frustrate you to such an extent (though not now), that you may start regretting your decision to start the online business. Why these things happen could have many reasons. The question now is what you can do something about it to improve your business and make it flourish. I am sure you will get the right solution in this LinkCollider SEO Tools review of mine. Let me share my personal experience with you, now.

LinkCollider Review: 7 Incredible Pros of LinkCollider


1. LinkCollider Review SEO Tools – Digging the Web for Wealth

The first task of the SEO tools is to create a niche where your brands and products are visible to the searchers. Then you need to connect them with your brand identity. Then you need to build a reputation among the visitors and pull them into your website. Well, this is the foundation part of SEO.

LinkCollider comes with a vast range of SEO tools from the basic elements of connecting to the searchers to the advanced elements of boosting traffic to your website, every day. Moreover, they connect you to a vast range of audiences through social media, blogs, forums, and all the other media out there.

When I started exploring LinkCollider SEO tools, the first thing that attracted me was its versatility. I could do keyword research, content integration, filtering, optimization, and so many other activities. I had earlier thought all these were only for professional SEO experts.

LinkCollider SEO tool has

  1. Backlinks Generator
  2. Search engine submission
  3. Bookmarking
  4. Directory submission
  5. Link shortner
  6. Word counter
  7. Sitemap generator
  8. Plagarism checker
  9. Article rewritter
  10. Drop my link

2. Premium & Real Social Media Shares – The boom in Followers and Likes

LinkCollider is perhaps the best platform that connects your brand and products with a constantly growing number of audiences. It covers all the available internet media, especially the social network. How does it work?

My first experiment with LinkCollider was on Facebook. I posted my first “post” with a few texts, an image, and a link to my website. The traffic to my website increased by 15% within the first few weeks. Then I started experimenting with the other social networks which gave me consistent results.

link collider social shares

Initially, my posts attracted lots of views, but the number of Likes and Followers remained low. Then I decided to link my posts to LinkCollider. Today, the numbers are growing beyond my expectations. More numbers of people are getting to “know” about my brand and business.

LinkCollider has also helped to convert the “followers” into potential leads within a short period. Much of them have also transformed into sales which have helped me to establish and grow my business.

Using LinkCollider social tool you can get

  1. Facebook share and links
  2. Pinterest pins and followers
  3. Twitter retweets and followers
  4. YouTubers Subscribers
  5. Instagram Followers
  6. TikTok Followers
  7. Tumblr Followers

Get Free Social Shares now!

3. Changes in Audience Approach – Entirely New and Exciting

No matter how sophisticated the SEO technology is, no matter how powerful the tools are, no matter how big the content is, if the audience approach is not right, your website won’t get any visitors.

With LinkCollider, it is possible to change all these equations with a single stroke of creativity and simplicity. This technology can understand the changing behavior and think of your audiences accurately.

So, the entire approach from the stage of keyword integration to the stage of optimization and publishing creates direct connectivity between your website and audiences. The first visibility of your website and products gives a feeling of familiarity and friendliness to the audiences.

It is called the “comforting factor” which attracts the attention of the audiences and makes them click on the link to your website. Once they are in, the environment on your website can make them stay on until they make a positive decision.

4. Creative Content – Penetrating through Limitations

Despite making my content the most Google optimized, simple, readable, and understandable, I found gaps within them. Average reading numbers and duration was always limited. Then I decided to link my content with LinkCollider.

The tool is pretty cool when it comes to content analysis and statistics. It showed me all the limitations and flaws within my content from the stage of grammar to relativity, sensitivity, and adaptability to the audiences’ understanding. Now, I can improve my content with the Spintax that is available in the LinkCollider.

Adjectives, adverbs, superlatives, and adding spice to your content is simple, fast, and convenient with LinkCollider. I have found many such incredible tools for spinning, re-writing, editing, and transforming the content into miracles.

Social network content needs to be simple and creative at the same time. It has to create an appeal among the audiences that grows and gets stronger with time. LinkCollider is a highly sophisticated system that can convert your content into a great piece of art within a few seconds.

5. Blogging Made Simple and Sexy – Irresistible Force of Attraction

It’s not that I started blogging after I collided with LinkCollider. I have been blogging for years and become an expert. But the blogs I do after LinkCollider are much more attractive than ever before. It feels as if someone has given that sexy Midas touch to my blogs. Are you interested?

Most of the people (though not openly) feel blogs are boring. It could be a monotonous monologue that could put the readers into slumber, just because the content sounds like a lullaby, though it is interesting.

With LinkCollider, I could convert my blog content into something that awakens the audiences with a “bang”. They will become more awake, aware, and alert about what they read in my blogs. People “listened and understood” my messages loud and clear with LinkCollider. It could happen to you if you are interested.

The results are very simple, there has been a consistent “bang and boom” in the volume of visitor traffic to my website since then, and it continues to grow.

6. Extended Social Media Contacts – from Local to Global Reach

The impact of LinkCollider on social media reach has been phenomenal. The main reason for the success is the categorization based on demographic data from social networks. The foundation of LinkCollider on social networks is the vast database of users and their media profile.

LinkCollider has tools that can extract the infinitely intricate data of users’ preferences, lifestyles, purchasing trends, etc. So, it is possible to filter the audiences based on multiple categories. This approach has helped me a lot. Some of the features are audience attraction based on their lifestyle content matching.

With LinkCollider, I have found it much easier to connect to my audiences through their conscious thinking. I have been using LinkCollider to make them look at my brand and products in a different light.

Now, they can connect their needs and wants with the features of my products and services. There has been a wonderful increase in my sales since I started using LinkCollider

7. Consistently Growing Sales Channels – Thanks to Backlinks

linkcollider backlink generator

LinkCollider has free backlinks tool to build high DA/PA links from many of the authority websites to my website. When my site gets recommendations from these sites, people tend to invest more of “TRUST” into my business and brand.

The process however did not happen suddenly. It took lots of effort and time on my part. What I mean to say is LinkCollider gave plenty of tools to refine my content and reduce my burden of creating quality content.

LinkCollider can enhance the quality of content by adding effective words and eliminating incorrect grammar and vocabulary. Somehow, the tool seems to feel the pulse of every reader and convert the content appealing to the authority websites.

The tool can also conduct an extensive analysis of the authority websites that have the highest level of influence among your target audiences. People who visit these authority websites can get easy and fast access to your website.

Free High DA/PA Backlinks   

3 Possible Limitations (cons) of LinkCollider – Beware of them

1. Limitations of Article Spinning – Can’t Convert Junk into Juice

Sometimes you may think LinkCollider article rewritter can take up any content and transform it into a great piece of artwork. But it is not so. Your content must be meaningful and have a minimum level of grammar efficiency.

LinkCollider is a good keyword assistant in researching. But it essentially works on the words in your existing website. It can pick up highly popular and highest ranked keywords from the richest database. But it has no “intelligence” of inserting them at the right places in your content. That is something you need to do by yourself.

The other limitation of LinkCollider when it comes to article editing is its tools. It can of course manage all the basic and intermediate needs of editing. But if you are looking for advanced and graphical features, it doesn’t work here.

Of course, your content needs to be good enough for appealing to the attention of the audiences. LinkCollider is not an “AI” tool that can convert your “junk” content into a “juicy” story.

2. LinkCollider Submission to Bookmarking Sites – Limited Scope of Success

Bookmarking image from linkcollider

LinkCollider can submit your website to many of the highly ranked PR bookmarking sites for quality evaluation. But it cannot necessarily assure you of higher ranking and approval.

It is up to you to ensure good quality of content, design, images, keywords, videos, and other competitive features. Unfortunately, the quality checking tools within LinkCollider are also limited in scope.

Of course, LinkCollider can spin your existing content and make it more “presentable” to the audiences at the bookmarking sites. But it cannot ensure proper sentence flow within a given paragraph.

Many of my websites have experienced these problems when they have context insensitive-content. I have been through with much poor quality content and expected them to rank high at the bookmarking sites.

Word to word Spintax that works on LinkCollider may not be a great success when it comes to technical content. It is for the simple reason that LinkCollider doesn’t understand complex equations and formulae.

3. LinkCollider Social Media Popularity – Takes Time and Patience

Somebody once told me that LinkCollider is a magical tool for social media. I experimented with it and experienced miracles. But it is not certainly magic. It is for the simple reason that you can’t convince the readers within a few minutes.

LinkCollider can connect to a vast range of readers across the social networks. It can also make your content attractive and presentable. But what it can’t do is direct convincing. I guess it is a limitation of any other tool just like LinkCollider.

The tool LinkCollider works slowly but consistently across the social networks to attract the attention of the users. It can improve the visibility range and frequency of your brand and business. It can also cover all kinds of demographic details. But LinkCollider takes time to understand the variables of user behavior, especially when it changes rapidly.

Also, the generation of likes and followers is not infinite. You need to renew your subscriptions periodically. I don’t know about businesses that can afford it, but it can be tough for startups and freelancers.

LinkCollider Review: Conclusion.

Of course, LinkCollider is a great tool when it comes to boosting your website presence across social network platforms. It can increase the visibility, familiarity, popularity, and the quality of your brand and business identity.

You can establish a solid base on the social networks and progress your business towards prosperity with LinkCollider. According to my LinkCollider review, it has been a miracle that I have come to appreciate highly.

But of course, it takes time and patience with persistence to make your brand a social network identity. Keep working with LinkCollider and you can experience the best possible results. Of course, you need to take a good look at the pros and think about how to make them work for your specific business.

Of course, there is plenty of online support available from LinkCollider. It should make you feel more comfortable, especially when you have doubts.


LinkCollider review
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  • Speed
  • User Experience
  • Support

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