Long Tail Keywords Finding Guide

Long Tail Keywords Guide

One of the main thing in blogging is to do a keyword research and it’s the basic rule which will take lot of energy and effort.

Most of the time I see some bloggers choose high competitive keywords and write about them and soon they realize their mistake and regret.

Many of them always dream like “I need a keyword which is easy to rank in the top of Google and other search engines and make passive money online.

Is that you wish for?

Well in this article you are going to learn about Long tail keywords which will fulfill your wish.

Read till the end to get tools to generate easy long tail keywords to rank any website without any backlinks within a short span.

What is Long Tail keywords?

They are two or three or four phrases which specifies a certain keyword. In another words it’s a group of keywords in long term which related to certain term. Customers who are willing to buy a product online will also use Long tail words naturally to find the solution.

SEO’s in general always use Long tail sentences because they are likely to be low competitive and highly convertible into sales. For example if a user search for “Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2020” which means he is looking to buy a SEO plugin for his website now.

If he finds the result after searching then 80% chances are there to buy the SEO plugin. So targeting Longtail Keywords are always gives you high conversion.

Here are some examples


Lose weight is the keyword and below are long tail keywords. I hope now you know about it.

Long tail words Examples

How to Find Long tail keywords For SEO?

To say it clearly take “Seo tool” as an example it has 6,600 monthly search volume. Which is considered a good number? If you rank this term on the search engine you will get a good commission by promoting Seo tools.

But it is possible to rank this keyword?

Let’s check this by Using Semrush. Take a look at the organic search results occupied by high authority websites. So it will be extremely tough to rank this keyword.

Find Long Tail keyword using Semrush

To say it even clearly you need tool like Long tail pro. Look at the competitors TF, CF and External backlinks. Each website has minimum of 200 referring domains.

Competitor Research

In order to outrank this websites. You need

  1. High CF and TF
  2. Backlinks more than 200 websites from relevant niche websites
  3. 5+ year old Niche relevant Auctioned domain
  4. Highly quality content
  5. Patience

To get all these you need to spend minimum $10K for both On page and Off page SEO works but ranking isn’t still guaranteed but least you can get in to is Page 2.

So it’s up to you to go with this keyword or not? If you have money then go and try your luck.

Ha! Ha! Just kidding!!

That’s why Long tail keywords are the best option for beginners.

Now let’s find LTK for “SEO Tools

To do this I’m using Long Tail Pro. Check the results below

LSI Keywords LTP

These are easy ranking keywords which I found by using LTP (Try now). You can select any one of the above keywords and write engaging content.

I’m taking “best seo tools for small business” keyword which has 20 search volume per month and no PPC bidding so my website will rank on top search engine and if I’m lucky I will get 2-5 leads per month.

This is how I find Long tail keywords for my niche websites.

Another way to find is using simple Google hacks.

To do it

Go to search engine and type your keyword and put * symbol in the beginning.

Check the example

Google LSI hacks

And another method is to add a, b, c, variables after the keyword.


Long Tail Keywords b

Using this simple technique you mine low competition keywords for any type of niches.


• They gives high conversion
• Long tail sentences are less competitive
• You can easily rank it with minimum efforts
• Also works for new websites as well
• You can dig lot of keywords for micro niches and monetize with Amazon and other affiliate program as well.

Best tools to Find Long tail Keywords

1. Long Tail Pro

Costs $25 a month and you can scrape up to 800 keywords per day with this awesome tool and also you can track up to 30 keywords. Once you become expert with this tool you can make minimum $1000 per month easily.

Try Long Tail Pro now   

2. Semrush

Costs $99.95 per month for Bloggers, Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers with all technical tools for doing SEO. You can use this tool also for spying your competitors keywords, Backlinks and traffic sources.

Try Semrush now   

I ‘ve listed only the premium tools because it gives accurate results and free tools are limited after certain limits.

If you want to make money online then you should invest some for it. Finally, it’s up to you.

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