7 Tough Blogging Niche List | Overcrowded Blogging Niches To Avoid

Tough Blog Niche List

When taking a poke around on the internet, you can be guaranteed that majority of the websites you click on are ‘niche-oriented,’ meaning that they write about one particular topic, having one purpose and one goal.

So, you’ve decided you want to start up your own blog and the golden question is – what should I write about, and what is my niche?

You can literally write about anything, however, in order to stand out amongst the millions of bloggers on the internet, it’s best to avoid tough blog niches. This is due to the competition being high and the challenge to get your blog noticed by potential readers.

What are these blogging niches to steer clear of? They are – Website hosting, how to make money, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, lifestyle, technology, and food. Find out more below.

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Tough Blog Niche List To Avoid

#1. Web Hosting

Web Hosting Niche Blog Images

This is a super popular niche, as many first-time bloggers or business owners seek to research as much as they can about web hosting.

If you are experienced in running a website and have a vast knowledge of web hosting, then this particular niche would appeal to you. However, it also appeals to the thousands of other bloggers out there that want to provide readers with their experiences and expertise, as well as gain a potential income through affiliate marketing (promoting web hosting companies for a small commission).

However, there are a few examples when newfound websites succeed in this niche, one such example is Hosting review, which specializes in in-depth web hosting reviews. This tends to attract visitors who are content with researching hosts before purchasing them. Some of the more significant reviews include SiteGround or Ipage hosting reviews articles

Sub-niches in this market include:
• Web hosting companies
• Hosting Packages
• Provider Reviews
• WordPress
Website Builders


#2. How to Make Money

Make money niche blog Image

This is a big niche that many first-time bloggers turn to, simply because they believe that in order to make a profit with their website, they have to write about money. Not only that, but it is one of the easiest niches to write about as there is a vast amount of content you can research and experience to be gained.

Many jumps into this niche with the wrong approach, and many only pretend to have knowledge of what they are talking about, that is why it is extremely overcrowded because anyone can write about it.

Sub-niches in this market include:
How to start/run a blog
• Social media
SEO optimization
• Marketing
Email marketing
Affiliate marketing
• Freelance

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#3. Health And Fitness

Fitness Niche Blog image

Health and Fitness are one of those niches that have risen in popularity over the last few years, and more and more people are turning to blogging about their personal achievements or knowledge in the topic due to their own experience and changes.

What makes this niche hard to break into is the majority of bloggers offer their own personal products, guides, workbooks, fitness apps, and more, as well as act as affiliates to companies that promote nutritional companies. In order to stand out from the crowd, you would need to create a unique product to offer your readers regarding health and fitness, and that can prove to be difficult as there is a lot to compete with.

Sub-niches in this market include:
• Overall fitness
• Slimming
• Body Building
• Dieting
• Detoxing

#4. Beauty And Fashion

Fashion Niche Blog Image

This is a really popular niche for not only females interested in beauty and fashion but males as well. Whilst this is a hard niche to crack, due to the fact that other niches rely on great content and the beauty and fashion topics rely on your own personality and style, it is still in the ‘overcrowded’ market as many people use this topic to express themselves.

Not only that, but in order to break through the barrier of this niche and succeed, you need to gain a massive amount of traffic, and that can be difficult when you aren’t providing informative content rather your own branding.

Sub-niches in this market include:
• Latest fashion
• Beauty products
• Women’s fashion
• Men’s fashion
• Cosmetics
• Natural beauty

#5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle Blog Niche Image

This niche is very broad, and whilst this may sound like a good thing, it also means that there are a lot of people that cover these subtopics. What makes this niche so overcrowded is that many bloggers believe that they can tackle more than one subtopic or anything that involves lifestyle.

Like fashion and beauty, however, the lifestyle niche can also come down your personality and own branding, especially if you choose to blog about your own lifestyle. This can be hard to attract an audience as well as sell your own products.

Sub-niches in this market include:
• Gardening
• Homesteading
• Personal lifestyle
• Survival
• Home
• Outdoors
• Travel

#6. Technology

Technology blog niche image

This another one of those niches where it is very similar to web hosting, meaning you have experience in the technological field and you want to blog about it, however, so does everyone else. Another thing that appeals to a first-time blogger about this niche is the profit that can be made from it, again, through affiliate marketing.

There is a strong demand for reviews and information on the current technology of our modern age, however, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd when almost all technology bloggers write about the same thing.

Sub-niches in this topic include:
• Phones
• Specific brands
• Laptops
• Tv’s
• Electronic gadgets

#7. FOOD

Food Niche blog image

This is the last overcrowded niche on our list and deserves its spot due to the growth in the number of people writing about food in the last couple of years. More and more people are taking to the internet to talk about their eating routine, diets, and even their results to convince people to eat better.

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Unless you are promoting specific food brands and companies, you will have a hard time getting noticed if you are only promoting the foods you cook or eat yourself. People want to see results before deciding to eat something, and that is why a lot of bloggers choose to promote others in order to get noticed, meaning that even if you did this, you would still have a hard time getting noticed by potential readers.

Sub-niches in this market include:
• How to cook
• Recipes
• Seasonal foods
• Kitchen utensils and equipment

Tough Blog Niche List: Wrapping It UP

These are our recommended blogging niches list you should avoid when deciding on a topic to write about. If you still feel convinced that any of the above niches are for you, then there is no rule saying you can’t pursue them, as long as you are up for the challenge of breaking through the thousands that walk beside you.

Do you know any easy blogging niche? Then drop the niche name on the comment box and get featured on my upcoming article about choosing easy niche to start a huge money making blog.

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  1. Hey Abdullah
    I agree to you that now a days every new blog start without searching that while starting a new blog they don’t care about niche bcz we all know niche matter every time thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hi abdullah !
    I agree that they are overcrowded niche and the competition in these niche are very high.
    But it not means that everyone should avoid these niche. If they have potential and bit knowledge to run a particular niche blog then they shouod definitely try these niche. No matter the competition is high are low.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this

  3. Hi Abdullah,

    Thanks for the heads up. You are right, these are some of the topics that many bloggers used, but if you have some good quality and valuable content and you promote it well, readers will find you.

    Also, if you do not promote it well, even the some very good blog posts will be left out.

  4. i think there are two types of niches that people are choosing the first one is the traffic-friendly niches the main features of these niches are these blogs attracts a lot of traffic such as news niche, Whatsapp status niche, quotes niche etc but these are not able to make more money. But there are some niches like blogging, technical, business tip these are tough to start but they have long-term goals and due to the high competition they are time taking websites. But you can choose the right kind of niche by the love of what would you like to provide

  5. thank you for sharing top niches for blogging. I am running two blogs related to web hosting named webhostingsystem .com and webhostingcoupons .in but how can i get target traffic for free on it

    • Honestly hosting niche is highly competitive, but you can get traffic by writing great content and perfect SEO plan.

    • Profitable yet they are tough to rank. Only those who knows SEO well could do it. For beginners it’s not easy as you think.

  6. choosing a niche is the toughest part for me as a blogger. Damn i wasted 2 whole months only in just thinking a good money making niche. But now i end up in making a multi-niche site in which i publish all the trending topics regarding everything. I hope this will help me..

  7. hi ,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and research with us its realy very helpful for newbies to get right niche idea from your niche list given above . newbies can get right blog/affiliate site idea to start their own site .


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