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The real problem bloggers and marketers face is they don’t know where to submit their articles to earn backlinks and gain exposure.

So today I am going to share the best article submission sites for SEO on the internet, where you can post unlimited articles with instant approval with a dofollow backlink.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is the process of submitting your article to a journal or online publication where they will review and approve it. Submitting articles to article submission sites is not like guest posting on different websites.

Guest posting is completely different, and article submission is complete. Example of guest posting: You submit articles to niche-level blogs that accept guest blog posts, and in return, the blogger will give you backlinks to your website and even their visitors will visit your website, and you get free traffic.

Article submitting is writing and posting on websites that belong to the general category. Daily they post more than 100 articles from different bloggers or authors.

The step is simple.

  • You visit an article submitting site
  • Create an account with an email address and password
  • Open your dashboard
  • Create a new post or page
  • Write or paste your article with relevant images and links
  • Post it, that’s all

How to submit articles for SEO?

The purpose of article submission is to get backlinks to your website but in order to maximum benefit, here are the points you should always follow.

  • Always submit articles to the website which have high domain authority.
  • Submit to website which gives do follow links.
  • Link your website at the top of the content and choose the exact match keyword.
  • Follow on-page SEO when writing the article.
  • Add images with alt tags and reference links inside the article.

Free Article Submission Sites List

Here are the best sites for article posting with instant approval from the admin’s. You can submit your articles to get backlinks and it will increase your website page rank.


Ezine Articles is one of the oldest and best article directories for backlinks with instant approval. Registration is free here, and you can submit your original content to this site and earn credibility, exposure, and huge traffic.

MOZ DA: 86

Medium is a well-known online publishing platform for posting your articles for free. You can even create a blog using and start writing articles. But make sure you insert 1 or 2 backlinks and don’t ever insert affiliate links while writing.

They are following strict policies, so they will suspend your account if you violate their policies.

MOZ DA: 95

Google Sites

Google Sites is a property from Google with a high page rank, and it gives you a dofollow link and instant index after posting your article. In order to post your article for free, you need to have a Gmail account.

MOZ DA: 97

Elephant Journal is a lifestyle magazine that covers what is good for us and our planet and it is one of the high pr article submission sites. They daily post top-notch quality content from various writers and journalists.

Before posting, make sure you have well-researched content with relevant images and headings, otherwise, they will delete your article.

MOZ DA: 76


LinkedIn is a social networking site for business professionals, and it has more than 830 million from 200 countries, and it lets you post your article for free.

MOZ DA: 99

GitHub is a website for coders and software developers. This blog receives huge traffic daily, and it lets you submit your article for free. You can post articles on Technology, IT, Software, etc.

MOZ DA: 96

Through myarticles, you can share your stories with the world. The site contains many authors who post articles about spirituality, food, culture, and designs. You get a dofollow link from this website.

MOZ DA: 20

Articlebiz reputed website for content marketing, it has more than 100 categories to submit your article, and you will get instant quality backlinks after publishing.

MOZ DA: 42

Find interesting articles on sooperarticles website. You need to create an author account in this community to submit your article.

MOZ DA: 52

Below you’ll see other sites with high DA and most of them will give dofollow links.

Sites That Pay for Submitting Articles

In this section, I’m going to share the top article submission websites where you can earn money by posting your quality articles on their website.


Make money on quora for answering questions

Quora is the largest ideal questions and answer community with huge traffic. You can find a question, and you can submit your article there to get a good and Knowledgeable response from the Quora users. If you do perfect on-page SEO there are high chances of getting high traffic to your website.

Here is the article about how you can make money from Quora.

MOZ DA: 93


steemit: site that pays you for submitting articles

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform and blogging website. By using this platform you can earn money when your article gets more views and readers. It is also a blockchain-based technology with more than 70% of users going to earn money from this platform. This makes Steemit the new trending online writing platform for bloggers and content writers.

MOZ DA: 89

vocal media pays for writing stories is an Article submitting directory website, and it accepts content all around the world and pays content creators through views, tips, and challenges.

They run a contest monthly where they will give a topic to write and give a deadline. And they will pick the winners and will give them cash prizes of up to $10,000.

MOZ DA: 66

Instant Approval without Registration

If you are looking for an easy way to submit your article without having to register or fill in any information. Once you post your article, it will automatically be checked for grammar and plagiarism and if all goes well, then your article will be approved and published immediately without any delay.
Instant article approval sites with no registration

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Why submit articles to article submission sites?

For Backlinks & SEO

The number one reason to post articles on a site is to get backlinks. If you ask me the answer is simple, you get dofollow links to your article.

  • Link juice will pass to your article, and
  • It will boost your article on search engines
  • And your article ranking will get increase
  • You get clients and sales or get an affiliate commission
  • For your business

Getting new article submission sites from search engines is very hard. In that way, you get a huge advantage to gain traffic fast, and it will be good for small or large companies like

  • Business owner (small or large business)
  • Multi-level marketing expert
  • Freelancers who earn money via the internet by getting affiliate commission after sales on their websites.

Make Money by Submitting Articles

The second reason to submit articles to other sites is to earn passive money online. There are many webmasters who pay content writers and bloggers for submitting articles on their websites.

The reason is :

  • They get quality and well-researched content for free.
  • Advertising on article submission websites is very good, and it makes lots of money. A lot of bloggers are earning dollars to dollars. If your article gets likes fast you will get better pay and more affiliate commission.
  • Content submitting sites have a large audience that reads articles content daily, so they have high volume traffic, and they will make money by advertising through Google Ads or selling banner ads for media buying companies.

What are the benefits of submitting articles on popular article submission sites?

Visibility and Credibility

By submitting your sites to the article submission site list your name and article will get great exposure, and they will trust you by reading your article on the internet and even journalists will link your article.

Extra traffic

A big advantage in favor of submitting articles to article submission sites is the free traffic you get as a bonus from the article directories, and you even get leads and affiliate commission. For example, if anyone visits your website that provides solar panel installation service there is a chance that they will buy your service.

Being Popular

By becoming a featured author on one or more of these sites, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of being popular – like more blog followers and social media followers. So what are you waiting for? Start submitting your article to the directories by today.


Article submission sites are a great way to get your content online and seen by a wider audience. By submitting articles on popular article-sharing sites, you can increase your visibility online and attract more website visitors.

In addition, article submission is one of the Off-page SEO techniques and the classic ways of building links, and it is still effective.

High PR Article Submission FAQ

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