Where to Submit Blog Articles?

Where to Submit Blog Articles

Do you want your blog articles to get fame?

And receive thousands of visitors to land on your blog articles? But stumbled upon a place to submit blog articles for free?

Then this article is for you, and I am going to guide you step-by-step through the process with clear instructions on where to submit blog articles.

Use this opportunity to get free organic traffic to your website and monetize your article to earn revenue.

Why You Should Submit Blog Articles?

There are many reasons to submit blog articles on other websites and publishing platforms. They include, but are not limited to::

Gaining Traffic and Audience: Publishing high-quality blog articles on relevant topics can help you attract web traffic that will lead to more users and engagement. Furthermore, content marketing is all about building an audience around your business or brand – submitting blog articles allows you to do this in a cost-effective way.

Building Brand Awareness: By publishing great content on respected sites, you’re increasing the awareness of your company or brand name online – this can prove invaluable when recruiting new talent or seeking funding.

Building Authority: By publishing high-quality content, you’re expressing to readers that you understand your topic inside out. This can give you an edge in the search engine rankings and help bloggers recommend your blog posts to their social media followers.

Generating Revenue: The blog articles can lead to advertising revenue through link building or sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, by selling digital products or services related to the article topics (e.g., email courses), you can generate income quickly and easily from an existing fan base.

Where to submit blog articles?

Here are some of the places where you can submit your blog article and get approved within one day.

Article Submission Sites

For beginners, this is the best place to submit your blogs posts and the approval

rate is pretty easy. The only thing you need to do is write a good and interesting blog post around your topic.

These article submission sites basically have high domain authority and huge traffic and when you add your blog article on these sites you get instant free backlinks and organic visitors.

Check my 200 article submission sites to get instant approval and dofollow links to your sites.

After submitting a blog post, then admin of the respective site will check your article manually and approve it.

Things to consider before you submit

  • You need at least 1000 words of content.
  • Add relevant and royalty free images (2-4 images).
  • Must be grammatical error free
  • No spin content and AI generated content.


Quora is the user-generated content platform with over 10 million daily active users and submitting your contents on Quora is very easy and if your answer got huge up votes then your blog will receive thousands of organic visitors.

In Quora, you should not submit adult content and other website contents. You should submit your blog article only.


Flipboard is the online magazine and community where you can share your blog posts, read other users articles, etc.

In order to submit your blog article you need to create an account and choose the right category and paste your blog link on the flip box and click Flip button.

flipboard flip
flipboard flip


Medium.com is an online community with user-generated content, and it allows you to republish your existing blog posts. Medium is a high authority blog, so your blog post will be indexed by Google as soon as you publish.


In Medium, you don’t have to write new content; you can copy your existing blog post’s first 200 words and publish it.

Medium will automatically add the rel=canonical link to your blog post in order to avoid content duplication errors.Social Bookmarking Sites: Create an account on social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc.


Twitter is one of my best places to share blog posts. After publishing the content, I share it on Twitter with the right hashtag.


Reddit is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites with over 156 million monthly users. On Reddit you can share blog posts through your submission in different Subreddits and get backlinks from influential readers.

Sign up for an account at reddit.com (free) and create a new Subreddit for your content – Add a blog post link on submission form and submit it to appropriate Subreddit, and it will be checked by the moderators and once they approve it your blog post will be viewed by the Subreddit users, and you get organic traffic.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 are the best spots to submit your articles, they have a high domain ranking and give dofollow links, and it will boost your blog ranking.

I’ve written an article on how to create web 2.0 backlinks and also mentioned 300 web 2.0 sites, go and create an account on the mentioned websites.

Now copy the first 300 words of your blog post and paste on the web 2.0 site and on the below mention like “click here to read full post” and link your original blog post.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of my favorite techniques to submit blog posts and nowadays submitting guest posts is not at all an easy thing.

First you must get approval from the website owner in order to submit your article and after approving the article the blog owner will create username and password for you, and you can log in and submit your article with backlink.

Tip: When doing Guest posts, only submit your article on your relevant niche websites. Don’t guest post on general and irrelevant websites.

Content Writing Tips

Here are some tips you should follow while crafting an article before submitting it.

  • When writing the content, use keywords that you are trying to rank.
  • Link back to your website above the fold of the article.
  • Use the exact match keywords as the anchor text This will help your article to rank on the Google and other search engines
  • Proofread your article several times before submission
  • Make sure that the images are high-quality, if you are using them.
  • For social media shares, include a link to your blog post in the bio.

Where to submit blog articles: Conclusion

I’m sure now you know where to publish blog posts to boost your blog ranking, just remember to use keyword-rich content and backlink it.

Submitting blog articles on other websites not only will help you in gaining backlinks, but it also shows your authority and helps other bloggers to learn from you.

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