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Mythemeshop Clean theme review

Clean is a professional WordPress theme which is built for the professional bloggers. It is light in weight and loads faster on any browser and platform without hassles.

Device compatibility, multiple genres and homepage designs, and easy customization are some of the basic features of Clean. In my Clean theme review, you shall take a look at how it provides solutions to bloggers, its key features, as well as pros and cons.

Clean Theme Review: Why Ordinary WordPress Themes Are Not That Good?

Designer Limitations

Unlike web designers, the non-technical blog designers had limited options when it came to managing page elements, editing themes, and having custom designs. The procedures involved more of coding which was time-consuming and complex.

Many of the previous applications had minimum features for undoing or redoing the previous actions in the graphical designer interface. A simple mistake by the designer had to be corrected by a long set of procedures.

Inline text editing is a feature which allows the designer to make changes to the content without having to create a separate frame. This feature was largely limited to website design themes. The blog designers had to depend on coding.

User Limitations

Social media icons on blogs had to be placed at specific locations on the blog-page. Hence, many of the users found it difficult to view them clearly on the pages.

Often they had to search the CTRL + F button, which was not easy. Hence, the visitor traffic to some of the blogs started declining.

Page loading speed was slow; hence the users often got frustrated and went to other blogs. Though it meant a loss to the blog creators, the visitors also lost many an opportunity to access high-quality blogs which could be helpful to them.

Reading the blog content and navigating through the blog pages was a complex task, especially on the mobile devices and Smartphone.  Zooming could often clutter the text and make it unreadable. Images often blurred on the zooming.

Clean Theme Review – Simple And Clean WordPress Theme

A Simple clean WordPress theme for bloggers

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The clean theme from Mythemeshop(users review) has a simple interface for blog designers. You don’t have to depend on coding for most of the designing tasks. The application gives you sliders, pre-defined demos, larger page-size, extended image and text editing, etc.

Theme customization has been made simple and fast in Clean Wordpress themes. The system gives you access to many types of tools for editing background, text font and color, size, image pixels, quality and resolution, etc.

It is easy to undo and redo previous actions just like in any standard word processor.

Inline editing of text has been implemented to a considerable extent in Clean Wordpress Theme. It will ensure the quality of edited text will remain the same as the unedited text.

Responsive design makes it easy for users to access the blogs on any content. The option is especially, useful when it comes to reading online magazine publications.

Viewing the embedded text on images is easier than before. The users can zoom in and zoom out the specific sections in the theme for better reading and viewing.

Page loading happens within a few milliseconds. Users don’t have to wait for a long time or get temptations to move onto other blogs.

Clean Theme Features

1. Multiple Homepage Layout

A blog homepage should have a relevant image, clearly visible menu, an attractive caption, a signup form, space for testimonials, and related features. Clean Theme have all these features and much more for your blog.

Default layout designs for your blog homepage are editable and customizable according to your specific requirements. You may choose from the existing themes with multiple layouts.

You could be a professional blogger, business owner, freelancer, or an entrepreneur. Homepage layouts are made for your variable requirements in Clean Theme.

2. WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is the latest Plug-in from Wordpress which will allow the online shopping centers to add a free shopping cart.

Clean Theme are compatible with this open-source application. If you are a designer or developer, it is easy to integrate the two applications to get quick results for your blogs.

The WooCommerce support also lets you connect a shopping cart to your online magazine designed with Clean Theme. Users can subscribe to your magazine and other publications by adding them to the cart.

3. 3-D Scrolling Effect

Clean Theme give you the option of creating 3-D scrolling effects to your blogs and websites. You may want to display a text with background images.

The images scroll speed should be less than the text scroll. It gives a 3-D effect which is called Parallax. It will be helpful when you want to display multiple brand products on the same page with text and background images.

4. Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu at the right or left corner of the page with scrolling option can display a number of menu-items. The design can also save the space on the top section of the page taken by multiple drop-down menus. Clean Theme support the feature for all your blogs, e-commerce and WooCommerce websites.

5. Multilanguage Support

Clean Theme support multiple languages for the blog and website menu and parts of the content. It is an inbuilt feature for which no coding is required. You have to insert the component into your theme. The rest will be managed by the inbuilt coding.

Users can select a language of their choice, based on the number of available options. The designers have made most of the standard business languages across the globe to be available. You can get more options by contacting the customer support at Clean Theme.

6. Short Codes

Shortcodes are like the triggers which work for activating certain events. For example, you may want to activate a video when a user scrolls over it. You want the video to stop when the user scrolls away from the clip.  It is possible to get such effects with Clean Theme.

Shortcodes also have various tools like buttons, scrolls, option buttons, etc. You can use the default properties of these shortcodes or change them according to your specific requirements.

7. Fonts and Colors

Viewing the text and image combination can be cumbersome on mobile devices when the image size is considerably large. In such cases, the change of font can help in easing readability. Also, you may have to use innovative fonts with various sizes to attract and retain reader attention.

Clean Theme provides you with a vast range of inbuilt fonts. You can apply it for the entire page-text or only parts.

Colors are plenty for the background and foreground effects. Clean Theme offers you transparent, opaque, and translucent color to create special visual effects. You can apply the color for the entire page or parts of the page.

8. Background Designs

Clean Theme offers a vast range of background designs for every individual page or part of a page on your website or blog.

You will find them useful when a particular section of the page should attract the immediate attention of the page visitors.

For example, your online shop has a new product. The background design and image of that product can be different from the others. There are many such options available in Clean Theme.

9. Writer-Bio

If you are a professional blogger, it is very important to display a brief biography at someplace on your blog. You have to highlight it, yet keep it subtle compared to the other sections on your blog.

Clean Theme gives the option to create a writer/author box in which you can display images, videos, text, and Infographics, etc.

10. Visitor Testimonials

As we mentioned earlier in this article, Clean Theme offers a unique option for posting visitor and customer testimonials and comments on your blog and website.

You can highlight the section with the combination of background and foreground edition options.

11. Advanced Widgets

Clean Theme supports many widgets like sliders, ads, etc. They give a unique experience to your readers on your blogs and websites. For example, you can add a slider to the product gallery to give special effects.

Pros & Cons Of Clean WordPress Theme

Loading Speed

Loading time speed check

Clean Theme load within a few milliseconds after the visitors’ click. They don’t have to wait for more than one second.

It is a significant feature which can improve visitor traffic to to my blog and websites. The high-speed loading is compatible with all browsers and devices.

Other Pros

  • Multiple layouts
  • A vast range of color and fonts
  • Adaptability to multiple devices
  • Easy to install and configure


  • Could be confusing with so many options to choose from

Clean Theme Review: Conclusion.

We have listed some of the main features which can benefit you as a designer, developer, or business user in the Clean Theme review. You can explore further when after you start working on this best wordpress theme .

Make sure you explore every tool, widget, menu, and themes available on the application. Initially, you may need some time to become familiar with the themes and other options.

Once you become familiar with the Clean Theme, it is possible to create professional blogs, online magazines, and WooCommerce websites using Clean Theme.

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Clean Theme
  • Pricing
  • Loading speed
  • User Experience
  • Support

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