SocialMe Theme Review

Socialme theme review

SocialMe is a  WordPress theme which works on multiple browsers and devices with ease and comfort. You can use it for your websites, blogs, social media pages, and other online user interface design.

The theme comes packed with plenty of solutions, features, and compatibility with other apps and software systems. In this SocialMe review, we take a brief look at a vast range of important features and benefits.

SocialMe Theme Review: Why Other Social Media WordPress Themes Are Not That Good?

Low Performance

There have been many Theme apps before the arrival of SocialMe. They have had great features like multiple backgrounds, colors, fonts, and support for a vast range of image and text format.

However, they had limitations when it came to performance. How do you rate performance?

The first aspect of performance is homepage loading. Many of the applications loaded the theme images and text content simultaneously.

It affected the speed of loading considerably. Though many of them did load in milliseconds, they slowed down when large size themes with images were added.

Footer Limitations

The footer in the previous theme applications had limited space and widgets. Adding more numbers cluttered the site and slowed down the page loading process. Moreover, the categories of widgets which could be added to the footer were also limited.

Sidebar Limitations

Adding widgets and buttons to the website sidebar was something the designers could not even imagine. Many of the themes had no support for such a feature. Even those supported had very limited options.

Ad Limitations

Ad management with the previous themes had fewer options due to space limitations. Even if the designers or developers did ad advertisements, they had to use scroll-down and scroll-up options to activate them. It was difficult for advertisers to get the immediate attention of viewers.

Limited Updates

Updates to the previous themes were slow and limited. The designers had to find alternate methods through coding, which often slowed down the process of development. Only experienced coders could bring in added features for the themes.

Limited Compatibility

Compatibility with e-commerce applications was limited at the design level. Coding was the only option to connect themes with e-commerce tools. It was time-consuming and prone to bugs during runtime of themes.

SocialMe Theme Review

Social Me WordPress Theme Demo

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SocialMe improved performance with faster loading of the homepage. The creators didn’t make the mistake of loading images with the text. They got the text content load first, followed by the images.

So, the readers got engaged in reading the captivating text, while the images loaded immediately after a few more milliseconds. It was an innovative way to satisfy the visitors’ expectations and keep them engaged.

The other improvement in performance has been the loading of large Size images like PSD. They are sharp, high quality, and high pixel photos, which capture the imagination of visitors.

They create additional value for your website and attract several visitors.

SocialMe allows you to add unlimited widgets to the footer of your website. You can now add text. For example, you can give an option to input user’s email and enable signup.

You can add contact details and categorize them into different sections like enquiry, customer support, customer complaints, etc.

You can create a message-form which includes a user name, e-mail, zip-code, a short message-box, and a send button.

You can also add menus to your website which you could not accommodate at the top of the page. For example, you could add careers, about, specialties, and social media buttons.

The sidebar can enhance the versatility of the webpage. Here, you can place running-ads, sign-up options, brand advertising, and other user-friendly options.

However, there could be a disadvantage of using the sidebar. It can block the content from viewing in that section.

SocialMe can overcome the problem with a sliding sidebar. The users can close the sidebar with the click of a button. SocialMe can allow direct interaction with the website visitors by encouraging them to click and fill up forms.

Interactive Ads

SocialMe allows interactive advertisements to be placed at the header and sidebars. However, it gives an option for visitors to connect with ads or reject them. The designers can place several advertisements due to the enhanced length of the sidebar.

Unlimited Updates

SocialMe has unlimited updates related to the widgets, tools, apps, and other designs and themes. You can get free and paid updates according to your specific requirements.

Enhanced Compatibility

SocialMe is compatible with all the existing and upcoming social media platforms. It can work on almost all the browsers as well as mobile, Smartphone, and tablet platforms.

SocialMe Features

1. Social Media Connectivity

Connectivity with social media is one of the key features of SocialMe. For example, you could connect to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The users can share all your images, text, videos, and other forms of content with others instantly. As a designer, you can also enable the users to post comments, testimonials, and messages for the blogs, website content, etc.

2. Enhanced Widgets

SocialMe has more than 15 powerful inbuilt widgets for various applications on the sidebar, footer, header, and other sections. You can create slide-shows, take user input, display presentations, provide download and upload options, and other user-friendly features.

3. Old Posts

SocialMe has an archive option for saving the previous posts separate space. As a designer, you can enable your viewers to get access to them at any point in time. The page can organize the content based on content, allow users to search and find specific posts.

4. Author Profile

Author profile is especially useful for blogging. If you are a professional blogger, it is possible to display your complete profile.

You can add interesting themes with excellent background and foreground effects. You can also provide outgoing links from your profile to your business websites, blogs and other posts.

5. Unlimited Personalization

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or an individual business person, SocialMe allows you to personalize all the available widgets, themes, background images, fonts, colors and others according to your specific needs.

6. Customization Options

You can perform the customization of themes according to your specific business and industry. For example, you can consider the travel and tourism industry in your city.

SocialMe offers a vast range of themes for your business with the images of tourist spots, beaches, adventure sports, and other aspects which may interest your potential customers.

7. Plug-in Connectivity

Connectivity to a vast number of the plug-in is possible with SocialMe. For example, you can consider BuddyPress. You can connect the users in social media to your blogs using the plug-in.

Creating new posts, sharing of messages and activities, and creation of customized groups is also possible using the plug-in. There are plenty of other social media enhancements which you can achieve through SocialMe.

8. Traffic Enhancement

SocialMe can increase visitor traffic to your website and blogs through SEO. You can add keywords, post search engine favored content, and create links on the social media pages as well as blogs.

By optimizing the pages, it is possible to increase the visibility on search engine result pages. You can also include your SocialMe themes as thumbnails on an image search of Google and other search engines.

9. Minimalist Design

Design types

SocialMe offers hundreds of minimalist designs for your professional websites and blogs. The background effects can enhance your themes and content without diverting the users’ attention from the main objective of your web pages.

Creativity is one of the key elements which can increase user attention and retention time. You can choose from many interesting layouts from SocialMe for your web pages.

SocialMe Benefits

  • Audience oriented approach
  • Themes for your business and industry
  • Compatibility to all devices and browsers
  • Connectivity to Plug-ins
  • Advanced typography
  • Multilanguage support

Pros & Cons Of SocialMe

  • Easy to install and customize
  • Faster loading time
  • Settings import and export
  • Snippet integration

SocialMe Loading Time

The loading time of SocialMe themes is much faster due to the option for late loading images. The text content will load within a few milliseconds after the user clicks on the link to your website or blog.

Theme loading time check

They are so captivating that, the visitors will hardly notice the images getting loaded later. It can keep them engaged with your web pages. Hence, the retention time increases significantly. Moreover, support for AJAX can also increase the loading speed further.


  • Too many options with themes can sometimes confuse the users

SocialMe Review: Conclusion.

You can use SocialMe for your blogs, professional websites, and online publications like magazines and social media networks. Integration of different media is easy with SocialMe.

You can use our SocialMe review to assess the features and benefits for your specific needs.

Customer support from SocialMe is available in real-time. You can interact with the helpdesk through email and chat. Existing users have found the online help to be practically helpful.

SocialMe is one of the top preferences for Wordpress users who want to have innovative solutions to the process of web design and development. You can try the free version once to ensure the SocialMe features match with your requirements.

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  • User Experience
  • Customer Support

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