7 Best Landscaping WordPress Themes for April 2024

7 Best Landscaping WordPress Themes

In the world of web design, choosing the right theme for your landscaping website is like planting the perfect garden; it requires careful selection to blossom into something spectacular.

You’ve got options like Jardinier, Landscape Design, and Exdesimo, among others, each offering unique features to make your outdoor design site stand out.

But it’s not just about picking the prettiest flower in the bunch. Factors like responsiveness, customization, and compatibility play vital roles.

To turn your site into the envy of the digital neighborhood, you’ll need to take these elements into account carefully.

Stick around to uncover the keys to a thriving online presence.

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7 Best Landscaping WordPress Themes

Jardinier – Landscaping Services WordPress Theme

Jardinier - Landscaping Services WordPress Theme

If you’re often working on garden or landscape projects, the Jardinier – Landscaping Services WordPress Theme is your go-to choice for an impressive online presence. Launched on September 18, 2017, and with 301 sales, this theme fits your gardening and landscape needs perfectly. It’s designed by ZEMEZ, offering a stunning look and powerful features.

You’ll find it easy to use with its drag-and-drop functionality, thanks to the integrated Elementor page builder. It’s got everything from garden to lawn mowing templates. Plus, it’s fully responsive, adapting to any device, and SEO optimized to help you rank higher. With a MonsterONE subscription at just $13.25/month, Jardinier enhances your site’s performance and increases your visibility online.

Best For: Professionals in the gardening and landscaping industry looking to enhance their online presence with a visually appealing and functional website.


  • Integrated with Elementor page builder for easy customization and seamless website building.
  • Features an appointment booking system and functional pricing table to efficiently present services.
  • Fully responsive design and SEO optimized to improve online visibility and user experience.


  • A best theme without any cons.

Landscape Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Landscape Design

The Landscape Design Responsive WordPress Theme is perfect for designers seeking a flexible, screen-adaptable website to showcase their projects. Its responsive design means it’ll look great on any device, adjusting to screen sizes and resolutions with ease. Built on the Bootstrap framework, it offers lots of customization options. Plus, it’s ready for you to create a multilingual website with the WPML plugin.

For showing off your work, there are neat portfolio themes. They help organize your projects and make them appealing to potential clients. It’s also search engine friendly, boosting your chances of getting found online. With Cherry Framework 4, managing your site is a breeze, and you’ve got basic scripts to add more functionality. Remember, this theme comes with clear licensing details, various payment options, and support resources to help you out.

Best For: Landscape and interior designers who want to showcase their work on a professional, adaptable website.


  • Responsive design ensures optimal viewing on any device.
  • Portfolio templates and SEO-friendly design help attract and retain clients.
  • Built on Bootstrap and Cherry Framework 4 for ease of customization and management.


  • Might require some technical knowledge for customization and setup.

Exdesimo – Landscape Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme


For landscape professionals looking to modernize their online presence, Exdesimo offers a sleek, Elementor-powered WordPress theme perfect for the job. With 507 sales since its launch on May 18, 2015, this theme has proven its worth. It’s packed with features like the Elementor page builder and Jet Plugins bundle, making it super user-friendly. Plus, it’s responsive and retina-ready, ensuring your site looks great on all devices.

The theme also comes search engine ready to help you get found online easier. And with its sample data installer, setting up your site is a breeze. What’s more, Exdesimo supports multiple languages, making it perfect if you’re aiming to reach a broader audience. With such solid customer support and regular updates, this theme is a reliable choice for your landscaping site.

Best For: Landscape professionals and businesses looking to elevate their online presence with a modern, feature-rich website.


  • Comes with the Elementor page builder and Jet Plugins bundle for easy customization.
  • Responsive and Retina-ready design ensures the website looks great on all devices.
  • Search engine ready and supports multiple languages, expanding potential audience reach.


  • Users found some problem with Elementor builder.

Visity – Landscape Design with WordPress Elementor Theme


Crafted specifically for landscape designers and greening agencies, Visity – Landscape Design with WordPress Elementor Theme stands out with its customizable white-green design. It’s perfect if you want to show off your services, projects, and team’s expertise. The theme lets you easily change content blocks to fit your needs. Plus, it has cool sections for all the details about your work, comments from clients, and even marketing stuff.

You’ll love using the Elementor page builder. It makes adding fancy stuff to your site simple. And with Jet Addons, you can get even more dynamic content and visuals. It’s ready for online shops too, thanks to WooCommerce support. Plus, it speaks multiple languages and comes with great pictures to use.

Best For: Landscape designers, greening agencies, or planting offices looking for an easily customizable and visually appealing website theme.


  • Features a customizable white-green design that’s visually appealing and suitable for showcasing landscape design services.
  • Supports Elementor page builder and Jet Addons for dynamic content creation and advanced visual effects.
  • Offers WooCommerce support for easy online shop integration and multilanguage support to cater to a broader audience.


  • PHP version not mentioned.

Landscaping – Garden Landscaper WordPress Theme

Landscaping - Garden Landscaper WordPress Theme

Landscaping – Garden Landscaper WordPress Theme’s purpose-oriented design makes it the perfect choice for users with no coding skills and seasoned developers alike. You’ll find it easy to drag and drop elements with Beaver Builder. Plus, it comes with the Premium Revolution Slider and WooCommerce integration. It’s SEO ready, so your site gets found easier online. You can even edit live via the WordPress Customizer.

The theme has everything you need to share your work on social media and integrate Google Maps. You’ll get support and updates, along with detailed documentation. It’s designed specifically for landscaping and gardening sites, with a responsive design that looks great on any device. With endless layout possibilities and smooth page animations, your website will stand out.

Best For: Users ranging from those with no programming experience to advanced developers looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich WordPress theme for landscaping and gardening websites.


  • Purpose-oriented design with a wide range of features including Beaver Builder and Revolution Slider.
  • Extensive support and resources such as timely support, video tutorials, and a comprehensive setup guide.
  • High compatibility and integration options, including WooCommerce, MailChimp, and Google Maps.


  • The price point may be higher than some competitors, potentially limiting access for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.

Grasshopper – Landscape Design| Gardening Services


If you’re running a gardening business, the Grasshopper theme, with its drag and drop page builder, makes building your online presence easier than ever. It’s a premium theme tailored for landscaping companies, lawn care, and gardening services. You’ll find two homepages to choose from, making it simple to start. Plus, it’s ready for selling online with e-commerce plugin compatibility.

Grasshopper includes a handy budget calculator and comes with premium sliders. It works with Gutenberg, WPML, and WooCommerce, ensuring your site is up-to-date and reaches a wide audience. You get support, updates, and a guide on how to use it. It’s perfect for giving your gardening business a professional online look.

Best For: Landscaping companies, lawn care services, and gardening businesses looking for a modern, easy-to-use online platform.


  • Includes a drag and drop page builder for easy customization.
  • Offers e-commerce plugin compatibility for online selling.
  • Comes with a budget calculator and premium slider plugins for enhanced functionality.


  • May require a learning curve for those new to WordPress themes.

Gaar – Landscape Architecture & Garden Design WP


For landscape architecture and design companies looking for a modern and customizable website solution, Gaar – Landscape Architecture & Garden Design WP theme offers a fully responsive design packed with customizable features. You’ll love how easy it’s to use. With the Elementor Page Builder, you can drag and drop elements to create your site.

It’s also ready for translations, making it great for reaching a wider audience. Setting it up is simple, thanks to the One Click Demo Import. Plus, you get over 70 design options to choose from. Whether you’re posting news or showcasing projects, Gaar has you covered with special sections and formats. It even works with popular plugins, making it a flexible choice for your website.

Best For: Landscape architecture and design companies seeking a modern, customizable, and responsive website solution.


  • Fully integrated with Elementor Page Builder for easy, drag-and-drop site building.
  • Offers a wide range of design options with over 70 layout choices in the admin menu.
  • Compatible with a variety of plugins, enhancing its functionality and versatility.


  • Personalized support and updates aren’t included, which might be a drawback for some users.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Landscaping WordPress Theme

When you’re picking a landscaping WordPress theme, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, make sure it’s easy to customize so it fits your style.

Also, check that it looks good on phones and has all the features you need, like SEO tools and customer support.

Theme Customization Ease

Choosing the right landscaping WordPress theme involves considering how easily you can customize it to fit your unique style. Customization ease means you can change design elements like colors, fonts, and layouts easily, without needing to know how to code.

Look for themes with drag-and-drop features, pre-designed templates, and compatibility with popular page builders. These tools let you adjust your website’s look and feel quickly, saving you time and effort. Being able to tweak your site’s appearance without hassle is key to creating a unique and appealing online presence.

Responsive Design Quality

After considering how easily you can customize a theme, it’s also essential to make sure it looks great on any device, highlighting the importance of responsive design quality in landscaping WordPress themes.

Responsive design means your website will look good and work well on phones, tablets, and computers. This makes visitors happy because they can browse your site easily, no matter what device they’re using. It’s done using special tools like Bootstrap, which helps the theme change its layout to fit different screen sizes.

Plus, if your site can change languages with the WPML plugin, more people from around the world can understand it. A responsive site gets more visitors to stay, look around, and maybe choose your services, boosting your success.

Feature Set & Plugins

Delving into the heart of a landscaping WordPress theme, the feature set and plugins you’ll find are important for boosting your site’s functionality and appeal. You’ll see tools like drag-and-drop builders and appointment systems. Also, pricing tables help show your services clearly.

For adding more power, plugins are key. They make your site work with popular tools like Elementor and WooCommerce. Plus, they help your site look great on all devices and screens. Look for themes that let you tweak blocks of content easily and are ready for high-quality displays.

Also, having support for plugins like Contact Form 7 adds flexibility. These features make your landscaping website more user-friendly and attractive.

SEO Optimization Focus

When picking a landscaping WordPress theme, it’s important to focus on SEO optimization to boost your site’s visibility on search engines.

A theme with built-in SEO features like meta tags, keyword optimization, and responsive design can drive more organic traffic your way. Make sure the theme supports SEO-friendly URLs, image optimization, and structured data markup for better search engine understanding.

Don’t forget, mobile responsiveness, fast loading speeds, and easy navigation aren’t just vital for SEO success.

Incorporating regular content updates, a strategy for backlink building, and social media links will further enhance your site’s SEO performance.

Support & Documentation

Selecting a landscaping WordPress theme, you must make sure it comes with solid support and clear documentation. This means finding a theme that offers easy-to-follow guides and tutorials. These resources help you set up and customize your site without hassle.

It’s also important to have reliable customer support. If you run into problems, you want quick and helpful answers. Look for themes that provide access to tutorials, guides, and FAQs. These can make solving issues much smoother.

Additionally, make sure the theme gets regular updates. This keeps your site working well with new plugins and integrations. To end, themes with active community forums offer extra help and tips. So, choose wisely for a smoother experience.

WordPress Landscaping Theme FAQs

Can These Landscaping WP Themes Be Easily Integrated With Social Media Platforms to Showcase My Portfolio?

Yes, you can easily integrate these themes with social media platforms to show off your portfolio. They’re designed to help you connect with your audience and showcase your work effectively on the web.

Are There Options for Multilingual Support in These Themes to Attract a More Diverse Client Base?

Yes, you’ll find many of these themes offer multilingual support, so you can reach a wider audience. This feature helps you attract clients from different backgrounds by showcasing your work in various languages.

What Are the Security Features Included in These Themes to Protect My Website From Potential Cyber Threats?

You’re wondering about security features to keep your site safe. These themes offer strong protections, like secure coding and regular updates, to guard against hackers and malware. It’s essential for keeping your website secure.

How Do These Themes Handle SEO Optimization to Ensure My Landscaping Business Ranks Well on Search Engines?

These themes boost your site’s SEO to help your business show up on Google. They use clean code, fast loading times, and are mobile-friendly, making it easier for people to find you online.

Is There a Way to Incorporate an Online Booking System Within These Themes for Clients to Schedule Appointments Directly Through the Website?

Yes, you can add an online booking system to your website. Many themes support plugins that let clients book appointments directly. It’s a great way to make scheduling easier for both you and your clients.


Choosing the right landscaping WordPress theme for your website is key. You’ve got options like Jardinier, Landscape Design, and Exdesimo among others, each with its unique features. Consider what’s most important for your site—be it design flexibility, ease of use, or specific functionalities.

Remember, your website’s look and feel can greatly impact your business’s online presence. So, take your time, weigh your options, and pick the theme that best suits your landscaping business’s needs.

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