7 Best Designer WordPress Themes in 2024

Best WordPress Themes for Designers

Are you ready to take your website design to the next level? In 2024, the demand for visually stunning websites is at an all-time high, and as a designer or business owner, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

With WordPress continuing to be a popular platform for building websites, choosing the right theme can make all the difference in creating an aesthetically pleasing online presence that captivates and engages your audience.

So, in this post we have listed out 7 best performing designer themes for WordPress website. Go through it and pick the theme as you wish.

Best WordPress Themes for Designers

Freelance Digital Designer WordPress Theme

Freelance Digital Designer WordPress Theme

Explore the Patrick designer portfolio WordPress theme, a blend of creativity and sophistication designed for designers, launched on September 25, 2019, and updated on April 27, 2020. With 15 sales, its unique white and coral palette with red-black touches ensures your portfolio stands out.

Patrick caters to creatives with its intuitive Element builder and extensive Jet plugins for endless customization. Transform your site into a personal showcase that reflects your style.

Its responsive design ensures your work looks great on all devices, and customization options for headers, footers, and sliders let you craft a distinctive online presence.

Access unlimited downloads with the MonsterONE subscription for just $13.25 a month, making Patrick not just a theme, but a smart investment in your professional brand.

Best For: Freelancers and innovative professionals who are on the hunt for a visually striking and adaptable venue to present their masterpieces and charm a clientele.


  • An invigorating and contemporary portfolio layout that brilliantly exhibits your creative prowess.
  • Unparalleled customization options to infuse your personal branding and stylistic preferences into your digital presence.
  • Seamless integration with premier page builders, offering straightforward editing and content management.


  • This theme won’t be suitable for other kind of business. Only good for designer kind of websites.

Patrick – Designer Portfolio Website for Personal Promotion WordPress Theme

Patrick - Designer Portfolio Website for Personal Promotion WordPress Theme

Step into the world of creative elegance with the Patrick designer portfolio WordPress theme – a masterpiece tailored for the imaginative minds of the design world. Since its inception on September 25, 2019, and its subsequent enhancement on April 27, 2020, Patrick has captivated a discerning audience, with 15 sales speaking to its refined popularity.

The responsive design is a testament to Patrick’s commitment to excellence, guaranteeing your portfolio’s seamless display across a multitude of devices. The customization doesn’t end there; headers, footers, sliders, and more are all yours to mold, allowing you to curate an online space that’s unequivocally yours.

Joining the MonsterONE subscription elevates your experience, placing unlimited downloads at your fingertips for an irresistible $13.25 a month. This isn’t just a theme; it’s an investment in your professional image.

Best For: Those at the forefront of design innovation, seeking a sophisticated and versatile platform to broadcast their portfolio to the world.


  • Equipped with an intuitive Element builder and an extensive Jet plugins library for unparalleled customization.
  • Boasts a responsive design that promises a flawless portfolio presentation across a spectrum of devices.
  • Included in the MonsterONE subscription, offering unlimited access to premium resources at an exceptional value.


  • You should know to use Elementor plugin builder to design this theme.

Kanter – Corporate & Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Kanter - Corporate Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Discover the incredible capabilities of your business with the Kanter – Corporate & Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme, an impeccable choice for startups, creative powerhouses, and freelancers who demand a versatile design with a strong focus on showcasing their content.

Kanter is more than just a theme; it’s a complete package tailored for a spectrum of business necessities, from personal portfolios to professional agency displays. It comes loaded with an array of features designed to simplify the website creation process, including access to over 600 Google fonts and extensive documentation.

What’s more, all the images from the live demo are at your disposal, providing you with a rich palette to craft your site’s aesthetic from the ground up. The theme’s seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce opens up endless possibilities for site growth and potential revenue streams.

Ideal For:
Visionary entrepreneurs, creative mavericks, and dynamic agencies in search of a dynamic and content-centric WordPress theme to highlight their projects and expertise.


  • A multipurpose framework that caters to various business and personal projects with ease.
  • A treasure trove of Google fonts and ready-to-use images for personalization without limits.
  • Continuous enhancements and support to ensure peak performance with WordPress and WooCommerce.


  • Some users reported about slow loading speed issue.

Kanter’s track record speaks for itself, offering a blend of sophistication and ease that elevates any online presence. It’s an investment in your digital footprint that promises to deliver both in the short term and as your business evolves.

DreamHub – Design Agency WordPress Theme

DreamHub - Design Agency WordPress Theme

Unleash unparalleled creativity and sophistication with DreamHub, the WordPress theme crafted with precision for design agencies. Since its launch on June 12, 2023, DreamHub has emerged as a treasure trove of innovation, available exclusively at the TemplateMonster marketplace. This gem is the epitome of uniqueness, setting your agency apart in the digital realm with its one-of-a-kind design.

DreamHub’s interface is a masterpiece of elegance and functionality, designed to exhibit your design agency’s portfolio with flair. It’s the perfect canvas for agencies striving to carve out an unmistakable brand identity online with a modern touch. From the moment you deploy DreamHub, you’ll be immersed in an experience that resonates with style and professional finesse.

Best Suited For: Agencies that aspire to radiate a distinctive and polished web presence, leveraging a WordPress theme that’s been meticulously tailored for the creative industry.


  • The exclusive and unparalleled design of DreamHub guarantees that your agency’s website will be a standout sensation.
  • It boasts seamless integration with WordPress builders and meets a wide spectrum of technical prerequisites, ensuring a hassle-free setup and maintenance.
  • The Theme’s support team, along with the robust community at TemplateMonster marketplace, is always on standby to guide you through any queries or customizations.


  • Customization options may require some technical knowledge, making it less accessible for beginners.

Touria – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Touria - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Are you an imaginative professional, like a designer or developer, in search of a WordPress theme that will display your work in the most sophisticated and fashionable manner? Look no further than Touria, the Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme, meticulously crafted for individuals like you.

Touria’s seamless integration with Elementor Page Builder and Contact Form 7 makes personalizing your digital space a breeze, offering a user experience that’s as intuitive as it’s powerful. The theme boasts a responsive design, ensuring your portfolio’s performance and appearance are flawless across all devices.

Moreover, by subscribing to MonsterONE, you can acquire Touria for the exceptional value of just $13.25/month, along with the added advantage of unlimited access to an extensive library of design resources.

Best For: Trailblazing creative souls such as designers, developers, and virtuoso artists who desire a chic and adaptable platform to exhibit their portfolio online.


  • Elementor Page Builder compatibility ensures a smooth and effortless customization process.
  • A responsive layout guarantees that your portfolio is displayed perfectly, regardless of the device.
  • The MonsterONE subscription offers an unmatched treasure trove of downloads, broadening your creative toolkit.


  • Advanced functionalities may require purchasing premium add-ons, increasing overall cost.

Touria isn’t just a theme; it’s a statement of style and professionalism that empowers you to put your best work forward in the digital realm. With its modern features and elegant design, Touria is poised to become the go-to choice for creative professionals looking to make a lasting impact online.

Keira – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Keira - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discover ‘Keira – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme,’ a finely-crafted theme for creatives, embraced by 341 professionals since its release on April 2, 2021. This minimalist theme brims with customization through its Elementor Page Builder compatibility and offers three color schemes – dark, light, and blue. Keira’s latest update on December 21, 2023, ensures it remains a modern, stylish choice for graphic designers and photographers alike seeking to showcase their work online with elegance.

Best For: The visionary artists, innovative freelancers, and all creative professionals aspiring to cast an unforgettable digital impression with a portfolio that’s as dynamic as their work.


  • A masterpiece of simplicity and elegance, Keira highlights your portfolio with an understated grace.
  • Effortlessly mold your online persona with the intuitive Elementor Page Builder, satisfying a spectrum of creative expressions.
  • Three distinct color themes open a world of aesthetic possibilities, allowing your site to adapt and evolve with your personal taste.


  • With 341 discerning professionals having chosen Keira, this theme has proven its allure, though its select popularity suggests an exclusive community of users who prioritize quality and distinction in their digital showcase.

Step into the limelight with Keira, where your work doesn’t just live on the web – it thrives and captivates the audience it deserves.

Codi Miles Graphic Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Codi Miles Graphic Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Embrace sophistication with the Codi Miles Graphic Design Portfolio WordPress Theme, geared towards graphic designers. This minimalist theme features a classic black and white color scheme that highlights your work, paired with streamlined layouts for a smooth user experience.

Effortlessly personalize your site with the integrated Elementor page builder, enabling versatile design without needing to code. Enjoy stylish tools, top-tier performance, and a convenient design process.

With MonsterONE, gain unlimited access to an array of products for a small monthly fee, complete with thorough documentation and dedicated support, transforming your web design journey.

Best For: Discerning graphic designers and creative minds who desire a clean, refined, and navigable online portfolio that exudes professionalism and showcases their talents in the best light.


  • Boasts the user-friendly Elementor page builder for effortless customization, even for those with no coding background.
  • Features a minimalist black and white design that beautifully frames and elevates the portfolio’s content.
  • Offers access to a support team and extensive documentation, providing a safety net of guidance and assistance.


  • The classic black and white color scheme, while elegant, mightn’t align with every designer’s branding or individual aesthetic preferences.

Celebrate your creative vision with the Codi Miles theme, where your graphic design portfolio can truly shine, wrapped in the sophistication of minimalism and the prowess of user-centric design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Designer WordPress Themes

When selecting a designer WordPress theme, you must weigh several crucial factors to ensure your site stands out.

Consider the theme’s visual appeal, its ability to adapt across devices, and how easily you can tailor it to fit your brand.

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of a comprehensive feature set, along with reliable update and support policies.

Theme Aesthetic Appeal

Considering the theme’s aesthetic appeal is essential, as it significantly impacts your website’s visual allure and visitor engagement. The design elements, color schemes, and overall visual presentation should captivate your audience at first glance. It’s not just about looking good; aesthetic appeal is crucial for capturing and retaining visitor attention, influencing their perception of your site’s professionalism, creativity, and modernity.

When selecting a theme, ensure it resonates with your brand and speaks to your target audience. A mismatch could confuse visitors or detract from your message.

Responsiveness and Compatibility

When choosing a WordPress theme, prioritize responsiveness for a seamless display across all devices and ensure compatibility with major page builders, plugins, WordPress itself, and other software you intend to use. Also, check for compatibility with WordPress.com and WooCommerce to ensure smooth setup and optimal performance.

Customization Flexibility

Customization flexibility transforms a basic website into a unique digital embodiment of your brand, allowing you to tailor every aspect, from colors and fonts to layouts and functionalities, to your exact preferences. When you’re choosing designer WordPress themes, this adaptability is vital. You want the ability to personalize your site to match your unique brand and style seamlessly.

Look for themes that offer a broad range of customization options and settings, ensuring you can make each design element your own. The flexibility to modify and rearrange components is essential for meeting your specific needs. Plus, a theme that supports the integration of additional functionalities and plugins will expand your customization capabilities even further, making your website truly stand out.

Feature Set Inclusion

When selecting a designer WordPress theme, it’s crucial to assess whether the feature set aligns with your website’s goals and enhances its functionality. Ensure the theme is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder for straightforward customization.

If you’re planning to sell products or offer courses, look for integration options with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, LifterLMS, and LearnDash.

A theme that offers a wide range of font choices and supports multiple languages will provide greater design flexibility and expand your audience reach. Verify that the theme includes essential features like portfolio, contact page, and biography sections.

Update and Support Policy

When choosing a theme, verify its update frequency and support duration to ensure longevity and help. Check for regular updates and long-term support for bug fixes to keep your site secure and functional.

Examine support avenues like documentation, forums, and direct assistance. Prioritize themes with dependable customer service for a reassuring safety net for your website.

Designer WordPress Themes FAQ

How Do These Designer Wordpress Themes Integrate With E-Commerce Platforms Like Woocommerce, and Are There Any Limitations to Be Aware Of?

Why worry about integration? These themes seamlessly blend with WooCommerce, though you’ll face some limitations regarding customization options and potential added costs for premium features. Always check compatibility before diving in.

Can These Themes Be Easily Translated Into Multiple Languages, and Do They Support RTL (Right to Left) Languages for Broader International Use?

You’ll find most themes can be translated into multiple languages and support RTL languages, ensuring your website appeals to a global audience without running into significant limitations.

What Kind of Ongoing Support and Updates Can Users Expect After Purchasing One of These Themes, and Are There Any Additional Costs Involved?

You’ll receive regular updates and support post-purchase, ensuring your site stays fresh. But watch out for those extra fees—sometimes, they’re lurking where you least expect them.

How Do These Themes Handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Are There Built-In Tools or Recommended Plugins to Help Improve Search Rankings?

You’ll find these themes are SEO-friendly with built-in tools. They often recommend plugins like Yoast to boost your search rankings, ensuring your site’s content gets the visibility it deserves.

Are There Any Specific Hosting Requirements or Recommendations for These Themes to Ensure Optimal Performance and Security?

You’ll want a host that offers robust performance and security features to ensure your site runs smoothly. Look for providers with dedicated WordPress support and enhanced security measures.

Best WordPress Themes for Designers: Conclusion

Hey, picking the perfect WordPress theme is super important if you want a website that looks good and works smoothly. I’ve done my homework, chatted with the experts, and now I’ve got a sweet list of themes for you.

They’re all about being flexible, easy to use, and they come with big thumbs up from folks who use them and those in the know. Trust me, these picks are going to take your website game to the next level. Ready to dive in?

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