10 Free Images No Copyright Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers

Free Images No Copyright Stock photo sites

Are you a web designer or a blogger looking for high-resolution free images no copyright issue? Are you a budding photographer searching for ideas? Are you an artist looking for inspiration?

Are you a small business owner in need of promotional images? You could belong to any of the above categories. Or you could be a hobbyist who collects incredibly innovative images for you and your children.

Free Stock photo sites offer you a vast range of royaltyfree images with no copyright for your personal, family, community, and professional applications.

Many of them don’t even force you to create an account. You may log in using your email-ID or just enter the site to download plenty of photos at no cost.

Free Images No Copyright Special Features

  • High-resolution images
  • Support for multiple formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, etc
  • The vast range of categories based on multiple Genres
  • Free Images with no copyright issues
  • Access to the latest trending images
  • View frequently downloaded images
  • Tagged for easy search and find
  • No copyright restrictions

Easy to Download

Downloading from free stock photos websites is as simple and easy as picking up a flower from a plant in your garden. You can opt for single or multiple files using selection options. Then click on the download button. Direct the download to your local hard drive in any directory. Wait till the download is complete. Start using the images.

Now, it is time to take a look at the top 10 free stock image websites which could be highly useful for you.

Free Images No Copyright Websites with Royalty Free Protection

1. Alamy

User Interface

Alamy is an image sharing site without copyright that has a simple, yet sophisticated user interface. The search option on the home page lets you input a phrase or image. You can drag-n-drop, choose a file from your local drive, or paste the image link. Supported formats are JPG and PNG.

The phrase search has an auto-completion option just like the Google search engine. You can choose from the dropdown list as you start typing.

Image Options

Every image in the search result page has a download option with a brief description of the photo. You can also search for more photos by the same photographer by clicking on a button over the image.

Royalty-Free Options

Before downloading, you can select from multiple options like personal use, presentations, website, magazines and books, and marketing. There is also an option for selecting the license from x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.

Vast Categories

Alamy offers you plenty of categories which include people, location, orientation, viewpoint, date of shooting, and advanced search options. Some of these features are unique to Alamy.


It is one of the unique and interesting aspects of Alamy. You can choose from front, side, rear, and profile.

Date taken

The options with the date taken are plenty. You can choose from last week to the previous two years. There is also a customized option, where you can enter the exact date, before, after, or between two dates. It gives you more accuracy while searching for the photos from the website.

Advanced Search

Advanced options make your search more accurate for your specific needs. You can filter based on contributor name, whole phrase and minimum word phrase. There is also an option for removing specific words from the search.

Widened Scope

With all the search and filter options, the scope of your photo search increases substantially.

Legal Rights

There are two options on the main menu which helps to filter the search for model released and property released. A model release is a liability waiver. That means the “owner of the photograph” has permitted them to publish the photo in any form online or in printed form.

A property release is related to the “property (ex: – real estate, construction, landscape, etc owned by a private or public organization or individual)” which is shown in the photograph. Hence, you have all the legal rights to use the photographs without any hassles.

2. Pixabay

The home page of Pixabay offers you a vast collection of assorted high-quality free images no copyright. The search box gives you the option to choose multiple formats of images like photos, vector graphics, illustrations, etc. You can also download videos. Some of the salient features of Pixabay are listed here.

  • Search options using symbols and words
  • No differentiation between upper and lower case letters and singular/plural
  • Usage of multiple search terms
  • Options to filter out specific words from search (Ex: Fruits – Mango:- removes mango from the list)

Symbol Search

Sometimes you may need to search for stock images using symbols rather than words. Pixabay lets you input such symbols to make your search more specific to your needs.

Combination Search

You may use a combination of upper/lower case, only upper case, or only lower case words for a search to get the same results.

For multiple searches, you can use | symbol. For example, machines | equipment will give you a list of all machines and equipment in the same result page. The priority is given to machines and equipment gets second priority. You can use multiple combinations of more than two also.

Search Filters

There are also many filters like orientation (horizontal/vertical), multiple categories, size in pixels (user input), colors (including transparent), etc.

Safe Search

Safe search option filters out all the inappropriate images (ex: words which may also result in porn or unrelated images).

Explore Images

The menu has a list of popular images, videos and photographers. These unique options make your search highly personalized.

3. Kisspng

If you are searching for free images no copyright transparent PNG images, Kisspng is the right site to explore and search. Some of the main categories are watercolor, silhouette, cartoon, frame, arrow, flower, tree, and art. Every category has several sub-categories.

For example, watercolor has sub-categories like flowers, painting, illustrations, and cartoons, etc. The site offers many options like sorting, size specifications, types, and colors.

Kisspng connects to Instagram to list out most popular images from there with options for filtering on size, types, and colors. There are several sub-menus with options for direct, multiple background options, etc.

Here, you can find all the latest trending images related to multiple categories and sub-categories. Regular updates to the page make it highly versatile. You can find all trending themes from A to Z themes. For example, the “Autumn Pattern” menu gives you a vast range of PNG images related to the theme with plenty of options for related searches.

Every image you select in Kisspng has multiple tags. For example, you may choose pop-art. The related tags will be Retro, vintage, cartoon, fairy, etc. So, you can get all the related images without having to search for them individually. It saves on your time and reduces the effort.

4. New Old Stock

New Old Stock website is known for its vintage collections from the classical ages. You can find a vast range of photos from the early 20th century and even before. Some of the finest categories you can find are space exploration, vintage cars, ships, landscapes, industry, nature, etc.

Unique Caption Link

Every image in the search result page has a unique caption. Clicking on that caption will take you to the original source of the image. For example, the photo “Ancient American Dwelling” to the source of the photo wherein you can find plenty of related photos.

High Resolution

The minimum pixel width you can get from New Old Stock is 1000px. It is possible to get single or multiple photo downloads (.ZIP) from the site based on your selection.


Free subscription option will enable you to get the latest uploaded images in.ZIP format. It is an option which will help you to get access to some of the most fascinating vintage images.

Quick Search

You can find a quick search button on the left side corner of the home page. Click on to enter your search phrase. It gives you the freedom to input any permutation and combination of search option according to your specific requirement.

You have to be a bit careful while entering the second search after the completion of the first because the search text window disappears by the time you erase the previous search phrase to enter a new one. Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen every time and it won’t be too frustrating.

5. Skitterphoto

Admin Picks

Admin Picks is one of the most beautiful features of Skitterphoto website. Here you can get to see free images no copyright and download a vast range of high-resolution photos in various pixel dimensions and categories. Every image gives you details like pixels, aspect ratio, camera specifications, date of photograph and date of upload. You can also find many related links just beneath the specifications. These are chosen by the system admin of the website after plenty of research and filtering.

Absolute Freedom

Many of the photos in Skitterphoto give you the absolute freedom to use them for distribution, copying, editing, and using for commercial-purposes without having to get prior permission.

Featured Photos

Featured photos give you two unique options for sorting and category selection. Sorting can be done by date and number of views, downloads, and likes. There are 16 categories from animals and architecture to technology, transportation and travel. You can easily download the selected photo by right-clicking on it and choosing the “Save As” option.

All Photos

If you want to select after viewing every photo, you have to choose All copyright free Photos from the main menu. The site displays hundreds of result pages with assorted categories. You patiently browse through the pages and choose the images of your choice.

Multiple Categories

The main menu offers a vast range of categories from animals and architecture to sports, technology and wallpapers. You can choose from a vast range of high-resolution images listed in each category.

6. Picography

Picography is a another free images no copyright photos website with 11 categories in the main menu. The home page also has a free search box, in which you can input /choose a vast range of categories and personalized search phrases.

Photo Count

The main menu listing shows the count of uploaded images for every category. The information could be useful to you while choosing the category.

Easy Download

Right-click on the image and choose “Save As” option. You can save it to any of your local drives.

Similar Photos

The list of similar photos on the right side of your selected image gives you additional options to choose.

Miscellaneous Categories

If you aren’t too happy with the main categories, the site offers a vast number of miscellaneous categories just below your selected image. Every category has a huge collection of high-resolution photos.

7. Reshot


Reshot is a cool royalty-free photos website with hundreds of categories and sub-categories. You can enter the search phrase, choose from trending images list, or select from popular searches. There are plenty of genres which range from business and fashion to foods, yoga, festivals, holiday and technology.

Simple Download

Select the photo of your choice and click. You can right-click on the selected image and choose “Save As”. Or you can simply click on the “Download Free” button on the right. Choose the local drive and directory. Wait until the image downloads and start using it.

Every selected image page also displays plenty of related and liked photos. You can click on them to open in separate tabs to view and download free of cost.

Note: Sometimes, clicking on sponsored images may lead to third-party websites which may or may not be cost-free.

Image Packs

There are also some image packs which are available in ZIP formats. You can enter the page by clicking on the “Packs” in the main menu. You can download the ZIP file free of cost after sending a Tweet to the site-owner.

There is also a “Discover More” link in every image pack. You can click on that link to enter a new page filled with many more free photos.

8. Pexels

Pexels looks like a highly creative website with plenty of innovatively and intuitively created photos. Sometimes it is like seeing the same set of images which you visualize in your inner eyes (The ones which you see while closing your eyes which slip away as quickly as they appear).

Image Search

Pexels website gives you a search box for entering the phrase words. For example, you may type “Buddhism and Zen”. The result page shows images and videos with a display of count at the page top.

Easy Download

Click on the image. Go to the page and click the “Free Download” button. Or you can right-click on the image and choose “Save As” option.

Explore Images

The Explore main menu has many submenus like discover, popular (photos and searches), Leader board, photo challenges, and photos by color.               Challenge page is a place where you can upload photos to win attractive prizes.

Discover photo leads you to a unique page, which has a large collection of photos in multiple themes. Each section may have hundreds of photos which you can click and open.

9. Stocksnap

Stocksnap.io is an elegant stock free photos website with all the lovable categories you can imagine. The free copyright images are related to emotions, Feelings, people, couples, seasons, music, money, technology, and everything else that matters to your life.


Categories-list is the first main menu which gives you a vast range of popular-categories. Every sub-category has an image with relevant buttons below. For example, you can consider the photo “Beach”.

Just below that, you find three buttons named Sea, ocean, and Water. When you click on a button it opens up to one more sub-category with hundreds of high-quality images. Or you can click directly on the image to enter the specified sub-category on the image.

Search Box

The Search box in the home page is as versatile as the options on the menu. Here, you can input any combination of keywords to make a search phrase. Click to find plenty of colorful high-resolution photos.

10. Gratisography

Gratisography is a crazily creative royalty-free stock photos website. The two main options are the search box and”Browse” the main menu.

Search Box

A search box has an auto-complete option similar to Google Search. You can choose from the dropdown list which gives you plenty of options as you start typing your keyword phrase.

Browse Menu

The “Browse” main menu has many more sub-menus and categories, from which you can choose your favorite photos.

Similar Photos

Every selected photo has many similar images to its right. The collections can let you choose the most appropriate image of your choice.

Free Images No Copyright Websites:Conclusion

We have listed the top 10 free images no copyright websites for commercial use  based on long research. Read through each website deliberately and make notes of the features. Then you can find the best options and download the required files. Make sure you read the “terms and conditions” on every website before downloading and using the photos.

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