itop VPN Coupon Codes: itop Black Friday Discount

Itop VPN Coupon Codes

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itop Vpn Coupon Codes

Here are the exclusive promo codes for buying one of the best VPNs for your personal use, and you can use this VPN for streaming movies with super ultra speed.

You can use this VPN for protecting your

  • Windows
  • Pc
  • Android
  • Mac

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itop VPN Black Friday Deal

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A short itop Vpn Review.

If you’re a daily internet surfer or doing regular online transactions then you should hide your identity to stay anonymous from hackers. ItopVPNn is one of the best Vpns for online users with the best security features and regular updates.

Funcation1: UI optimization, cooler, simpler optimization

itop 3.0 interface

  1. Cooler interface with rounded corners
  2. Sidebar display optimization
  3. Main display area layout more reasonable, more concise
itop vpn dashboard

Funcation2: SmartLocation optimization to Connect to the best server

When connecting, automatically connect to the server with the best performance by distance, latency and load

Connect faster – optimized algorithm to connect faster e.g. when users connect, they will first find the 30 servers with the lowest latency (if there are not enough 30, they will make up 30 by distance), and then connect to the server with the lowest load by different latency intervals

Funcation3: All Servers list display optimization

1. Increase the list of common users

  • Display the most recently connected servers, up to 3
  • Display under Smart location

2. Auto sort by country from near to far

  • Displayed under the frequently used list

For example: display country grouping from near to far according to the distance from the user to the country grouping.

3. When a country, city or special server is added, there is a New mark in the main interface and server list.

itop vpn country

Function 4: Server performance optimization

1. VIP server: all top servers in the industry

  • Such as: Amazon server.

2. Free servers: add or replace with high quality servers in the industry

  • Such as: Datapacket, FDC, etc.
  • Being added and replaced gradually

Note: For new installations within 24 hours, top servers will be provided to Free users to improve the experience, and after more than 24 hours (no purchase), replaced with medium servers
High quality Free servers (countries): USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea.

Function5: Privacy Protection widget added

Speed Test Widget

itop vpn speed test
  • Help users find the best performing server
  • Performance indicators: latency, download speed
  • Free function
speed test 1

IP Configure
Function Description: When connecting, select the connection method as needed

ip configure

1. Best Server IP: Free function
When connecting, the server with the best performance is judged according to the performance of the server.

2. Defferent IP: VIP function
When connecting, the IP of the server is different every time you connect
More secure, the IP changes every time you connect, so hackers and ISPs can’t track it easily.

3. SameIP: VIP function

When connecting, the server IP remains the same every time you connect
Example: login to gmail, Microsoft account, FB, TW, etc., will not trigger security authentication.

IPv6 gadget (Free)
Advantages of IPv6.

  1. Secure: IPv6 greatly enhances the security of the network (adding authentication, data consistency and confidentiality)
  2. Fast: IPv6 speeds up the speed of routers in forwarding packets
  3. More: Next generation Internet Protocol, used to replace IPv4 address exhaustion

IPv6 supported country servers.

  1. Some Free servers and VIP servers in USA and Japan
  2. All servers in Germany and France
    New servers will be added and replaced in the future
    Note: The link and the chart on the right are the global IPv6 deployment status

Function 6: Core Features

Hide IPSupportSupport
Privacy security protectionSupportSupport
Automatic browser privacy cleanup (PC side) Manual cleanupAuto(scheduled task, browser close)
Security Enhancement (PC side) Basic(some optimization items)Support
ADS Block (PC)Not supportedSupport
DNS Protection (PC)SupportSupport
Unlimited BandwidthSupportSupport
Unlimited SpeedSupportSupport
Unlimited Traffic PCFree 700M(1 Days)Support
Smart location(Enhanced)SupportSupport
IP Configure (PC-side)Best Server IPBest Server IP, Defferent IP, SameIP,Defferent IP, SameIP
IPv6(New on PC)SupportSupport
Speed Test(PC side new)-Some US regionsSupportSupport
Split Tunneling(PC side added)Not supportedSupport
Network Protocols(3 connection options)SupportSupport
Connect to any serverSome servers1800+
Kill Switch: Unexpected network disconnectionlocal network unavailabilitySupport
Quick Access: Sub-scenarioNot supportedSupport
4 terminals (PC, IOS, Android, Mac)
total 5 devices login simultaneously
IP Checker(more IP information)SupportSupport

itop VPN Discount Code: Conclusion

The price of the Vpn service are getting costlier day by day and finding a cheap vpn service with premium features are getting difficult.

If you are looking for a premium vpn service, itop is the best option for you as they provide unlimited bandwidth, speed and traffic along with other sensitive features like privacy security protection and automatic browser cleanup..

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