7 Best Nail Salon WordPress Themes for May 2024

Have you ever wondered how the right WordPress theme can transform your nail salon’s website from plain to exceptional? You’re in the right place. Choosing the perfect theme isn’t just about looks; it’s about finding a seamless blend of functionality and style that speaks to your brand.

From Poli Nails to Naylish, we’ve curated a list of the 7 best options that promise to elevate your beauty site. Each theme offers unique features, but there’s more to consider than meets the eye.

Let’s explore what makes these themes stand out and how you can pick the one that aligns perfectly with your salon’s vibe.

Best Nail Salon WordPress Themes

Poli Nails – Nail Salon with Great Widgets and WordPress Elementor Theme

Poli Nails Nail Salon WP Themes

If you’re running a nail salon, Poli Nails – Nail Salon with Great Widgets and WordPress Elementor Theme is your go-to for creating a modern and engaging online presence. This theme has everything you need. It looks unique and attractive. You won’t get lost because the navigation is clear. It also comes with cool visual effects. With Elementor, you can build pages easily.

There are over 50 widgets just for you. You can change things up however you like. It works perfectly with WordPress. This theme makes your salon look better online. It’s like having your salon open all the time on the internet. You can show off what makes you better than others. Plus, people can find all they need to know about your services quickly.

Best For: Nail salons looking to enhance their online presence with a modern, easy-to-navigate website.


  • Offers a unique and attractive design that sets a salon apart.
  • Easy page building with Elementor and over 50 specialized widgets.
  • Continuous updates ensure compatibility and introduce new features.


  • May require a subscription to MonsterONE for full benefits, adding ongoing costs.

Salona – Nail spa, Massage spa and Salon WordPress Theme

Salona Nail Salon Theme

Salona is the perfect choice for beauty enthusiasts seeking a Salon and Spa WordPress Theme that’s easy to customize, requiring no coding skills. It’s sleek and responsive, built on the Elementor Page Builder.

This theme fits well for various beauty ventures, including Salons, Hair Salons, and even Massage Spas. You’ll find an portfolio page, events section, and a services page. Plus, there’s an appointment form for advance bookings, making it easier for your clients to reach out. With Salona, setting up your beauty website is a breeze, offering you a professional online presence without the hassle of learning to code.

Best For: Beauty industry professionals looking for an easily customizable, no-coding-needed WordPress theme for their salon, spa, or beauty business.


  • Built on the Elementor Page Builder, allowing for easy drag-and-drop customization.
  • Includes specific features like an events section, portfolio page, services page, and an appointment form for advance bookings.
  • Responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices.


  • Requires WordPress knowledge, which might be a barrier for absolute beginners.

Nail Lux – Manicure Salon Landing page WordPress Theme

Nail Lux - Manicure Salon Landing page WordPress Theme

For beauty industry studios looking to create a standout online presence, Nail Lux – Manicure Salon Landing Page WordPress Theme is an ideal choice. It’s got a unique design with vivid graphics and a nice color palette.

Everything on the page, from layouts to elements, is well-designed. It’s great for making a landing page that shows off your studio’s info and perks. Plus, it works like a virtual office that’s open all the time. You’ll find it under tags like WordPress and Nail Salon Templates on TemplateMonster Marketplace.

This theme helps your salon shine online, making it easy for clients to see what you offer.

Best For: Beauty industry studios looking to elevate their online presence with a unique and visually appealing landing page.


  • Unique design with vivid graphics and an appealing color palette.
  • Functions as a virtual office, accessible 24/7.
  • Compatible with WordPress.com, including images and various software requirements.


  • You hosting must have PHP version 7.4 and above to install this theme.

Nail Lux – Manicure Salon Website and Blog WordPress Theme

Nail Lux - Manicure Salon Website and Blog WordPress Theme

Nail Lux is the perfect WordPress theme for beauty industry studios looking for a unique design and virtual office capabilities. This theme stands out with its vivid graphics, nice color palette, and well-designed page elements. It’s made just for places like yours.

Nail Lux offers pages for everything you need. You can introduce your salon, show off your team, list your services, display your work, share prices, book visits, and provide contact information.

Plus, it gives you three styles for your blog, so you can keep your site fresh and engaging. It’s more than just a theme; it’s a tool to help your business shine online.

Best For: Individuals or businesses in the beauty industry looking to create a visually appealing, functional online presence with a focus on manicure services.


  • Unique design with a vivid graphic layout and a pleasing color palette enhances the visual appeal of the site.
  • Offers virtual office capabilities, enabling easier management of bookings and inquiries.
  • Comes with three different blog design options, allowing for content variation and engagement.


  • Limited sales history might raise concerns regarding its popularity or user satisfaction.

LaNotte – Nail Salon WordPress Theme

LaNotte - Nail Salon WordPress Theme

If you’re in the beauty business, LaNotte – Nail Salon WordPress Theme, built on Elementor PageBuilder, is your go-to for creating a stunning online presence. Its responsive design means your site looks great on phones and tablets. With the One Click Demo Importer, you can set up quickly.

You’ll love choosing from over 600 Google Fonts. Customizing’s easy with Redux Theme Option. Plus, it works well with WooCommerce, Elementor, WPML, and Bootstrap. This theme supports the latest web technologies, including Retina displays.

It comes with support, updates, and clear documentation. You’re also covered with a simple commercial license. Making your nail salon website stand out has never been easier.

Best For: Beauty professionals and salon owners looking to create an elegant and functional online presence.


  • Built on the highly flexible Elementor PageBuilder, enabling easy customization.
  • Includes a responsive design ensuring the site looks great on all devices.
  • Offers One Click Demo Importer for a quick and hassle-free setup process.


  • May require some familiarity with Elementor and WordPress for optimal customization.

Rasm – Beauty Spa Care & Nail Salon WordPress Theme

Rasm – Beauty Spa Care Nail Salon WordPress Theme

Designed specifically for beauty cosmetics shops and makeup stores, the Rasm WordPress theme is your go-to choice for creating an elegant online presence. It’s built with Elementor, which means you can customize it easily without needing to know how to code.

Plus, it works well with WooCommerce, MailChimp, and Contact Form 7. It looks great on any browser and fits perfectly on any screen size, thanks to its responsive design and clean coding.

You’ll love how you can change colors anytime you want and how it supports multiple languages. Setting up your online store is a breeze with WooCommerce. Plus, getting started is simple with the one-click demo install. You also get custom addons and ready-made designs for your headers and footers.

Best For: Beauty salons, spa centers, and cosmetic stores looking for an elegant and customizable online platform.


  • Built with Elementor, allowing for easy customization without coding knowledge.
  • Supports popular plugins like WooCommerce and MailChimp, enhancing functionality.
  • Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, ensuring a seamless user experience on any device.


  • May require a basic understanding of Elementor and WordPress for initial setup and customization.

Naylish – Nail Salon & Beauty Care Elementor Template Kit


For beauty care businesses looking for a modern web presence, Naylish – Nail Salon & Beauty Care Elementor Template Kit offers 13+ ready-to-use templates. It’s got a clean design that’s easy to use. You don’t need to know coding to create a professional website.

The templates work well on phones and computers. They also look sharp on high-quality screens. You can use them on different web browsers too.

There are templates for different pages like Home, About Us, Services, and more. To start, install the Envato Elements plugin. Then, download and upload the kit file. You’ll find how-to guides online. Remember, the images need a license for website use. While personal support isn’t included, updates come with the kit. It works best with Elementor Pro, but free plugins are okay too.

Best For: Beauty care businesses seeking a modern, code-free web presence with customizable templates.


  • Offers 13+ ready-to-use, customizable templates for various pages.
  • Fully responsive and retina ready for a sharp display on all devices.
  • Compatible with both Elementor Pro and free plugins, enhancing flexibility.


  • Personalized support isn’t included, which may challenge some users.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Nail Salon WordPress Themes

When picking a WordPress theme for your nail salon, you need to think about a few key things.

Make sure it works well on all devices, looks great, and has the features you want.

It should also be easy to change to fit your style and needs.

Theme Compatibility

Selecting a nail salon WordPress theme requires ensuring its compatibility with key tools like Elementor and WooCommerce to simplify customization and enhance your site’s functionality. It’s vital to check that the theme works well with page builders like Elementor, allowing you to easily adjust your site’s layout.

Also, ensure it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce for smooth online booking and sales. A responsive and mobile-friendly theme is a must to reach a broad audience. Themes with a one-click demo import make setting up your site a breeze.

Lastly, opt for themes that support multiple languages and include custom addons, boosting your website’s capabilities. By considering these compatibility factors, you’ll set a solid foundation for your nail salon’s online presence.

Design Quality

After ensuring your theme’s compatibility with essential tools, it’s crucial to consider the design quality, as it greatly influences your website’s appeal to visitors.

Good design makes your site look attractive. It uses nice pictures, colors, and a clear layout that makes everything easy to find. This helps more people visit your site, like what they see, and stick around to learn more about your nail salon.

A theme that looks the same all over makes your salon seem professional and well put together. Paying attention to small design details, like the way your text looks and the images you use, can really improve how people feel when they visit your site.

Feature Set

Choosing the right nail salon WordPress theme involves looking at the feature set to ensure it meets your business needs. You’ll need themes with tools like Elementor for easy page building and designs that look great on any device.

These themes should let you customize templates and work well with must-have plugins. Features such as appointment booking forms, showcases for your services, and sections for your team are crucial. Don’t forget about adding a blog, gallery displays, and pricing pages.

It’s also important to have contact forms and ways to link to your social media. Quick setup is a breeze with pre-designed layouts for essential pages. Lastly, modern design and attractive colors make your site stand out.

Customization Ease

Having explored the essential features of nail salon WordPress themes, let’s consider how easily you can customize these themes to reflect your unique style and brand. It’s important that you don’t need to know coding to make your site look just right.

Themes should let you change things up however you like, making your website feel like it’s truly yours. Look for drag-and-drop builders, ready-to-use templates, and easy color changes. This way, you can tweak layouts, fonts, colors, and more without a hassle.

Being able to adjust these elements easily not only makes your site stand out but also improves your experience and adds a personal touch. Always choose a theme that makes customization simple and fun.

Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s mobile-first world, it’s crucial that your nail salon’s website looks and works perfectly on phones and tablets. A mobile-responsive design ensures your site adapts to any screen size. This makes it easy for visitors to browse services, book appointments, and contact you, no matter their device.

By picking a WordPress theme that’s mobile-responsive, you’re not just making your site look good; you’re also boosting its chance to rank higher on search engines. This is key to attracting more customers. Remember, more people now use their phones to search online.

Plugin Integration

After ensuring your nail salon’s website is mobile-ready, it’s also vital to consider how well it works with key plugins. You’ll want a theme that plays nice with favorites like WooCommerce, Elementor, and Contact Form 7. Why? Because these tools add super useful features. Think online booking, selling products, and easy contact forms. These aren’t just extras; they’re essentials for a top-notch site.

A theme that’s buddy-buddy with a bunch of plugins means a smoother run for your site and better experiences for your customers. So, when picking, go for one that’s flexible with many plugins. It’ll make your life easier and help your nail salon shine online.

Support Availability

When choosing a theme for your nail salon’s website, don’t overlook the importance of support availability. It’s key for fixing tech problems and getting help with making your site look just right.

Look for themes with regular updates and customer support. This keeps your site running smoothly. Check if the theme maker offers guides, forums, or a way to ask for help when you need it. Good support saves you time and hassle when something goes wrong.

Go for themes known for great customer help. This ensures a good experience as you manage your nail salon website. Remember, support can make or break your site’s success.

Nail Salon WP Themes FAQs

How Can Integrating an Online Booking System Into My Nail Salon WordPress Theme Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Bookings?

Integrating an online booking system makes your life easier. You’ll see more bookings, as customers love the convenience. It’s like having a receptionist 24/7, making sure you’re always just a click away from your next appointment.

Can a Nail Salon WordPress Theme Be Optimized for Local SEO to Help My Salon Appear Higher in Local Search Results?

Yes, you can optimize your nail salon’s WordPress theme for local SEO to boost your search rankings. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for local customers to find your salon online.

What Are the Best Practices for Showcasing Customer Reviews and Before/After Photos Within These Nail Salon WordPress Themes to Build Trust and Attract New Clients?

To build trust and attract new clients, you should display customer reviews prominently and use galleries for before/after photos. This showcases your work and makes people feel confident about choosing your salon.

How Do These Themes Support E-Commerce Functionalities, Allowing Me to Sell Nail Care Products Directly From My Website?

Did you know 60% of beauty shoppers buy online? These themes let you sell nail care products directly from your site. They’re easy to set up, so you can start selling fast and hassle-free.

What Are the Security Features of These Nail Salon Wordpress Themes to Protect Customer Information, Especially for Sites That Include Online Booking and Payment Options?

You’re asking about security features. These themes often include SSL encryption, secure payment gateways, and regular updates to protect your customer’s info, especially when they’re booking services or paying online on your website.

Best WordPress theme for Nail Salon: Conclusion

So, you’ve seen the best themes out there for your nail salon website. But wait, there’s a twist. Choosing the right one isn’t just about pretty designs. It’s about making your site pop, drawing clients in, and keeping them coming back for more.

Will it be Poli Nails with its widgets, or maybe LaNotte for its elegance? The power’s in your hands. Choose wisely, and watch your salon’s online presence transform. The perfect theme is waiting. Will you find it?

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