7 Best Barber Shop WordPress Themes of June 2024

Barbershop WordPress Themes

Discover the top 7 Barber Shop WordPress Themes of June 2024, designed to showcase your services, hair cutting styles, and let your customers book appointment online.

These themes offer responsive designs, easy customization, and integrated booking systems, catering to the needs of modern barber shops seeking to enhance their digital footprint and client engagement.

Best Barber Shop WordPress Themes

Jericho – Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme

Jericho - Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish online presence for your barber shop, the Jericho – Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme is your top pick. It’s a unique choice with high sales.

You get widgets to showcase your services and tons of features and elements you can customize. It looks great, focusing on powerful and stylish haircuts, using brutal colors and readable fonts.

It’s designed to grab attention, with a responsive layout that includes text and visuals of your work, easy navigation, and pages for all your needs. Plus, there’s a contact form and pages for easy customer interaction.

Best For: Barber shops and hairstylists looking for a modern, stylish online presence to showcase their services and attract more customers.


  • Widgets and customizable options to present services attractively.
  • Stylish and responsive design tailored for men’s grooming.
  • Regular updates and support for bug fixes and customization.


  • Limited to barber shops and related businesses, potentially not versatile for other types of sites.

Haarmax – Hair Beauty Salon Hairdresser Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Haarmax - Hair Beauty Salon Hairdresser Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Haarmax is the go-to WordPress theme for hair salons, beauty parlors, and barbershops looking for a sleek, easy-to-use design. It’s perfect if you want your website to stand out.

This theme is great for any beauty business, including massage places and day spas. It’s flexible, full of cool features, and has a clean look.

Plus, it works well with WordPress and WooCommerce. You also get images with it, making setup smoother. With Haarmax, setting up your site is straightforward, letting you focus more on your business.

Best For: Small to medium-sized beauty businesses looking for a customizable and visually appealing online presence.


  • Flexible and user-friendly, catering to a wide range of beauty services.
  • Regular updates ensure the theme stays current with the latest web standards.
  • WooCommerce compatibility allows for easy online booking and product sales.


  • No cons to say

Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Barber Shop WordPress Theme

For businesses and service providers seeking a professional online presence, the Barber Shop WordPress Theme is a perfect match.

This theme fits various businesses, offering a customizable homepage and captivating galleries to show off your services. It’s fully responsive, ensuring your site looks great on any device. Plus, with a one-click importer, setting up your website is a breeze.

The theme is designed to boost the online presence of hair care and hairdressing services, making your site professional and attractive. It’s packed with features like custom shortcodes, enhancing your site’s functionality and appearance on all devices.

Best For:
Businesses and service providers looking to establish a professional and attractive online presence, especially in the hair care and hairdressing industry.


  • Customizable homepage layout and captivating galleries to showcase services effectively.
  • Fully responsive design that ensures the website looks great on all devices.
  • One-click importer feature makes website setup quick and easy.


  • Limited sales and reviews could indicate a less proven track record.

Barbar – Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Barbar - Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Choosing the Barbar – Barber Shop WordPress Theme is ideal for anyone wanting a trendy and functional online presence for their barbershop or tattoo parlor. Launched on August 25, 2023, this theme has quickly caught attention.

It’s designed to look great on all devices. You’ll find setting up appointments easy, thanks to its reservation feature. The theme is built on WPBakery builder, letting you customize the order and content of blocks easily.

Plus, it’s always improving, with recent updates fixing minor bugs and adding features like a calendar for each master. At just $13.25 a month, it’s an exclusive deal on TemplateMonster, a marketplace known for its vast selection of website templates.

Best For: Entrepreneurs and professionals in the grooming industry looking to establish or enhance their online presence with a stylish, functional website.


  • Trendy and responsive design caters to a modern audience and ensures a great user experience across all devices.
  • The reservation feature simplifies the booking process, making it convenient for clients to schedule services.
  • Built on WPBakery builder, offering flexibility in customization and ease of use for website owners.


Barb – Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme

Barb - Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme

If you’re a barber looking for a sleek website upgrade, Barb – Barber Shop Modern WordPress Theme is your top pick. This theme’s got everything.

It’s got a cool design that looks great on phones and computers. You can show off your haircuts with big, pretty pictures using Slider Revolution. Plus, your customers can easily get in touch with a built-in contact form.

Setting up your site is a breeze with pages ready to go. You’ll love how you can change things around without any trouble, thanks to the page builder. And guess what? Your site will run super fast and show up well in online searches.

You can even take appointments online. Barb makes your shop look top-notch online, helping you stand out whether you’re new or have been cutting hair for years.

Best For: Entrepreneurs and professionals in the barber industry looking to elevate their online presence with a modern, efficient website.


  • Sleek and responsive design ensures a great user experience on any device.
  • Page builder feature allows for easy customization to match any brand aesthetic.
  • Integration with WooCommerce facilitates online bookings and payments, streamlining the appointment process.


  • The theme’s rich array of features might be overwhelming for beginners with no prior WordPress experience.

Style Snip – Barbershop & Hairdresser WordPress Theme

Style Snip

Why settle for less when Style Snip’s fully responsive design ensures your barbershop or hairdressing salon looks incredible on any device? You don’t need to know coding. Style Snip makes it easy.

Use Elementor Page Builder to change your site as you like, without any hard work. It’s quick too. Your site loads fast, keeping visitors happy. And the design? It’s just what you need to stand out. Plus, connecting with people is easy with social media tools.

Your site will work great on different web browsers, making everyone’s visit smooth.

Choosing Style Snip means focusing on your business, not on tech stuff. It’s all about making your online presence shine, easily and quickly.

Best For: Style-conscious barbershops and hairdressing salons looking for a sleek, responsive, and easily customizable online presence.


  • Fully responsive design ensures the website looks great on any device.
  • No coding required, thanks to Elementor Page Builder integration.
  • Fast loading performance keeps visitors engaged and reduces bounce rates.


  • May require a subscription to Elementor Pro for certain advanced features.

Gogrin – Barber & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Gogrin - Barber WP Theme

For modern barbers and hair salons seeking a standout online presence, the Gogrin WordPress theme offers responsive design and easy customization. It’s got everything you need to get your site up and running quickly. With the drag-and-drop page builder, creating your website is a breeze.

You won’t need to know coding. You’ll find loads of unique page templates to make your site look just right. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly, so it looks great on phones and tablets. Setting it up is straightforward, and you’ll get lifetime updates. If you’re looking to make your barber shop or hair salon website professional and eye-catching, Gogrin’s got you covered.

Best For: Modern barbers and hair salons seeking a standout online presence with a user-friendly website design.


  • Easy-to-use with drag-and-drop page builder and hundreds of unique page templates
  • Responsive design that ensures the website looks great on all devices
  • Lifetime access to theme updates for continuous improvement and compatibility


  • Limited to only 3 sales, which may raise questions about its popularity or user satisfaction

Factors to Consider When Choosing Barber Shop WordPress Themes

When you’re picking a WordPress theme for your barber shop, it’s key to look at a few important things.

Make sure the theme looks good, works well on phones, and lets you change it how you like.

Also, check if it has the features and help you need to run your site smoothly.

Theme Design Quality

When picking a barber shop theme for your website, choose one that looks good on all devices like phones and computers. It should be easy to change to match your style and fast to load so people don’t leave.

Make sure it also looks right on different web browsers. This will make your website stand out and look professional.

Responsiveness & Compatibility

When choosing a barber shop theme for your website, find one that looks good on phones, tablets, and computers.

It should work well with WordPress and WooCommerce, be easy to change with tools like Elementor, load quickly, and run smoothly on different internet browsers.

Also, pick a theme that makes it easy to connect with customers on social media. This way, you’re not just getting a theme, but a tool to help your business grow and keep customers happy.

Customization Options

Dive into customization options to ensure your barber shop’s website stands out with a unique style and functionality.

You can tweak the homepage layout for a personalized look that reflects your brand’s vibe. It’s easy to change the order and content of blocks, making your design truly yours.

Use custom shortcodes to add unique touches to various elements without getting tangled in complex code.

Plus, with customizable headers and footers, you can ensure your brand is represented just right from top to bottom.

Don’t forget, you’ve got unlimited colors and styles at your fingertips. This means endless possibilities to make your site look and feel exactly how you want it.

Feature Set & Plugins

Having explored customization options, let’s now consider the essential features and plugins that make Barber Shop WordPress themes truly functional for your business.

Widgets for showcasing services and a variety of features are key. You’ll want the freedom to tweak and personalize these to your liking.

A contact form is a must-have for easy customer reach. It ensures clients can quickly find what they need and get in touch with you.

Compatibility with WordPress, WooCommerce, and other software is critical for smooth operation.

Don’t forget to check out TemplateMonster for a wide range of templates.

These elements together will make your barber shop’s online presence strong and customer-friendly.

Support & Documentation

When picking a Barber Shop theme for your website, look for one that has easy guides and videos to help you learn. Make sure it has good customer service for any questions. Choose a theme that lets you make changes but also get help when needed. It’s important to get a theme that updates for free forever so your website stays up-to-date. Lastly, find a theme with simple tools to make managing your website easy.

Barber Shop WordPress Themes FAQs

Can These Barber Shop WordPress Themes Be Integrated With Appointment Booking Systems or Plugins to Streamline Customer Scheduling?

Yes, you can integrate these themes with appointment booking systems or plugins to make scheduling easier for your customers. It streamlines the process, making it convenient for both you and your clients.

Are There Any Built-In SEO Optimization Features in These Themes to Help My Barber Shop Rank Higher in Search Engine Results?

Yes, these themes will rocket your barber shop’s website to the top of search engine results. They’re packed with built-in SEO optimization features, making it a breeze for you to climb the rankings.

How Customizable Are the Color Schemes and Fonts in These Themes to Match My Barber Shop’s Brand Identity?

You’ll find the themes highly customizable. You can easily change color schemes and fonts to match your barber shop’s brand. It’s a breeze to make your website look just like you want it to.

Do Any of These Themes Offer Support for Multilingual Websites to Cater to a Diverse Clientele?

Yes, some themes support multilingual websites, letting you reach more customers. They’re easy to set up, so you won’t struggle even if you’re new to this. It’s a great way to grow your business.

What Are the Options for Customer Support and Theme Updates After Purchase for These Barber Shop WordPress Themes?

After buying a theme, you’ll get customer support and updates. This means you can ask for help and your theme will stay up-to-date. It’s a good way to keep your website looking fresh and working well.


Choosing the right WordPress theme for your barber shop is like finding the perfect pair of scissors. It’s essential for a clean cut and smooth operation.

With options like Jericho, Haarmax, and Barb, you’re equipped to give your online presence a fresh style. Consider what matters most for your business, whether it’s sleek design or user-friendly features.

Dive in, pick a theme that suits your shop to a T, and watch your business flourish.

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