7 Best Authors WordPress Themes in 2024:Showcase Their Work

Best WordPress Themes for Authors

If you’re an author and eager to show your literary works, then you should check out this best WordPress themes for authors.

In 2024, it’s essential to have a website that not only reflects your personal brand but also engages your audience with an intuitive and inspiring layout.

For you we have selected the top 7 author themes offering a variety of features designed to highlight your books and connect with your readership.

If you don’t know how to create a website then you should check this guide to Start a blog on WordPress.

Best WordPress Themes for Authors

Author – Top Voted WordPress Theme

Top Author WordPress theme

Are you an author looking to showcase your latest work with a professional touch? The ‘Author’ template in our WordPress Themes for 2024 is tailored just for creatives like you, ensuring your books take center stage with its page builder compatibility and appealing design. It’s the perfect fit for any creative eager to promote their work, especially if that work is a book.

With full page builder compatibility, you can easily customize the layout to suit your style, while the light and inviting design highlights your new release with a subtly shaded image in the backdrop. Gentle, complementing colors not only draw in your audience but also create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages exploration of your content.

Best For: Authors and creatives who want to professionally present their work and attract readers or clients with a stylish, easy-to-navigate website.


  • Customizable to fit any creative work, not just books
  • Elegant design with tasteful color and font choices
  • Full compatibility with major page builders for easy editing


  • May require some time to learn page builder tools for customization

Best selling Author Theme

Best Selling Author WordPress theme

If you’re aiming to showcase your literary success, the Bestselling Author WordPress theme is tailor-made for authors like you, featuring a homepage spotlight for your latest work and seamless online sales integration through WooCommerce.

This theme lets you promote your most recent publication right at the top of your homepage, ensuring it grabs attention immediately. With full compatibility with leading website builders like Spectra and Elementor, you have the flexibility to craft a site that truly reflects your brand.

You’ll appreciate the ready-to-use templates for essential pages such as about, books, and contact, making site setup swift and straightforward. Plus, staying updated is effortless with the theme’s simple download process. Just enter your email and get notified about the latest updates and features to keep your site at the cutting edge.

Best For: Authors looking to create a professional online presence and sell their books directly to readers.


  • Integrated WooCommerce support enables easy online sales of books.
  • Ready-to-use templates for key pages simplify website setup.
  • Compatible with major page builders for custom design flexibility.


  • No cons to say!

Kathryn ebook Author WordPress

Kathryn Author WordPress Theme

Crafting your digital narrative as an eBook author becomes effortless with WordPress themes specifically tailored to showcase your latest work and authorial persona. These templates feature a light, personable design with lovely colors and fonts, complemented by effective imagery.

You’ll find flexible content areas and specific pages for your biography and books, ensuring your readers can navigate your story and publications with ease.

Moreover, integration with WooCommerce allows you to sell and promote your books directly from your site. And with compatibility with drag and drop page builders, you’re in control, able to customize your online presence without needing to know how to code.

Whether you’re sharing your latest novel or a collection of short stories, your WordPress site is the perfect companion to your eBook endeavors.

Best For: eBook authors looking to create a professional online presence to showcase and sell their work with ease.


  • Customizable design with user-friendly drag and drop page builders, suitable for authors without coding expertise.
  • WooCommerce integration provides a seamless platform for selling eBooks directly to readers.
  • Dedicated pages for author biography and book listings help establish a connection with the audience.


eBook Author Theme For WordPress

eBook Author WordPress Theme

WordPress themes for authors in 2024 cater specifically to eBook creators, offering a suite of features designed to showcase your latest digital works with style and ease. You’ll find themes with light, personable designs featuring lovely colors and fonts that make your content pop. Effective imagery and flexible content areas allow you to present your biography and book pages in a way that’s engaging and easy to navigate.

These themes aren’t just about looks; they’re also about functionality. With WooCommerce integration, you’re set up to sell and promote your eBooks directly from your site. And if you’re into customization, compatibility with popular drag-and-drop page builders means you can craft the perfect online presence without touching a line of code.

Best For: eBook authors looking for a comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing, and functional WordPress theme to showcase and sell their work.


  • Full compatibility with leading page builders
  • Attractive header for your latest book
  • Extra pages and sections for other books


  • No pre-built layouts.

Legend – Responsive Book Writers and Authors WordPress Theme

Legend Responsive Author WordPress Theme

For authors seeking a modern and minimalist design to showcase their work, the responsive Legend WordPress theme is an ideal choice. It’s not just for writers, but also creatives like designers and lawyers who want to highlight their professional qualities and projects.

You’ll appreciate the theme’s sleek design and easy customization, allowing you to personalize your site with different banners, block colors, and fonts. Plus, it’s SEO-optimized to help your blog climb those search engine rankings.

Legend ensures your content looks great on any device, thanks to its responsive layout. You can create a portfolio, sell your services, and keep your readers updated with a personal blog. If you need extra functionality, additional plugins are at your disposal.

And don’t worry about setup; whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you can get your site up and running quickly, with technical support just a call away.

Best For: Creative professionals such as authors, writers, designers, and lawyers who aim to effectively showcase their work and establish a strong online presence.


  • Modern and minimalist design that appeals to a wide range of users.
  • SEO optimization features to improve visibility and search engine ranking.
  • Responsive layout ensures a seamless viewing experience across various devices.


  • May require additional plugin purchases for extended functionality.

Authar – Book Author WordPress Elementor Theme

Authar Elementor Author WordPress Theme

If you’re an author, media store, or educational institution looking to showcase your content with style, the Authar – Book Author WordPress Elementor Theme is your ideal solution. This modern template integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell online effortlessly. It comes packed with the WPBakery page builder for easy drag-and-drop customization and includes essential plugins like Give-Donations and Events Calendar to enhance your site’s functionality.

Authar’s design is fully responsive, ensuring your content looks great on any device. You’ll have access to unlimited colors and styles, Google Web Fonts, and even Google Map integration for a unique, personalized touch. Plus, with excellent customer support and a presence on the reputable TemplateMonster marketplace, you’re guaranteed a reliable and visually captivating online presence.

Best For: Authors, media stores, and educational institutions looking for a stylish and functional online presence to showcase and sell their content.


  • Comprehensive package with WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce integration, and additional plugins for donations and event management.
  • Fully responsive design with unlimited customization options, including colors, fonts, and map integration.
  • Backed by excellent customer support and available on the established TemplateMonster marketplace.


  • customer support is slow.

Coconut – Book Author and Book Reviewer WordPress Theme

Coconut Book Author WordPress Theme

Tailored specifically for storytellers and critics, the Coconut theme offers an intuitive platform that lets you effortlessly showcase your literary works and reviews. Launched on August 25, 2023, it’s one of the freshest ways for you to establish a captivating online presence.

Built on Elementor, it provides customizable widgets, typography, and color schemes that adapt responsively across devices. You’ll find arranging content, from book summaries to author bios and blog posts, a breeze.

The Coconut theme isn’t just about functionality; it’s a modern web design choice that delivers aesthetic appeal, ensuring your website stands out with style and efficiency. And with the MonsterONE subscription, you get unlimited access to a treasure trove of resources to enhance your site even further.

Best For: Authors and book reviewers seeking a stylish and efficient platform to showcase their works and critiques.


  • Equipped with the powerful Elementor page builder for easy customization and content arrangement.
  • Responsive design ensures a seamless viewing experience on various devices.
  • Subscription to MonsterONE offers unlimited access to additional resources for website enhancement.


  • With only 5 sales, it might be a relatively untested theme in the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Authors’ WordPress Themes

When selecting a WordPress theme for your author website, you’ll want to consider several key factors.

Ensure the theme’s design aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience, and confirm that it’s responsive across all devices.

Also, check for compatibility with essential page builders and plugins, as well as the flexibility for customization to make your site truly yours.

Theme Design Aesthetics

Selecting the perfect WordPress theme for your author website requires careful consideration of design aesthetics that resonate with your literary style and audience preferences. You’ll want to ensure the theme’s layout, color scheme, and typography align with the tone of your writing. A minimalist design might suit a contemporary novelist, while a rich, textured look could better reflect a historical fiction author’s work.

Don’t overlook the importance of white space; it gives your content room to breathe and helps readers focus on your words. Responsive design is non-negotiable—it ensures your site looks great on any device.

Lastly, look for themes with customizable features, allowing you to tweak the design as your brand evolves. Your theme should be an extension of your storytelling, captivating visitors visually just as your writing captures their imagination.

Responsive Layout Quality

As an author, ensuring your WordPress theme features a high-quality responsive layout is crucial. A responsive theme adapts seamlessly to various devices, enhancing your readers’ experience regardless of how they access your site.

A responsive theme provides optimal viewing, whether your audience is on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. It contributes to a modern and visually appealing design. It’s not just about looks; responsiveness means easy customization to match your unique style and preferences.

Plus, a quality responsive design isn’t only about reader satisfaction. It also boosts your blog’s popularity and search engine rankings.

Page Builder Compatibility

For authors seeking the ultimate creative freedom, ensuring your WordPress theme is compatible with popular page builders is essential.

This compatibility allows you to promote various content types effortlessly, from blog posts about your latest book to multimedia content that enhances your storytelling.

With full page builder compatibility, you gain the flexibility to tailor each page to your vision without needing to know how to code.

Themes that integrate seamlessly with leading page builders, especially those with drag-and-drop functionality, offer customizable layouts that make your website uniquely yours.

This ease of customization means you can quickly adapt your site to changing needs or preferences.

Plugin Integration Options

When choosing a WordPress theme, ensure it offers robust plugin integration options to expand your site’s functionality and cater to your specific authorial needs.

Look for themes fully compatible with leading page builders, allowing for seamless integration and easy customization.

Selling your books directly from your website? Make sure the theme integrates with WooCommerce to streamline the sales process.

Themes that support drag-and-drop page builders not only simplify the design process but also give you the freedom to personalize your site without needing to code.

Remember, additional plugins can be purchased to further enhance your website’s capabilities, making it easier for you to connect with your readers and promote your work effectively.

Choose wisely to ensure your theme’s plugins align with your vision.

Customization Flexibility

While ensuring your theme supports essential plugins, don’t overlook the importance of customization flexibility to tailor your website to your unique style as an author. Personalizing your theme to reflect your individual preferences is key. You should be able to change banners, photos, colors, and fonts to create a highly customizable experience that resonates with your personal brand.

Compatibility with drag-and-drop page builders is a game-changer, offering you the flexibility to design and arrange content with ease. Look for themes that offer customizable widgets, varied typography options, and color schemes to enhance the adaptability of your site.

With the availability of unlimited colors and styles, you’re not constrained by a one-size-fits-all design, enabling you to set your author website apart.

SEO Optimization Features

Selecting a WordPress theme with robust SEO optimization features is crucial for authors aiming to boost their online visibility and attract more readers. You’ll want a theme that integrates customizable metadata and schema markup, essentials for enhancing your website’s search engine ranking.

Look for themes that offer clean code, which facilitates easier crawling and indexing by search engines.

Additionally, ensure the theme supports SEO-friendly URLs and boasts a responsive design. Fast loading speeds are non-negotiable, as they significantly affect your site’s search engine performance.

Opt for themes that are compatible with popular SEO plugins, as this can further improve your optimization efforts.

Don’t overlook features for image optimization, website accessibility, and mobile responsiveness, as these also contribute to your SEO success.

Author WordPress Theme FAQs

What Are the Best Practices for Website Security When Using Wordpress Themes for Author Websites?

For website security, you should regularly update themes, install security plugins, use strong passwords, and implement SSL. Always back up your site and monitor for unauthorized access to protect your content.

How Can Authors Integrate Social Media Platforms Effectively With Their Wordpress Themes to Enhance Their Online Presence?

You can enhance your online presence by integrating social media widgets or plugins directly within your WordPress site, enabling easy sharing and connecting with readers across various platforms.

Can Authors Set up an Online Merchandise Store on Their Websites Using These Wordpress Themes, and if So, How?

Yes, you can set up an online store using WordPress themes by installing e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, which lets you sell merchandise directly from your website with ease.

What Are Some Effective SEO Strategies for Authors to Improve Their Website’s Visibility in Search Engine Rankings With These Themes?

To boost your website’s visibility, focus on keyword optimization, consistent content creation, and obtaining backlinks. Also, ensure fast loading times and mobile responsiveness for better search engine rankings.

How Can Authors Measure the Performance and Traffic of Their Website After Implementing a New Wordpress Theme?

You can measure your website’s performance by using tools like Google Analytics to track visitor traffic, engagement metrics, and conversion rates before and after implementing your new WordPress theme.


You’ve now explored the top WordPress themes tailored for authors in 2024. Remember, the right theme can elevate your online presence and engage your readers. Consider your specific needs, whether it’s for showcasing bestsellers or promoting eBooks.

Themes like Legend, Authar, and Coconut offer unique features to highlight your work. Choose wisely and ensure your theme reflects your personal brand and literary style, making your author website as compelling as your writings.

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