7 Best Church WordPress Themes in 2024: Elevate Your Congregation’s Online Presence

Best WordPress Themes for Churches

No matter what size church you have, having a website to reach out to your congregation is essential.

There are many great Church WordPress Themes available that can help you create a beautiful website for your church. Some popular options include Church theme, Christian Responsive, and Churchly.

Each theme has its own unique features and customization options, so it’s important to choose one that best fits the needs of your church.

In this post we’ve selected the 7 themes for churches that are mobile optimized and have features for making online donation form.

Best WordPress Themes for Churches in 2024


Church WordPress Theme

Embracing a sense of tranquility, the Church website template is an ideal choice for congregations seeking to convey their message with a welcoming and serious tone. The design starts with a captivating full-screen image, flanked by strong headlines and a clear call to action, setting the stage for what’s to come.

As you delve deeper, you’ll find the theme lightens, offering an open layout that’s easy on the eyes. It’s packed with content areas, offset sections, and feature spaces, all tailored to fit the unique needs of a spiritual organization.

Moreover, the extra pages aren’t just filler; they’re carefully crafted to be relevant to your niche, providing ample opportunities to spread the word further. If you’re looking to uplift your congregation’s online presence, this template could be your answer.

Best For: Religious organizations and spiritual communities aiming to create a welcoming online environment reflective of their values and mission.


  • Includes a variety of integration options with top page builders and plugins for enhanced functionality.
  • Provides a dedicated ‘What’s New’ section to keep visitors informed of the latest updates and events.
  • Offers a structured and serene design layout that’s both inviting and professional for a church’s audience.


  • The calm and formal style might not match with modern or stylish religious groups.

Churchly – Church WordPress Theme

Churchly  Church WordPress Theme

If you’re looking to elevate your church’s online presence with a mix of elegance and functionality, the Churchly WordPress theme is your go-to solution, perfectly crafted for faith-based organizations.

It’s designed to blend spiritual beauty with professionalism, offering an aesthetic that helps spread love and belief. Ideal for highlighting your ministries and events, Churchly strengthens your connection with the community.

You’ll love the Modern Cross-Effective Header Menu and the constantly flashing Donation Button that encourages generosity. Engage visitors with a Professional Zoom Slider Area and an inviting About Section, featuring custom church and pastor background images.

Organize your services and ministries effortlessly in a modern section, while the Custom Cross Hover Effect Event Area showcases your calendar with style. Plus, with the recent ACF plugin update, managing your content just got smoother.

Best For: Churches and religious organizations seeking a beautifully designed and functional website to connect with their community and showcase their ministries.


  • Tailored features that cater specifically to church-related needs and activities.
  • Engaging design elements like the Modern Cross-Effective Header Menu and flashing Donation Button.
  • Recent updates to the Advanced Custom Fields plugin ensure smooth content management.


  • The theme’s niche focus mightn’t be suitable for non-church websites.

BrotherlyLove – Modern Church WordPress Theme

Brotherly Love Modern Church WordPress Theme

If you’re managing a church’s online presence, the BrotherlyLove WordPress theme, with its responsive design and WPML compatibility, ensures your message reaches a diverse congregation seamlessly.

Since its launch in August 2017, BrotherlyLove has seen 82 sales, reflecting its popularity among religious websites. It’s not just about looks; the theme is search engine friendly and retina ready, enhancing your site’s visibility and appeal.

With features like the Sample Data Installer plugin, setting up your site is straightforward, ensuring you don’t waste any time getting your message out there. And the theme’s inclusion in editorial reviews as one of the best for churches solidifies its reputation.

Plus, it’s backed by reliable support from a marketplace known for its quality products and weekly deals, making it a smart choice for your spiritual site.

Best For: Religious organizations looking for a modern, user-friendly WordPress theme to enhance their online presence.


  • WPML compatibility allows for a multilingual site, catering to a diverse congregation.
  • Responsive design ensures the site is accessible on various devices, providing a better user experience.
  • Included in editorial reviews, which highlights the theme’s quality and suitability for church-related websites.


  • Only 82 sales may indicate limited usage or popularity compared to other themes.

Christian Responsive WordPress Theme

Christian Responsive Church WordPress Theme

For churches looking to create a professional online presence, the Christian Responsive WordPress Theme stands out with its SEO-friendly design and ability to showcase work through its portfolio feature.

Built on the reliable Bootstrap framework and Cherry Framework 4, this theme offers a 100% responsive design, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. It’s also WPML ready, allowing you to create a multilingual website to reach a broader audience.

You’ll benefit from improved search engine visibility, which is critical for attracting new visitors and engaging your congregation. Although sales have ceased and the theme has been discontinued, if you’ve already purchased it, you’re entitled to use it for unlimited projects, and on up to five domains with the developer’s license. Remember, the theme can’t be resold, and installation services aren’t provided.

Best For: Churches and religious organizations seeking to establish a professional and accessible online presence.


  • Offers a seamless viewing experience across various devices due to its 100% responsive design.
  • Supports the creation of multilingual sites with WPML, enhancing outreach to a global audience.
  • SEO-friendly design aids in improving search engine rankings, potentially increasing site traffic.


  • The theme has been discontinued, which means no further updates or support may be available.

Holity – Church & Religious WordPress theme

Holity Popular Church WordPress Theme

Optimize your church or religious organization’s online presence with Holity, a WordPress theme that offers user-friendly customization and a responsive design tailored specifically for non-profits and spiritual communities. You’ll find it’s fully SEO compatible, ensuring your site reaches a wider audience effectively.

With Holity, you’re in full control of your site’s functionality and appearance, making it a breeze to set up an unlimited number of pages. Its modern design, including a convenient menu, search bar, and feedback form, is designed to attract and retain visitors, fostering a special community around your congregation.

Benefit from its cross-browser compatibility and top-notch adaptiveness on mobile devices. Plus, you’ve got technical support ready to help you make the most out of your site.

Best For: Religious organizations and churches seeking a sleek, user-friendly website platform to engage their community and manage events.


  • Fully customizable and user-friendly, allowing for a personalized website without needing specialized knowledge.
  • Responsive design ensures the website is accessible on various devices, enhancing user engagement.
  • SEO compatibility assists in improving online visibility, helping to attract a larger audience.


  • As a specialized theme, it may not be suitable for organizations outside the church and religious sector.

Risen – Neat WordPress Theme Church WordPress Theme

Risen Great Church WordPress Theme

Those seeking a visually striking and feature-rich online presence for their church will find the Risen – Neat WordPress Theme a perfect fit, with its Elementor integration and over 100 customizable features.

This theme, available on TemplateMonster, boasts charming details and eye-catching elements designed to captivate visitors. Its thoughtful design is optimized for high search engine rankings, ensuring your church’s message reaches a broad audience.

With its attractive blocks and sections, Risen offers pre-built page templates, a Google map widget for pinpointing ministry locations, and a contact form section for direct messages and reviews.

You’ll appreciate the knowledgeable technical support that assists with installation, setup, and troubleshooting. Plus, the theme’s regular updates since its 2020 release guarantee you’re working with the latest tools and features.

Best For: Religious organizations looking to establish a compelling and user-friendly online presence with a WordPress theme tailored for churches.


  • Comprehensive design customization with Elementor and over 100 features.
  • SEO-optimized to help increase visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Access to technical support and easy-to-follow instructions for smooth theme management.


  • Limited sales may reflect a smaller user community and potentially fewer peer reviews.

Native Church – My Religion WordPress Theme

Native Church Good Church WordPress Theme

Designed with religious, charitable, and non-profit organizations in mind, the Native Church – My Religion WordPress Theme stands out for its professional development and ability to enhance your online presence effectively.

With 230 sales since its inception on June 29, 2015, and an update as recent as December 9, 2020, this exclusive product is a testament to its enduring relevance and user satisfaction.

This theme isn’t just fully functional and ready to use, but it’s also easy to download, install, and comes SEO optimized. The simple editor for template settings and modern design, coupled with its adaptability to various website types, ensures that you’ll have a contemporary and versatile online platform.

Plus, with responsive design, your site will look great on all devices, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Best For: Organizations seeking a professional and adaptable WordPress theme to enhance their online religious, charitable, or non-profit presence.


  • Professional design tailored to the needs of religious and non-profit organizations.
  • Easy to install and manage with a user-friendly template editor.
  • Fully responsive, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.


  • Last updated in December 2020, which may mean some features aren’t up-to-date with the latest web standards.

Factors to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes for Churches

When picking a WordPress theme for your church’s website, you’ve got to consider how it’ll perform on various devices, which is where theme responsiveness comes into play.

You want a design that catches the eye and conveys your church’s message, so the visual appeal can’t be overlooked.

Additionally, make sure the theme supports SEO best practices and is compatible with essential plugins, without skimping on the ability to customize it to your needs.

Donation Form

Having a donation form on a church WordPress website is essential to facilitate the process for members and visitors to contribute financially. The church WordPress theme has in-built donation form with donation button.

Theme Responsiveness

Ensuring your church’s website adapts smoothly across various devices, theme responsiveness is a key factor to consider while selecting a WordPress theme. A responsive design guarantees that no matter the device—be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone—your website will maintain its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

This adaptability isn’t just about looks; it’s about providing a seamless user experience. When you choose a responsive theme, you’re catering to the diverse ways your congregation and visitors interact with your site. It’s vital for easy navigation and interaction, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Visual Design Appeal

While you consider how your church’s website performs on various devices, don’t overlook the importance of visual design appeal in captivating and keeping the interest of your visitors.

The right WordPress theme should convey a serene and welcoming atmosphere that mirrors the gravitas and warmth of your congregation. Look for themes that feature strong headlines, clear calls to action, and an open layout to ensure the site is inviting and easy to navigate.

Modern design elements, crisp images, and a responsive layout are essential to create a visually appealing online space. Plus, customizable templates and user-friendly designs are key to crafting a unique and attractive website that resonates with both members and newcomers alike.

SEO Optimization Features

To maximize your church’s online presence, there are several key factors to consider. First, it is important to choose a WordPress theme with robust SEO optimization features. This means selecting a theme that has built-in tools and settings that enhance visibility on search engines. Look for a theme that boasts an SEO-friendly design, as this will ensure that your site is more likely to appear in top search results.

In addition to SEO optimization, it is also crucial to choose a theme with a responsive design. This means that the theme should be able to adapt to all screen resolutions, providing a better user experience for visitors. Not only does this improve the overall usability of your site, but it also has the potential to boost your search engine rankings.

Furthermore, it is beneficial to select a theme that supports multilingual capabilities. This can broaden your reach and make your site more accessible to a wider audience. In terms of SEO, having a multilingual site can also enhance your visibility in search engine results.

Another important feature to consider is a portfolio feature. This can be instrumental in showcasing your church’s work and activities. By displaying your projects and achievements, you can further improve your SEO performance and attract more visitors to your site.

Last but not least, don’t forget to ensure that the theme you choose comes with reliable technical support. This will be essential in helping you refine your SEO strategies and elements. Having access to experts who can guide you through the process can make a significant difference in optimizing your church’s online presence.

Plugin Compatibility

When selecting a WordPress theme for your church, it’s crucial to check for plugin compatibility to ensure smooth integration with essential tools and features. This means that the theme should work seamlessly with a variety of WordPress plugins, which can broaden your site’s functionality. Look for themes that play well with leading page builders and popular plugins, as this versatility can significantly enhance your website’s capabilities.

Plugin compatibility also allows for straightforward integration with crucial features, whether it’s multilingual support, e-commerce solutions, or learning management systems. By ensuring that the theme you choose minimizes potential conflicts, you’ll improve the overall performance of your church’s website.

Customization Flexibility

After ensuring your chosen theme supports essential plugins, it’s equally important to assess its customization flexibility, enabling you to craft a website that truly represents your church’s spirit and community.

Customization flexibility means you can personalize design and layout to fit your church’s unique requirements. You’ll want a theme that allows you to tweak colors, fonts, and styles, ensuring everything aligns with your church’s branding. It’s crucial to pick a theme that makes it simple to add your logo, images, and content, showcasing your identity and mission.

Additionally, this flexibility should extend to crafting a user-friendly navigation structure, so visitors can easily find what they need. Plus, being able to adjust headers, footers, and widget areas gives you the freedom to create a customized online space for your congregation.

Technical Support Access

Considering the complexities of managing a website, having access to reliable technical support is a non-negotiable factor when selecting a WordPress theme for your church. You’ll need help not just with installation but also with maintaining your site to ensure it meets the latest requirements. Thankfully, the right theme offers this crucial assistance.

You can count on knowledgeable technical support for any issues that arise. Plus, with a live preview feature, you’ll see your template in action before making it live. This support, combined with the assurance of high code quality, gives you peace of mind.

Your focus can then be on your congregation’s needs, knowing your online presence is in good hands.

Church WordPress Theme FAQs

How Can I Ensure That the Wordpress Theme I Choose Is Compatible With the Most Popular Church Management Plugins?

To ensure compatibility, you’ll want to check the theme’s documentation and verify that it supports popular church management plugins. Also, look for user reviews or forums discussing plugin integration with that theme.

Are There Any Specific Security Features to Look for in a Wordpress Theme That Would Be Particularly Beneficial for a Church’s Website?

You should look for themes with robust security features like two-factor authentication, regular updates, and secure coding practices to keep your church’s website safe from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Can I Integrate Online Giving or Tithing Options Seamlessly With These Wordpress Themes, and if So, How?

Yes, you can integrate online giving or tithing with these themes using plugins like GiveWP or PayPal. Just install the plugin, set up your preferences, and you’re ready to accept donations.

How Do I Customize the Theme to Reflect the Unique Traditions and Practices of My Denomination?

You’ll customize your theme by accessing the WordPress dashboard, tweaking the settings, and adding plugins that cater to your denomination’s practices. Don’t forget to upload your specific images and content.

What Are the Best Practices for Ensuring That My Church’s Wordpress Theme Remains Accessible to Individuals With Disabilities?

You should ensure your theme meets WCAG guidelines, use alt text for images, provide transcripts for audio, and ensure keyboard navigation is possible to keep your website accessible to people with disabilities.


You’ve seen the top-rated themes to transform your church’s online presence. From the versatile and great Christian Responsive to the sleek and popular Native Church, there’s a perfect fit for your congregation’s vibe.

Remember, while aesthetics matter, always weigh functionality, customization, and responsiveness.

Go ahead, pick the great theme that resonates with your community’s spirit, and watch your online outreach soar.

Your church’s digital home is just a top theme away—make it count!

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