HappyThemes Review

HappyThemes review

HappyThemes review: Designing and developing a website for your startup business is the first step you can take towards creating a brand name for your products. A website is a platform on which you can showcase your business, principles and practices, quality products, and the customer benefits.

An online store could be the perfect place to launch your business. So, you need to ensure it is attractive, professional, and easy to find products for your customers.

HappyThemes is a unified website design and development company, which I discovered when I started my first online store. It comes with a vast range of features that help in customizing the appearance and functionality of the website for the kind of audience whom I had in mind as my target customers.

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HappyThemes review: Is This WordPress Themes For Me?

Happythemes selection

The first time I came across HappyThemes through online happythemes review, I was impressed by its simplicity and ease of use. I have had some exposure to the basics of computers and websites. I had also learned a few WordPress fundamentals, but I wasn’t into programming and development.

So, I wasn’t pretty sure as to how I can use HappyThemes for designing my first online store. But I made a beginning and happened to discover so many things that took me by surprise. After a few days of experiments, I found it perfect for my needs. I am sure you will also find the features useful for the kind of business and branding you want to do.

What is at the Core of HappyThemes?

Why to choose Happy themes for your wordpress blog

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At the core of HappyThemes are the set of themes that are predesigned and preprogrammed for the needs and wants of every business. They are customizable to any extent of your choice from the background, foreground, fonts, colors, patterns, and everything else it has to offer.

Happy themes is optimized for all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. You can do on-page and off-page optimization with every kind of keyword permutation and combination. You can add and edit pages, images, videos, and Infographics to the website anywhere and anytime according to your specific needs.

How the Themes are Designed?

Picking right theme

Happythemes comes with an unnamable set of themes for every kind of online store. You could consider the “My Portal” theme. It is meant for an online business for an online store that sells products. Let’s explore some of the features it has to offer in this HappyThemes review one by one below.

1. HappyThemes First Impressions on the Home Page Design

The home page of the My Portal theme is simple and easy to understand for anyone with basic knowledge of WordPress. It has three sections on which you can put images, text, banners, buttons, video links, and Infographics.

The menu at the top looks a bit traditional, but it is practical since you can add multiple sub-menus that link to the sub-pages on your website. Besides, you can add plenty of Call to Action (CTA) buttons all over the page that adds purpose to the home page.

Flexible features of responsive web design allow you to customize the pages according to the dimension of the browser window. The mobile users can just tap on the screens to zoom in and zoom out everything on the page from images to text and videos according to their convenience.

HappyThemes brings you all the responsive features that are simple to create and easy to adapt. The biggest benefit is that you can do all the customizations using the set of tools and add-ons provided by HappyThemes.

2. The simplicity of Creating Subpages

Once you are through with the home page, it is time to start working with the subpages, which you will find it simple and easy to create and link. The template library gives you much leverage over choosing the themes that match the products, services, Company profile, photo gallery, and the other features that you want to add.

Once you create all the subpages, you can add navigation buttons and links between pages. Once you put all the pages together and complete the website, it is ready for launch in all the design and functional aspects.

3. Homepage Loading Speed

HappyThemes has made the design of the homepage to be light in weight and faster to load. There are many tools on the design page that can reduce the weight of images by keeping their appeal and quality at the highest levels.

When I created my first online store’s homepage with HappyThemes, I had uploaded large number of images, text, and links to videos. When I tested the homepage loading speed it showed under a few seconds to load all the critical and essential elements. I could navigate to any section of the website from the homepage with ease and comfort.

After getting a positive feedback from the website visitors about the design and functional features of my website created with HappyThemes, I was confident of improving the features to any extent independently.

For this HappyThemes review i’m using Pingdom tools and selecting San Francisco data center, and here is the speed test result below,

Happy themes speed test results

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4. Featured Content for Homepage

The homepage is the place where most of your visitors land when they enter your website. So, you need to have featured content on that page. You can customize the features to make it highly attractive for the readers.

Technical information, functional features, and related images are easy to embed on the homepage with the multiple theme features available from HappyThemes. All you need to do is drag-n-drop the items from the tools onto the page wherever you need them.

Right-click on any object on the theme, and you can add plenty of design features from colors and fonts to textures, brightness, contrast, font, etc. Similarly, you can also add functional features like animation, navigation, zoom, and others without having to write a single piece of code.

5. Homepage Columns for Flexibility

HappyThemes gives you the options to create and customize multiple columns on the homepage, which can make it easy for the website visitors to read the entire concept and purpose of your website in a single glance. They know what to expect when they navigate down to the subpages.

It is the flexibility of the homepage design that makes it appealing and attractive. It increases the possibility of visitor retention. They show keen interest to navigate through the subpages without quitting halfway through. It is one of the features that can help in the conversion of visitors into marketing leads and sales.

6. HappyThemes Multiple Options for Advertisement

Displaying the key product advertisements on the homepage is perhaps the most convenient way for attracting convincing your website visitors about your brand and products.

HappyThemes gives you plenty of options to add customized ads and also testimonials from the existing customers. Testimonials section can have photos, text, and links to the videos.

7. Ease of Working with the Subpages

When you start creating the subpages with HappyThemes, You can come cross the multiple options to add plug-ins for shopping-cart, online-payments, CTA buttons, online-forms, etc that are highly practical for your website visitors.

One feature I found to be most useful was the highlighting options to lead the visitors in a sequential order from the homepage to the products page, gallery, technical information page, functional details, page, benefits and testimonials, and finally onto the product-order page.

Ease of navigability and clarity of appearance make it easy for the visitors to read, see, and understand all your products and their practical applications within a short time. Visitors find it easy to make just-in-time decisions about the next actions to be taken while they are in your website.

8. Multiple Language Compatibility

All the page designs and functionality in the HappyThemes web themes have options to choose multiple languages. In fact you can add the option to choose the language on the main menu or any other place which you may feel will be convenient for the visitors.

A single click on the language button can change all the text content from the home to the subpages in real-time. The baggiest benefit of HappyThemes multiple languages is the concept based translation which helps to preserve the intention and purpose of the original content.

9. Compatibility for All Types of SEO

HappyThemes comes with a vast range of options for the On-page SEO features for all forms of content. You can add keywords at any point of your choice and integrate with the main and subpages. The design and coding can integrate the optimization criteria in real time to make your website compatible with all the search engines like Google.

10. HappyThemes Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited WordPress themes for every type of online business
  • Instant integration with social media
  • Multiple widgets for subscriptions, posts, and analytics
  • Multiple advertisement options
  • Support for all types of thumbnails
  • Customizable code


  • Inbuilt Sitemap design needs improvements
  • Initial learning of themes takes time
  • Constant updates makes it mandatory for continuous learning

HappyThemes review: Conclusion

I have been using HappyThemes since the first day I wanted to create an online store for my business and I have found it to be just right for me. Of course, it took me sometime to understand all the tools and widgets it has to offer. After getting familiar, I am finding it very simple and easygoing.

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“HappyThemes is the WordPress themes selling online store that sells fast loading, SEO optimized, and fully flexible themes to start your blog.”

– Abdullah Prem

Happythemes selection
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Whether you’re a beginner, marketer, web designer or developer, Happythemes includes the best WordPress themes for any business category.


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