7 Best Survey Sites – Make Money By Taking online Surveys (2017 Update)

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Can you get paid by taking online surveys? The answer is yes, but the real question is how to find the best survey sites? Everyone in the world is looking for making a huge income by searching the internet to find a better way to make extra money for other purposes. I have spent many days my finding the best source to earn extra money through the internet and I know some people are earning a high income, and some of them are making extra money by taking online surveys, and there are many survey companies out there to make a better income.

Some most getting popular searches in Google and other search engines nowadays make money by paid online surveys, top survey sites, online survey site, best online surveys, best survey companies, make extra money, paid online surveys, best-paying survey sites and made extra money by surveys online. These are some examples of sentences searched daily around the world

Online surveys are one of the best ways to earn extra money, but all that is you to do is to find a trusted paying survey sites, and the real problem is you can’t find actual paying survey sites. The reason for the problem is there are many scam websites which are ready to cheat you and some of you reading now also probably scammed by many fraudulent survey companies. Many of them working hard to find a trusted paid survey sites and finally getting tired, frustrated and eventually quit. Many lost their money on some programs, and now they are afraid to invest their money and time in that.

Many of them think that they can only make money by taking surveys and money will start to flow in it. But No you can’t earn money by taking surveys, many survey companies’ offers contest and prizes to take a survey and not all paying survey sites only offer money. They will reward you prizes, coupons, Gift Vouchers, Tour packages, etc. The real thing is finding an online survey site which promises their users by paying only money and not by rewarding things, prizes, etc.

I started to research online to find survey companies which promise taking real survey job to get paid. From my research, there are a hell lot of paid survey sites online which I discovered later, and they are many trusted paying survey sites willing to offer real money or extra money for reviewing their products, features, and services.

I looked up to 100 most reputed and legitimate online paid survey sites, and I filtered only five companies based on my reviews, and I am happy to give you the market research companies 7 trusted paying survey sites.

 7 Best Paid Survey Sites   Takesurveyforcash

#1. Swagbucks – No #1 Online Survey Site

Swagbucks is the most popular survey site and rewards programs that give money for all the thing you do by surfing their site.

The rewards point are known as SB points, you will be getting reward point in the form of SB points. And you can redeem the SB points for gift cards, Paypal money, etc.

In order to get SB points, you have to complete different type of tasks and you get points after successfully finishing the task.

swagbucks surverys

They will assign tasks like browsing web, taking free paid surveys, installing apps, etc.

All tasks are very easy to do, more tasks you do more the money you will get.

While joining Swagbucks use the email address which you are currently using for PayPal and first and last name should exactly match your Swagbucks user account.


In order to receive the money, you need a verified PayPal account.

Swagbucks is trusted and most popular survey sites in the world so we rate it as no #1 online survey site.

AboutSwagbucks is california based  reward company rewards its users by taking online survey playing games, shopping etc

Global Rank – 1

Minimum payout$5

Rewards – PayPal cash,Free Gift cards and Cash

Join SwagBucks Now

#2. Toluna

Toluna is the second largest survey conducting sites and the surveys are usually take 15 – 20 minutes.

After taking the surveys you will be rewarded based upon your participation.

Surveys are conducted by market research agencies who want to hear your opinion about their products, services, etc.

Toluna will give you free 500 points for the opening account as welcome reward.

AboutToluna  a france based company and the best online  paid survey sites  reward its users by  taking online survey

Global Rank – 2

Minimum payout – Visit site

Rewards – PayPal,Free Gift cards and Cash

#3. Mysurvey

AboutMysurvey is the consumer based website known for reviewing products and paying a high income to users to take surveys and product testing .

Global Rank – 3

Minimum payout – $10

Rewards – Direct cash, PayPal transfers, Amazon gift

#4 .Vindale research

About –  Vindale research is online market research panel which pays survey takers by money in US,  UK,Canada and Australia for reviewing global brand products.

Global Rank – Visit site.

Minimum payout – $50 USD

Rewards – PayPal,wire,Gift Vouchers.

#5. Vivatic

About – Vivatic is one of my best rated Indian based paid survey sites who are willing to give you extra  money  for researching their products by voting your views about the product daily. And also by writing review about the product.

Global Rank – Visit website

Minimum payout – Based on the survey

Rewards – PayPal, wire and Gift vouchers.

#6. Onepoll

AboutOnepoll is a marketing research company and best paid survey sites popular for online quantitative research and polling. Members are paid for taking online surveys and survey panel consists of 10 – 20 questions.

Global Rank – Visit site

Minimum payout – Based on the survey.

Rewards – Prizes, Gift Vouchers and Payment via PayPal or BACS (which mode u choose )

#7. Global test market

AboutGlobaltestMarket the trusted paid survey sites you will get paid online surveys via e-mail and they also conduct interesting sweepstakes from which you can earn high commissions.

Global Rank – Visit site

Minimum payout – $50

Rewards – Paypal cash


These are the best survey sites that are most popular and trusted.

You can earn extra income by spending 10-15 minutes every day taking surveys.

Questions asked from surveys are very simple and easy and believe me  some of them are earning more than $1000 weekly by taking surveys alone.

So use this opportunity, if you are a school or college student do these survey jobs at weekends.

Office workers can do these survey jobs at night time.


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