7 Best Online Survey Sites – Make Money By Taking online Surveys

best online survey sites

Here are the best online survey sites.

Online surveys are a great choice if you need to make money online on the go. It just needs little time and a little effort to complete a survey. You will be rewarded in cash and vouchers for finishing the survey.

Online surveys can be your extra income if you have some free time at hand. There are many best Online Survey Sites available that are genuine.

What are Online Surveys and what is their Use?

Online surveys are conducted by companies for market research purposes. These surveys are taken to understand the opinion of people regarding various matters. Products that have been designed can be tested by the people who sign up for surveys. The result can then be used to make improvements in the product.

Companies use the data collected from the survey to better design their products, know the market better and enhance the profit. Surveys that are conducted online reach more people and hence are beneficial for market research.

Earn money through best Online Survey Sites!

If you have some free time, you can take part in these online surveys by signing up. If you complete a survey, the sites will pay you money. Best Online Survey Sites are somewhat difficult to find. Many sites are not legit and they are scams. That is why we have selected a few sites that are genuine and will pay money for your effort. Continue reading this post for the list of top survey sites that will pay you handsome rewards.

1. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is an authentic site that pays you money for completing surveys. It has been popular among people as one of the best Online Survey Sites. You can collect your money earned through taking part in surveys in this site through PayPal.


Also, gift cards are given to people who complete surveys and other simple tasks.

In GrabPoints site, apart from surveys, there are videos available for you to watch. You can also try out new apps and give your feedback by downloading them. Earning money or gift cards is easy and only takes up a few minutes of your time. You can complete offers and do shopping to get rewards.

Minimum Payout in GrabPoints survey site!

The site has many partners and if you shop in them, you can even get cashback offer. Another way in which you can earn from this website is to visit sites and then complete some tasks. In this site too, you will earn points that are redeemable. For making $3, you have to earn 3000 points in GrabPoint survey site. Three dollars is also the minimum payout and hence you can withdraw your money once you reach 3000 points.

Payment Options in GrabPoints!

If you want your payment as gift cards, then you can get that too. Gift cards for Amazon, Nintendo eShop, Steam and Minecraft can be obtained on this survey site. You can get your reward within a short time of 48 hours. Even Bitcoins are available for payment in this site.

2. IsurveyWorld

Isurveyworld is the next survey site in our list of best Online Survey Sites.This survey site gives you a handsome bonus of $5 dollars as soon as you sign up with it. The sign up process is also pretty simple and doesn’t take much time. You will be asked to fill a profile as in any such websites. If you are 16 years or older than that, you are free to use this site.

Qualify For the Survey in IsurveyWorld!

i survey world

For a fifteen minute survey, you can earn anywhere within $1-$2 with the help of this site. It pays in cash when you complete each survey. For each survey, you need to qualify by answering few questions. Only if you qualify, you will be given the survey invite. Unlike other survey sites, there is no other way to earn money other than taking part in surveys.

Minimum Payout Allowed in IsurveyWorld!

Payment will be made through PayPal and is done in a secure and safe way. The minimum payout that is allowed is $25 and it will take three to four weeks to process. This might seem a little longer, but the website is legit and pays you money without fail.

3. ZenSurveys

Another in our list of best Online Survey Sites is ZenSurveys. This has occupied the place among legitimate sites that don’t scam you. Established in 2015, it is a relatively new site but has grown a loyal base of users. Zensurvey actually has a router that can get surveys from other sites if accepted. Thus you can always find a lot of surveys waiting to be completed in this site.

zen survey

Few Facts about Zensurvey!

Irrespective of your age and location, you can find surveys to complete in Zensurvey. Thus it offers a great money making method to those who do not belong to USA, UK and other European countries.

The payment method will also differ since the site actually takes up surveys form other sites. So, you will be rewarded depending upon the policy of the parent site whose survey you complete. For the same reason, there is no sign up bonus available in Zensurvey.

Advantages of Zensurvey!

While using Zensurvey site, you will have a plethora of surveys to complete. You will be paid in high amounts from

$30-$50 per thirty minute survey. You can get paid irrespective of your location as we mentioned earlier.

A Final Word about top online survey sites.

4. MakeSurveyMoney

MakeSurveyMoney is one of the legit survey sites that you can find out there. It is a free to use site which means that you can just register in the site without paying any money.

make survey money

The site offers many deals and promotional offers too and you can skip them if you want. The registration process is pretty simple and you will get $2 instantly upon signing up.Various payment options are also available which makes the site a popular one.

Different ways to earn in MakleSurveyMoney.com!

The survey site lets you earn money in different ways. You can also choose to receive emails and earn money through reading them apart from taking part in surveys. Also, you can refer others to this site and earn more money as commission. Also, there are cash back options available for shopping online. When you take a survey, you can see the time limit within which you have to complete the survey. The reward will also be displayed for each survey.

5. Zoombucks

The next in our list of best survey sites is Zoombucks. It is very famous for its legit service and has some strict rules that you should adhere with.

This survey site is also a free one and you can simply register yourself in the site. You will receive email to activate your sign up process. In this site too, you will end up with 200 zoom bucks just for signing up. If you earn 1000 ZB, then it amounts to $1.

Zoombucks survey site

Various ways to earn money in Zoombucks!

Based on your profile, you will start getting surveys. You have to complete them within the given timeframe. Also, there are many ways to earn money from this site.

Apart from referrals, you can watch certain videos and get paid. Even emails can be read to earn cash or points. Tasks like puzzles and quiz are also present and you can do them to earn points. Each task will differ in its complexity and pay you accordingly.

How to withdraw money?

The minimum limit of cash that you can withdraw is $3 which is a great thing. It does take some time to reach this amount but the site is legitimate. This makes it worth the waiting. You can get your money through PayPal as cash. If you desire, you can also get gift cards that are redeemable at Amazon, WalMart and other retail shops. The only drawback of this survey site is the slow payment and less number of international opportunities.

6. Toluna

Toluna is a well-known survey site that offers interesting surveys to make money. You can give your honest opinion in the survey and earn money or voucher. It is a great way to express your mind and influence the world. Toluna has tie-ups with major brands and is a legit site. You can take part in surveys and can get cash or gift cards.

Toluna- A Legitimate Survey Site!


You can watch videos, play games in addition to completing surveys to make some money. Twenty minutes is the maximum time taken to complete a survey and the earning can be in between 1000-2000 points. Approximately, to earn £1, you have to earn 5500 points.

There are few other ways to make points in Toluna like voting in sponsored polls, referring a friend and posting content. Also, you can take part in their contests and earn rewards.If you want to earn some extra income, then Toluna is one of the best Online Survey Sites.

7. Vindale Research

Vindale research is a secure and safe survey site with which you can earn money from the comfort of your couch. Nowadays, online surveys are conducted by many companies that seek to progress their growth.

Giving a true opinion about their services or products will help them rectify the mistakes and enhance efficiency. Vindale research is one of the best Online Survey Sites that are present in the internet.

vindale research

How to earn Cash through Vindale Survey Site?

As soon as you sign up in this survey site, you get a bonus of $1. Depending upon the type of survey or task that you do, you will earn money. One can watch ads, videos, finish surveys and take part in panels to make money in Vindale Research website. You can take as many surveys as you want per day.

The only criterion is that you must be appropriate for that survey. When you are signing up, you will be asked to fill your profile. Surveys that are suitable for your profile will only be rewarded with cash.

Refer your friends and Earn Money in Vindale!

The main thing to remember when you are using this site is that the minimum payout amount is $50. Vindale also offers referral codes with which you can refer your friends and make some money on the side. Even bonus codes are available to make money on this famous survey site.

Best Online Survey Sites: Conclusion.

Online survey sites are popular among people since you are earning money for giving your opinion. This is a great source for second income, if done properly.

Genuine websites should be your aim to make money by completing tasks and surveys. Available of internet connection everywhere in the world has revolutionized the market. Let us make a few bucks out of it!

Online Survey Sites FAQs

Is it safe to answer online surveys?

Yes. It is safe to answer surveys online if you use a genuine website. You can easily make money by answering the survey questions in your free time. It is a fun way to make money too.

Is online survey legit?

Online surveys are legit when done in a legitimate website. There are scam websites out there that promise you money for taking surveys but never deliver. Beware of such scam survey sites! Other than that, online surveys done in correct way can help industries to grow and people to get rewards.

Do surveys actually pay?

It depends upon the authenticity of the survey site. If you use any of the above mentioned sites, you will be paid certainly. But if the site is scam, then you will never be paid for your time and effort.

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