Increase your Email Newsletter Click-through Rate with These 5 Tips


Here is the article about how to increase email click-through rate.

Do you have a list and decent open rates? Then all you need now is a little click power and your email and newsletter will become a traffic hog.

According to Mailchimp, the average click rate of newsletters is around three percent. Sectors such as “Media and Publishing” achieve good values, while the “Public Relations” sector is much worse.

A weaker average was determined by the IBM subsidiary Silverpop in a study published in 2020. According to the study, companies achieve an average click rate of just 1.5 percent – with healthcare leading the way.

Increase Email Click-through Rate Above the Average?

Regardless of whether you’re already beating the average by a mile according to these numbers: You have a good chance of getting even more out of it. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

1. Focus on a Goal

What is the one goal of your email that you focus on? This question is the basis of all the actions you come up with and test.

For blogs, the common goal is simply: more traffic. Depending on the output, more emails or more links are the most obvious solutions.

If you want to sell a product as a blogger at some point, the goal changes and so does your email. Under certain circumstances, even the click-through rate becomes a secondary matter.

What is true for bloggers is ultimately also true for online stores. Those who optimize the entire email to one target usually achieve better results.

2. Segment your Lists, Personalize your Emails

Subscriber segmentation allows for targeted mailings and, as a result, increases newsletter relevance. This is a recommendation that was also in our article on increasing open rates, and it pays off on both metrics.

Whether segmentation is worthwhile even with small numbers of subscribers is something that needs to be found out. However, it does not hurt to find out more information about the interests of subscribers at an early stage.

At the latest when several thousand users are waiting for your emails and several clearly differentiated personas are addressed, segmentation is the next logical step.

3. Click-strong Texts are the Miracle Cure for Click-strong e-mails

Pique your subscribers’ interest, but don’t give away too many details. The “Information Gap” is your tool to higher click-through rates – especially if you’re distributing articles or similar type content.

The “Information Gap” refers to a status that provides readers with just the right level of information. Enough to arouse curiosity, but too little to preempt everything.

It’s important not to push it too far here. If you promise more than you can deliver, you will eventually be ignored. This is especially true in times of viral sites and so-called “click-baiting.”

According to analytics provider Litmus, emotions are another lever that works. They arouse interest that forces “gut” behavior by causing emotions such as “fear,” “anger,” or “anxiety.”

4. Visually Appealing emails Lift Click-through Rates

Images are a powerful driver of click-through rates, mailing provider Vero knows. An analysis of over 5,000 campaigns determined an “uplift” of 42 percent – just by using images.

However, caution is advised when images are used for no apparent reason and serve as “filler”. Therefore, here again clearly: Use images only if it also makes sense.

Online stores are a good example. They work almost across the board with images without creating the impression of a “filler”. Their products become tangible for readers through images – quite different from blogs and their “products”, the articles.

5. More and Better Call-to-actions

The fifth goes hand-in-hand with the first tip – clearly targeting your emails. Besides the obvious tips, a prominent and eye-catching placement as well as texting, it is better to put several, rather than just one link to your landing page.

This gives your readers “multiple opportunities to click and convert,” according to Many bloggers also use the credits of their emails in the form of the so-called postscript (“PS”).

Increase Email Click-Through Rate: Conclusion.

The tips mentioned are only hints to increase email click-through rate, not instructions for action. Not all the points mentioned will work for your objective and your very specific target group. Therefore, always A/B test new methods before you use them permanently.

And don’t forget to share your experiences with our community in the comments!

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