Best FB Ads Spy Tools: (Free & Paid) Chrome Extensions

Best FB Ads Spy Tools
Best FB Ads Spy Tools

Are you looking to spy your competitor on Facebook and see what they exactly are doing to sell their product and track their performance? Then you should check out these best FB ads spy tools to get competitors’ ads, and campaign info to show ads to target audience.

You can use this Facebook spy tool to track the competitor’s ads budget, targeting, and performance in real time. You will also be able to see what viral content is popular with your rivals and use this information to create better ads of your own to stay ahead of your competition.

There are many best spy tool for Facebook ads on the internet for tracking your competitor’s Facebook ads. However, our pick is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly options.

What are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

The fb spy tool allows you to spy the activities of your competitors on Facebook using an advanced search feature so that you can learn what they are doing and possibly beat them and get more sales than your competitors.

By seeing what ads, posts, and other activities that competing advertisers are engaged in on Facebook, it is possible to formulate a plan of action to promote your ecommerce store to get more ROI and make money from Facebook.

How do FB Ad Spy Tools Work?

A common feature of most FB ads spy tools is the ability to track competitor’s ad spending, targeting information as well as performance data such as click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates from organic or paid traffic sources. You might also find features that the Facebook ads spy tool has several benefits, including helping you learn more about your competitors.

  • It can be used to find out what your competitors are doing to get more customers.
  • It can be used to find out what they are paying for advertising and how they are targeting their ads.
  • It can also be used to find out where they are spending money to promote their products and services.
  • It can also be used to find affiliate networks that your competitors are promoting.

Best FB Ads Spy Tools

Here are the best FB ads spy tools to effectively do Facebook advertising and other social media marketing to get more conversion rates on their products.

1. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is the best Facebook ads spy tool

PowerAdSpy is the latest Facebook advertising tool that allows users to spy on competitors facebook ads. The app provides detailed information about the ads and campaigns of your competitors, including what keywords they’re targeting, how much money they’re spending, and how many conversions they are achieving.

PowerAdSpy is an excellent tool to invest in which has top-notch features and if you are doing affiliate marketing, then try this tool once and thank me later.

You can find untapped niches which will bring you huge money and many affiliate marketers are already using this awesome Facebook ad spy tool for their advertising campaigns.

PowerAdSpy has a really cool dashboard to see every metrics collected from competitors, that will make your work even easier.


  • The PowerAdSpy app lets you see exactly what your rivals are doing — from the targeted keywords to budgeting figures down to FB pixel data.
  • Spy native ad, YouTube ads and Google Ads.
  • Find the current live and past ads in any niche that got huge and had huge sales.
  • You can also export reports in various formats for further analysis or sharing with colleagues/ clients.
  • You can filter ads by using things like age, countries, martial status, etc.
  • Check their landing page

2. BigSpy

BigSpy ad tool
BigSpy ad tool

BigSpy is my favorite tool to spy on competitors facebook ads. It offers the most accurate advertising data, and you can search for any ad campaigns. Using BigSpy, you can spy on Facebook’s ad library to get all information about your advertisers’ ads on Facebook and Instagram.


  • You can find any ads by entering the keyword in the search option.
  • You can find ads using Ad info, Ads text, Social page and ecom info.
  • You can exclude any product by entering the keyword in the exclude search box. (You can add up to 20 keywords)
  • Spy ads by country, Language, Engagement like total number of likes, shares and comments, Date, Landing page type.
  • Spy FB ads by Marketing object CTA buttons like Learn more, Buy now, Shop now, Sell now, and more.
  • You can spy your competitor ads by gaming apps, non-gaming apps and ecom products.

Read our BigSpy review here.


AdTargeting io
AdTargeting io

Adtargeting is the best Facebook Interest and Google keyword planner tool to find search volume and low competition keywords list. Also with Adtargeting, you can spy on competitors facebook ads using the adspy tool. I’m using this tool to find health CPA offers on Facebook.


  • You can find desktop and mobile ads using Keywords and domain name
  • You can find Facebook interest, Google Analytics keyword, Bing keyword and TikTok interest.
  • You can find ads by filtering by country, language, Gender, Audience and Age.
  • You can check competitors’ ads, duration, related products on social networks.
  • Using Facebook marketing API you can see accurate audience data for ad targeting.

4. AdPlexity

Adplexity for best ads spy tool for Facebook ads

AdPlexity is one of the top Facebook ads spy tools because it is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly options on the market. With its wide range of features, AdPlexity makes it easy to track your competitors’ ad spending, targeting information as well as performance data such as CTRs and conversion rates from organic or paid traffic sources.


  • With AdPlexity, you can spy on Facebook ads in real-time.
  • You can see all ad creative templates, including variations and previews for each one.
  • AdPlexity also offers the ability to export your data into a CSV file for further analysis.
  • You can exclude any product by entering the keyword in the exclude search box. (You can add up to 20 keywords)
  • Spy ads by country, Language, Engagement like total number of likes, shares and comments, Date, Landing page type etc.
  • You can search for trends in any country.
  • You can check what other affiliates are doing to promote CPA offers
  • You can check prelanders, offer pages used by competitors

5. DropiSpy

dropispy ads spy tool for Facebook ads

DropiSpy is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools that offers dropshippers the opportunity to access numerous Facebook ad databases at a really low price. Even they have a free plan which lets you download unlimited images.

Using Dropispy, spy on the best ad networks to find the winning ads.


  • It has over 50 million databases of e-commerce ads, and it adds thousands of new ads to their platform.
  • It lets you search by keywords, countries, published date, and platform.
  • Using Dropispy you can find trending social media ads with real time data and social media proof
  • Find competitor’s campaigns

Free Facebook Ads Spy Extension

Above I’ve said the best Facebook ads spy tool for online marketers, these ad spy tool will have large database to spy on, but if you are a dropshipper, and you need to find the best Facebook ad databases for your products, then check out this Facebook ads spy extension for Chrome browser.

These FB ads spy extensions are free to use, and you can spy text ads and video ads to find the winning product from different countries for your

1. Turbo Ad Finder

Turbo Ad Finder Chrome Extension
Turbo Ad Finder

Turbo Ad finder is one of the free Facebook ads spy extensions currently used by more than 40,000 plus affiliate marketers. This tool has a simple and neat user interface, and you can easily install it on Chrome extension with simple clicks.

You can find and sell dropshipping products on Shopify to make money online. You can find competitors ad text, image, landing pages to see what they are doing, and you can replicate the same.

2. Ad Library

Ad Library
Ad Library

Just like Turbo ad finder, Ad Library uses to collect any advertiser’s data from Facebook. You can view all ad examples of any Facebook pages, and even you can find political ads from any country.

With Facebook’s default Ad Library you can find only one ad of any page, but using Ad Library Chrome extension you can find all ad examples, and you can compare ads of 10 different pages at single search.

3. Eboost Ad Spy

Eboost ad spy
Eboost ad spy

Eboost Ad Spy is from eboost consulting, an e-commerce marketing consulting company. This tool lets you find ads of any brand with a simple search.

Using Eboost Ad spy Chrome extension you can go to any website and check whether they are running any ad on their Facebook page.

This is a free Facebook Ads spy extension, and you can learn a lot about Facebook ads.

Best FB Ads Spy Tool: Summary

It is clear that Facebook is one of the best platforms to sell products and services online. And there are online marketers making millions using Facebook as the best traffic source.

With the help of the best FB Ads spy tools given above you can spy on competitors and find the winning products to sell.

Choose the best spy tool for Facebook ads for your needs, and start generating leads for your business.

Free Facebook Ad Spy Tool FAQs

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