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Get Paid to Write Articles

I know many of you right now searching for best websites and ways to get paid to write articles and probably you also searching for the answers and there are many writing jobs available in the internet world.

This world is so busy right now, and everyone is looking for a job for their daily demands.

If you are a good reader and learner, who has the habit of reading regular books.

Then you can look for a job where you get paid to write quality articles.

Need To Get Paid To Write Freelance Articles

I would suggest everyone to better write articles for money.


  • It is the farthest growing freelance job ever.
  • There is demand for online writing jobs.
  • It is easy to get paid to write articles.
  • It takes only a day to write articles.
  • The payout is high.

Getting Paid For Writing Article Online Is Easy

Visit Contentmart to get paid to write articles.

Why Everyone Looking for professional article writers?

Numerous blogs and websites are launching every day, and all are not ranking in top results.

Because lacking of content quality is the main reason and I see many of them are not good in writing.

There is no such term called SEO or Search engines algorithm or page ranking will play a role without good articles.

As I said earlier this world so busy, all are engaged in several with several purposes.

One cannot do or handle more than a second job, for some may be triple or four.

Especially for Internet marketers they always look for ways to decrease their work.

Internet marketers such as affiliate marketers, content marketers, digital marketers and also bloggers. They all need quality articles to rank their page in top search engines.

In search engine optimization without a quality article with High content, it is not possible to rank in Google top searches.

Because SEO is the only factor to get high organic traffic to websites.

Without traffic?

Yes, No Clicks and No sales through their websites.

I see many Professional bloggers, and online marketers are always hiring a trained article writers like you to provide a better contents.

To rank their page in top results needed high-quality content and some of them are poor in writing.

To this reason, there are numerous freelance websites offering jobs for writing articles.

There are several topics available, and you can choose a topic which suits you the best.

Better the topic suits you better the content will come as Output.

In other words, if you are soccer player and the Topic is about

“Why your children need to join soccer right Now “

Yes, I know you are simply going to rock with that topic because you know a lot about soccer.

It is ok for getting paid to write articles – But how to write an excellent article?

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7 Improving Ways To Write An Excellent Article

 1) Easy to Read it:

get paid to write
Get paid to write

When writing, articles make sure you keep readers in mind.

Studies says that most of the Internet users tend to scan a page rather than reading the entire article.

Present in such a way so that reader should engage with you from top to the last word of your article.

Add good titles, a lot of subtitles and making use of bullet points helps your readers quickly understand.

It judges the user whether to visit your website again or not.

Add some interesting topics in the content and make it as more attractive.

Don’t use tough English words because most of the internet users go for a topic which is easy and straightforward to understand.

Your hard English sometimes makes them frustrating or difficult to comprehend, and chances of closing your article are high.

2) Using different synonyms and antonyms.

get paid to write - think different

Every day all are writing with same synonyms and antonyms in the articles.

I am using this method to write a quality article to some of my clients.

Search engines spider always look for the unique content and by writing the content with synonyms and antonyms, it makes your content as unique.

There are high possibilities of appearing your article in the top search results.

get paid to write - avoid mistakes
Get paid to write

3) Avoid Grammar mistakes

Its the basic thing  every article writers should know.

Grammar is the heart of every articles . Try to write articles without grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.

To avoid this kind of mistakes I suggest you to write the article slowly line by line. Upon completing a line please read that line and check whether it contains mistakes or not.

Then jump to the next line…..

To improve your grammar, read a lot of books and if you are finding any word difficult to understand, mark it and do research in google to know the exact meaning of that word.

There are a lot of content writing tools available in the market for improving our writing quality.

4) Make it as short and sweet

A recent survey shows that the most shared and trended articles 70% of them are less than 2000 words.

I am not saying that you should write every article less than 2000 words.

  • It is based on the topic you choose to write.

5) Use related keywords

The related keyword is those who build your article more branding and expands the breadth of your web content by adding suitable keywords to your niche topics.

To know the related keywords for your topic.

Go to Seochat

In the keyword box type your keyword and hit submit.

For reference i used “car trading” as keyword.

After I hit submit button the tool generated more than 10 related keywords.

get paid to write

I save all the related keywords in a document.

While writing content i can place this keywords wherever necessary.

While building content uses this related keywords in your article to show the readers, it’s worth the time to spend with it.

6) Learn seo

Learn some basic Search Engine Optimization technique while writing articles to get paid.

The person who hires an article writer looks for the one who is well known in SEO.

The reason why they are looking for SEO skilled writer is that once you finish the article and submitting to them.

They have to do the SEO work like inserting keywords in content, modifying the header titles with focus keywords to rank the article in top search engines.

To learn SEO – Check BacklinKO

get paid to write

By this job efficiency for them is increasing so they are avoiding writers one who not well versed in SEO.

But some of them will provide the focusing keyword to the article authors and also say where the keyword should be placed and how many times the keyword should be repeated throughout the article.

Optimizing the article with appropriate keywords for the search engine will help them to rank higher when someone search for the keyword relating to your subject.

If the article ranking in topmost results eventually attract more visitors to the page and more sales on that page because of your article.

So next time if somebody hires you, you can show the previous project to them and ask for money for writing to them.

And I know some of the best freelance article writers hired by some of the top industries and they are paying the huge amount for writing 5000 words article with the payout of 400 – 600$.

Now they all began to start their career as full-time freelance content writers with some knowledge in search engine optimization.

Learn some SEO skills by reading some articles and there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet provided by some of the best SEO experts.

7) Choose The Right Place!

ContentMart is the solid place to join as copywriter and my recommended place for content writing jobs.


Getting paid to write articles is an easy one but finding the right place to join as a freelance writer is important.

I previously told you that there is infinite article writing jobs available on the internet.

But many of them are cheating one, and they are asking for some amount to invest before joining in their websites and after spending their money on them.

Then finally recognizing that they are cheated by them. So choosing the place to enter as freelance article writers is important.

Before joining any writing jobs, sites should read their policies and FAQs. Ask them to provide the company license certificates.

You can also try this method to join as freelance article writers.

Go to any popular websites and find the author’s email I’d and attach your previous papers and mail to the author and Wait for the reply.

And start writing for them and earning money by writing articles.

Get Paid To Write Articles: Wrapping It Up.

It takes a short time when you can get paid to write articles and earn a lot of money. Several website owners are looking for awesome article writers.

By implementing the above tips while writing articles for your owners, it makes you a professional writer and you earn a lot of money for writing articles.

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