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How To Make Money On Instagram 50$ Daily


How to make money on instagram ? Is that possible ?


Social media is the only source where you get the real human traffic for promoting your affiliate product from popular affiliate programs and if you were serious in this method.Damn sure you are going to learn it in an easy way.

I am not going to ask money.

Happy right. 🙂

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How To Make Money On Instagram?


Choose any niche which suits best for you. If you don’t anything about then no problem The Google sniper course will teach everything about money making through niche sites in an easy way.

NOTE – In this example, I am choosing “shoes” as the Niche.


Go to

Create Instagram account and Create userName Or Put your niche name.

Step 3

Enter a Perfect Bio For Your account. Please Provide a helpful description because the most valuable information on your bio the more valuable followers you will gain. And shorten your website link or product link using Bitly URL shortener.


make money on instagram

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Choose a nice picture for your profile and create your account.


Find some popular niche accounts on Instagram suppose you are choosing to promote shoes, then follow some famous Instagram accounts Like Puma, Reebok, etc. and follow their followers if they are interested in your account they will start to follow you.

Daily follow minimum 50-100 accounts and wait for some day once you got more than 200+ followers and its time to promote your products.


Go to popular sites like Amazon or and create an affiliate account. Click here to create an Amazon affiliate account.

Once the account is created go to the shoe section and pick some shoes and download the shoe images and also copy the Url of the shoe.


Go to your Instagram account and upload the pic of the shoe and In caption Type like”Summer sale is Going on Get 50% offer On the Particular category “.

how to make money on instagram

And Insert your affiliate link in the Caption and Post in Instagram. Surely your post will attract some people And they will click your affiliate link and buy the shoe and you will some commission for the sale and make some beautiful posts and repeat the step and start to earn money from Instagram.

Note that the Instagram links are not clickable, but it will become clickable If you share that post on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

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