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Pinstagram is a combination of Pinterest an Instagram with features like photo uploading, viewing, layout design, Pin-board, comments, search tab, etc. In this Pinstagram review, we will see how the application helps to solve the problems faced by Pinterest and Instagram users.

Pinstagram is SEO friendly theme from Mytheme Shop. It is possible to attract visitor traffic to your website using the application. Reader engagement is the other important benefit. Integration with social media is easy and fast.

Pinstagram Review: Why Other Pinterest Themes Don’t Work?

No Support for Browser

Designers working on applications before Pinstagram had difficulties in adopting the Browser version features into the theme development. They were oriented more towards apps which made it incontinent for the web browser users.

Delay in Display

Frequency of pinning was associated with image and content ranking. It could affect the high-quality image ranking because it belonged to a category in which the number of pins was relatively less. So, the users searching for such images could miss them in the listing.

Moreover, displaying of images took more time after pinning and the users were not sure when their images would come up for display on the search engine result pages.

Complex Customization

Customization of web pages had limited scope through the user interface. It required coding knowledge which not many users had. Hence, the customization had to be done by professional developers.

It was a limitation for small business enterprises that could not employ programmers.

Pinstagram Review – The Solution For The Common Problems

Pinterest WordPress Themes

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Pinstagram supports several widgets which have drag and drop features for theme creation. They work for browsers as well as apps on the desktop, Smartphone, and mobile devices. It is also easy to import the pre-created themes and use them without having to make any changes at all.

Pinstagram supports SEO for images as well as the text content within the web pages. It is responsive in design and works with multiple languages.

The core coding components interact with the interface to enable adding relevant keywords. It is possible to get the images to the search and display faster than its predecessors.

Customization of Pinstagram is simple and fast. An options panel allows you to customize any theme from multiple formats like GIF, PSD, JPG, PNG, and others. There are several tools for background editing, color scheme selection, adding special features, etc.

Pinstagram can be used by designers and normal users with basic knowledge of drag-n-drop and editing. The application integrates the features of Pinterest and Instagram into one unit. Besides, there are many other features which we shall explore now.

Pinstagram Features

1. Option panel

The Pinstagram options panel has more controls and themes for you to choose from. You can choose widgets, color palettes, fonts, background and related parameters.

The combination of themes with multiple background options makes it a flexible system for web designing. Now, it is possible to use the features of Pinterest and Instagram within one application.

2. Responsive Design

Most of the users working on Instagram preferred to work on desktop, due to its limited support for mobile devices.

On the other hand, the users of Pinterest had the freedom to choose between desktop and mobile applications. But the users who wanted to work on both the applications faced functional problems.

Pinstagram has a responsive design. Now, you can use the desktop or laptop to create designs and special effects for your photos and PNG images.

Then you can switch over to the mobile mode to make them compatible with that platform. End users have the flexibility to view the images and read the content on any platform of their choice.

3. Image Quality

Image quality is consistently improving with Pinstagram. It is basically due to the additional tools which get added to the system.

Every tool is specialized for a specific purpose from background editing to the foreground elements like font, frame, lighting effect, etc.

4. Content Slider

The content slider is a showcase management system for Wordpress. It is possible to show the multiple combinations of text, Infographics, images, videos, and photos in the form of a slideshow. It is an important feature, which can be highly useful for business and technical applications.

The ability to integrate statistical data with the slider gives you plenty of options for importing data from other applications like the spreadsheets. You can use that data to generate graphs and charts in Pinstagram.

It gives you the option to get the live data as input and use it for real-time presentations on your website and blogs.

5. Widget Integration

Pinstagram widgets give you instant access to the various services and applications from your website. You can embed them into your web pages.

You can make may apps work for you without having to open them. The widgets have the features of automatic updates.

Pinstagram widgets come in different forms like buttons, toggle-buttons, menus, etc. hence their applications are more in multiple types of web pages.

6. Native-App

The designers of Pinstagram have developed a native code which enables it to work on multiple mobile and Smartphone platforms. For example, you can use them on iPad, Android, and many others. You can use it for reading through all your Instagram feeds on the iPad.

7. Social Integration

Integration of Pinstagram with other social media is simpler and faster. You can use it with Pinterest to share your large collection of personal photos and videos.

You can use it with Instagram to create content and apply it for marketing and business applications.

8. Better Display

Instagram has a relatively better way of creating and organizing your content. Pinterest gives you a better way to display better images, but it has limited support for content.

Pinstagram has combined features of content creation and photo integration. Hence, the result is an incredible marketing platform to get several marketing leads for your products and branding.

9. Attractive WordPress Themes

Contributors to the Pinstagram themes have better reader engaging themes compared to the other applications which existed earlier.

It is because they can understand the latest changing trends among the readers. Having experienced customer interaction on Pinterest and Instagram, the designers can now “feel” the trending changes in the user requirements.

10. Enhanced Fonts

It is very important to match the images and photos with the text fonts which appear beneath them. Moreover, it is very important to adjust the position of photo and text in the image. The text can be placed to the left, right, or bottom of the photo, depending on the size and type of photo.

11. Photo and Text

As a user, you may not be aware of the position combination, which can attract more number of readers and retain their attention. The theme library in Pinstagram contains hundreds of template collections for every theme you can imagine.

12. User Interface

The user interface of Pinstagram is much better compared to the previous applications. It gives you the flexibility of Pinterest and the versatility of Instagram. You can drag and drop the photos. At the same time, you can create SEO compatible content and integrate with the photos.

The number of tools and widgets available in Pinstagram can enable you to create an innovative combination of photo and text. You can import data from other external applications to give an edge to your marketing and lead generations.

13. SEO Compatibility

Since Pinstagram supports the SEO, you can add short and long-tail keywords into the text. You can create search engine compatible content which can attract the attention of web crawlers. Hence, it is possible to make them connect to the user searches on the various browsers.

14. Short-Codes

You can use them for integrating videos, audio, and Infographics to your web pages and images. Since the connectivity happens at run-time, it is easy for the pages to load faster.

Pros & Cons of Pinstagram

  • Faster loading of themes
  • Support for CSS
  • Customized widgets
  • Vast background themes
  • Adsense optimized
  • Customized dashboard

The loading time of Pinstagram themes is much faster compared to the other applications. It is possible to have links to large videos, high-resolution photos, and also other types of large files.

Still, the pages can load faster. It is because the connectivity to the large files happens at run-time and not at the loading time. Hence, the loading time is significantly low.


  • Needs practice
  • Menus and options can be confusing for beginners

Pinstagram Review: Conclusion

As a beginner, you may face some difficulties while working with Pinstagram. It is natural since, you may have worked with the other applications, which were more code-oriented.

Since all those elements have come into the user interface, it could be confusing. You have to take some time and practice on Pinstagram before getting a hold over its features.

In our Pinstagram review, we have explained many of the core and key features. You can use the points for better understanding once you start working practically.

You will be surprised to see how simple and practical can Pinstagram be for your hobbies as well as professional applications.

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  • Pricing
  • Theme Loading Speed
  • User Experience
  • Support

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