7 Best Book WordPress Themes in 2024: Store, Publish, Sell Online

Best WordPress Themes for Book Blogs

Here are the best book theme for WordPress websites. You can use this theme to

  • Publish your book and sell online
  • Review other authors book
  • You can sell create online book store and sell your books online

And each wp theme is SEO optimized for search engines, lightly coded to load fast on browsers and plus it got an awesome support team who will guide to install this theme on your website.

Let’s get started!

Best WordPress Themes for Book Blogs

BookGroup – Book Publishing WordPress Theme

BookGroup - Book Publishing WordPress Theme

For authors aiming to captivate their audience online, the BookGroup theme is an excellent choice for your book publishing needs. It has everything you need to get your books noticed. BookGroup is easy to customize and share because it comes with a GPL license. Setting it up is a breeze with the sample data installer. Your site will look great on any device because the layouts respond to different screen sizes. Plus, images are crystal clear, even on high-res screens. With its simple tools and powerful features, BookGroup is the smart pick for your next book project.

Best For: Authors and publishing companies looking to create a professional online presence for their books.


  • Search engine friendly code enhances discoverability.
  • GPL license allows for extensive customization and distribution.
  • Responsive and Retina Ready design ensures a great experience on all devices.


  • Limited to book publishing, mightn’t be suitable for other types of content.

Bookly – Book Review WordPress Theme

Bookly - Book Review WordPress Theme

If you’re an author or book enthusiast seeking a sleek online presence, the Bookly WordPress Theme is tailor-made for you. It features a robust book review system and easy customization. With Bookly, you can create a stylish website that looks great on phones and computers. The theme lets you change colors, fonts, and layouts with just a few clicks.

You can add your books, manage your library, and connect to stores like Amazon. It’s simple to use, whether you’re starting out or you know your way around websites. Bookly also gets updates, like new pages for authors and better search forms. Plus, you can get help if you need it and buy the theme from TemplateMonster. It’s a smart choice for sharing your love of books online.

Best For: Bloggers, authors, and book reviewers looking for a feature-rich platform to showcase and manage their book collections online.


  • Offers a highly customizable and responsive design that adapts well to various devices.
  • Includes a powerful book review system with library management features.
  • Supports affiliate marketing, allowing users to monetize their book recommendations.


  • Only 6 sales might indicate a relatively new or less popular theme.

Books Reviews WordPress Theme

Books Reviews WordPress Theme

Diving into the digital world, book lovers and authors will find the Books Reviews WordPress Theme an ideal match for creating a search engine friendly website to showcase their reviews and works. This theme is built on the Bootstrap framework, making it quick to design and easy to customize. It’s also SEO-ready, which means your site is more likely to land at the top of search engine results.

The theme is responsive, so it looks great on any device. Plus, it supports multiple languages with the WPML function. You’ll have a professional-looking online portfolio to share with readers and publishers. With the Cherry Framework 4, managing your site is straightforward. The theme is open-source and versatile, making it a smart choice for your book review platform.

Best For: Individuals and organizations aiming to create a professional and accessible online presence for book reviews and literary portfolios.


  • Built-in SEO features enhance visibility and discoverability in search engine rankings.
  • Responsive design ensures a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.
  • WPML compatibility allows for easy translation and creation of multilingual websites.


  • Limited customization options without coding knowledge.

Legend – Responsive Book Writers and Authors WordPress Theme


Embrace the elegance of Legend, a WordPress theme tailored to showcase the talents of book writers and authors with its responsive design and user-friendly features. You’ll find it’s perfect for sharing your work and professional qualities. Whether you’re a writer, designer, or lawyer, Legend helps you create a personal blog and portfolio with ease.

This theme’s attractive design and simple structure are compatible with various browsers and can be customized in a snap. You’ve got a clear control panel to make changes to banners, photos, and fonts. With SEO optimization, your blog’s popularity is set to rise. Plus, you can get technical support anytime.

Legend is more than just a look; it’s a tool to sell your services and grow your online presence. It’s a minimalist, modern choice for any professional ready to shine.

Best For: Creative professionals seeking a sleek and responsive WordPress theme to showcase their literary works, professional achievements, and personal brand.


  • Highly customizable with a user-friendly control panel for easy changes to design elements.
  • SEO optimization features to help improve online visibility and search rankings.
  • Responsive design that ensures compatibility across various devices and browsers.


  • May require additional plugin purchases to extend functionality beyond the base offering.

Coconut – Book Author and Book Reviewer WordPress Theme


For authors and book reviewers seeking a stylish and efficient online platform, the Coconut WordPress Theme serves as an ideal choice with its responsive design and Elementor page builder. This theme makes it easy for you to show off your books and reviews. You’ll love how you can change colors and fonts to make your site look just right.

Coconut’s interface is simple to use, so you can arrange your content without any hassle. You can put up summaries of your books, tell about yourself as an author, share reviews, and write blog posts. It’s perfect for creating a cool website that shows off your work. Plus, it looks great on phones, tablets, and computers.

Best For: Authors and book reviewers wanting a modern, customizable, and user-friendly website to showcase their work.


  • Comes with the versatile Elementor page builder for easy customization.
  • Features a responsive design ensuring a great user experience on any device.
  • Offers customizable widgets, typography options, and color schemes to personalize your site.


  • Limited sales, indicating it might be a newer or less popular option.

Printpress – Book Publishing WordPress Theme

Printpress - Book Publishing WordPress Theme

If you’re an author or run a publishing house, the Printpress theme offers a specialized platform to showcase your work with its custom author profiles and portfolio projects. With Printpress, you can create a unique site that looks great and is easy to use. It’s got pages ready to go and a simple page builder. You can make a site that’s all about your books.

Printpress works with contact forms and event calendars, and it’s ready for online stores with WooCommerce. It’s also ready for different languages and right-to-left text. You’ll get help when you need it, and the theme keeps getting better with updates. It’s a smart choice for your book-related website.

Best For: Authors and publishing houses looking for a tailored online presence to showcase and sell their works.


  • Custom author profiles and portfolio projects to effectively showcase books and authors.
  • Includes a drag and drop page builder for easy customization and multiple ready-made pages for quick setup.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce for an online store, as well as multilingual and RTL support for global reach.


  • May require a learning curve for those unfamiliar with WordPress and page builders.

Bookworm – Bookstore & Bookshop WooCommerce Theme

Bookworm - Bookstore & Bookshop WooCommerce Theme

Catering specifically to the needs of bibliophiles and authors, the Bookworm – Bookstore & Bookshop WooCommerce Theme offers a seamless and mobile-optimized online bookshop experience. You’ll find that it’s built with quality and care, using WordPress’s native builder Gutenberg. This means you don’t need extra tools to customize it.

The theme includes a variety of pages, like 13 Home Pages and 9 Shop List versions. Plus, you get 35+ Gutenberg blocks that are easy to change up. You won’t have to wait long to set up your site with the one-click demo import. It’s tested with the latest WordPress version, ensuring a smooth run.

Best For: Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create a professional online bookstore or bookshop with a focus on mobile optimization and ease of customization with Gutenberg.


  • Offers extensive customization with 35+ Gutenberg blocks and multiple page versions.
  • One-click demo import simplifies the setup process, saving time and effort.
  • Mobile optimization ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices.


  • May not suit those looking for a theme with a built-in page builder other than Gutenberg.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Books WordPress Themes

When picking a WordPress theme for your book-related site, you’ve got to keep a few key things in mind.

Make sure it looks great on phones and computers, and that it plays nice with search engines.

It should be easy to change up and work well with other tools and apps you might use.

Licensing Constraints

If you want to use and change your WordPress book theme, make sure you know the rules. If your theme is GPL, you can change it and share your new version.

Be careful when you buy a theme. You can get one that other people can use too, or one that’s just for you. But, you can’t sell the theme again. That’s not allowed.

If you have lots of websites, get a developer’s license. It lets you use the theme on all your sites. Want to add new stuff to your theme? You can with this license.

If you want to use the theme for making money, read the rules well. They’ll show you what you’re allowed to do.

Theme Responsiveness

Choose a book theme for your website that looks awesome on any gadget—phones, tablets, or computers. Make sure it’s super flexible and changes size to fit any screen. Pick one that makes pictures super clear and lets you play with text size and colors. It should be speedy and easy to use on phones and tablets. Simple is best for everyone to enjoy your site!

SEO Optimization

Make your website easy to use and find on search engines. It helps your website show up when people search for stuff online. Use the right words, write great things, and set up your site nicely. Choose a theme that lets you change special words and titles to match what people look for. Always learn new SEO tricks because search engines change a lot. Pick a theme that’s good for SEO.

Customization Flexibility

When picking a WordPress theme for your book website, isn’t it important to make it look just like your style? Choose an easy theme where you can change colors, fonts, and pictures with just a drag and drop. It should have cool tools to help you add new things without being hard to use. Plus, if you need help, good support should be there for you.

Plugin Compatibility

To keep your book-themed website running smoothly, there are a few things you should consider. First, check that the WordPress theme you pick works well with key plugins. Make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest WordPress version. Look for themes that say they play nice with big-name plugins like WooCommerce for selling books or Gutenberg for easy editing. You’ll also want ones that support special features like book reviews or affiliate links.

Design Aesthetic

Choose a WordPress theme for your book website that’s pretty and easy to use. If you write new stories, pick a cool, modern theme. Your website should look nice and help people read your books. A good theme makes your site fun to visit.

Technical Support

Consider technical support a crucial factor as it ensures your WordPress theme runs smoothly and any issues you encounter are promptly addressed. When you choose a theme, make sure it comes with good support. This means help is there when you install, set up, or manage your theme. If you run into problems, you can get personalized help.

The kind of support offered can be different. Some offer 24/7 help, while others may take longer to respond. Before you decide, check if the support meets your needs. You’ll want to know they’ll be there to help you when you need it. Good support makes using your theme easy and stress-free.

Book WordPress Theme FAQs

How Do These Wordpress Themes Handle Digital Rights Management for Ebooks and Other Digital Content?

You’ll find that most themes don’t directly manage digital rights. You’d need specific plugins for DRM, as themes mainly focus on design and user experience, not on content protection functions.

Are Any of These Themes Specifically Optimized for Multilingual Book Authors and Publishers, and if So, Which Ones?

Yes, some themes are optimized for multilingual authors; for example, “Bookshelf” and “Publisher” offer full WPML support, making your writing accessible in multiple languages. You’ll find them user-friendly and effective.

Can These Themes Be Integrated With Third-Party Subscription Services or Membership Platforms for Exclusive Content Access?

Want to offer exclusive content? You can integrate these themes with third-party subscription services, allowing you to easily manage memberships and give special access to your most dedicated followers.

How Do These Themes Support Audio Books and Multimedia Content for Authors Looking to Provide a More Interactive Experience?

You can easily embed audio books and multimedia using these themes, enhancing your readers’ experience with interactive content right on your site without needing complex tech skills.

What Level of Technical Support Can Authors Expect When Using These Themes, and Are There Any Dedicated Forums or Communities for Troubleshooting?

You’ll find robust support with these themes, often including forums and dedicated help teams. They’re there to untangle any glitches, ensuring your storytelling journey online is as smooth as your narratives.

Best WordPress Themes for Book Blogs
: Conclusion

You’ve explored the top WordPress themes for book sellers, reviewers and authors in 2024. Now it’s your turn to open the next chapter in your online presence.

Remember, the right theme is like a trusty bookmark, ensuring your spot is never lost in the vast library of the internet. So, pick the one that turns your pages and let your story unfold beautifully to the world.

It’s time to write your own success story.

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